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In this section we have gathered the ICO projects investors should not overlook. For your convenience we have rated them according to the level of risk involved: low, middle and high. The sphere of the project is also clearly stated in the rating: if you are interested in projects in finance or mining or artificial intelligence, you can easily search within your sphere of interest. The amount of ICO projects currently presented to investors is overwhelming, so finding the one that truly deserves attention is a challenging task. However, ICO still has a lot of benefits as an investment tool, so we have scanned the market in search of .

Despite the decline in the cryptocurrency market as a whole and the tightening of regulation in some countries, the number of ICOs is steadily growing. The current mainstream fundraising by issuing and selling digital tokens is attracting more and more people, and the total investment sums are growing every month.

There are some cons potential ICO investors should keep in mind. Approximately 10% of the money raised in several large ICOs was lost or stolen. Not all open projects boast profitability. Most developments are accompanied by software code errors, a conflict of interest between investors and the company; some teams may not provide important information to customers. Therefore, it makes sense to study ICO, starting with the most prominent projects and conduct a vigorous due diligence. This reduces the risk of encountering an unviable project. The number of projects and total funding is growing, but the average share of each specific project is decreasing. Campaigns for financing are slowing down, and by the end of the year the market may enter a state of stagnation.

The general trend of the market is that projects with a simple and clear idea are most popular with investors. And capitalization is gained by companies that manage to become the unifying link of individual processes or make mass processes cheaper and faster.

Successful ICOs are cryptocurrency sales within the ICO, which were able to attract the stated amount, in contrast to the failed ICOs. Since its introduction, the ICO market has shown rapid growth, however, there is a tendency to squeeze: more and more low-quality projects are entering the market, which cannot raise the necessary amount or turn out to be fraudulent.

Buying new digital currencies at the initial coin placement stage is a very risky investment, much riskier than buying a Bitcoin or investing in already-traded altcoins. Many coins issued during the last half of the year are not even close to be called successful projects. Some of them are traded even below the purchase price, while others took several months to rise to the level of their selling price.

Even if you have found projects that, in your opinion, can become next “diamond”, you should not invest large sums in them. Since ICO is a very risky investment, it is better to adhere to the tactics of diversifying the investment portfolio and invest those sums of money, the loss of which will not be catastrophic for you.

In the rating below you can see all the most promising ICO projects in the open stage. In forming the rating, criteria such as potential growth, the degree of hype and strengths of each product and the team behind it were used.

# ICO KYC Rating Risk Period Days, left Reviews
1 SerenitySource 5 Middle Jul 19
Apr 20
2 Ledder 4.9 Middle Aug 19
Dec 20
3 IdeaFex 4.9 Middle Jun 19
Jun 20
4 AssetStream 4.9 Middle Jun 19
Nov 20
5 UCBI Banking 4.8 Low Oct 19
May 20
6 DIPChain 4.8 Middle Jul 19
May 20
7 Tixl 4.8 Low Jul 19
Jun 20
8 Pbet 4.8 High Jun 19
May 20
9 BitWings 4.8 Middle Jun 19
Sep 20
10 WEARVR 4.7 Middle May 19
Jun 20
11 Cinemadrom 4.6 Middle Feb 20
Nov 20
12 Stellero 4.6 High Jun 19
Jun 20
13 TecraCoin 4.6 High Jan 19
Dec 20
14 SaTT 4.6 Low Jan 18
Dec 20
15 Housinet 4.5 Middle Jan 20
Apr 20
16 Yachtco 4.5 Middle Aug 19
May 20
17 AllSesame 4.5 Low Jul 19
Apr 20
18 GRAYLL 4.5 Middle Jun 19
May 20
19 Nexxus 4.4 Middle Nov 19
May 20
20 GOVEARN 4.4 Middle Jun 19
Dec 20
21 HEROIC 4.3 Middle Dec 19
May 20
22 Emjac 4.3 Middle Nov 19
Apr 20
23 Care Token 4.3 Middle Nov 19
Jan 21
24 PointPay 4.3 Middle Jul 19
Jul 21
25 WINBIX 4.2 Middle Jul 19
Sep 20
26 FRED Energy 4.1 Middle Jun 19
May 20
27 BitValve 4.1 High Apr 19
Aug 20
28 iCasting 3.9 High Dec 19
Jun 20
29 Lydian Lion 3.5 Middle Sep 19
Jun 20
30 VMC 3.4 Middle Jul 19
Jul 20
31 CryptoGamble 2.9 High Dec 19
Sep 20
32 Padoscoin 2.8 High Mar 20
Jun 20

We list the best Initial Coin Offerings on a daily basis

ICO is a new way to finance innovation and a bright opportunity for investors. Breakthrough tech projects use this tool to raise funds for development by issuing their own cryptocurrencies, knows as digital tokens. These tokens are presented as an integral part of a project’s future ecosystem and their value is supposed to grow parallel to the adoption and expanding of this ecosphere. 2017 saw a boom in ICO – more than $3,7 billion were raised in 234 offerings with an «average check» of $15,7 million – and 2018 will see quite a few big launches too. With little regulation of this market and a high risk of putting money into a scam, investors start to inspect the startups and their “white papers” with much more scrutiny then before. And this is when an unbiased ICO rating can help in making an informed investing decision. ICO Rating is complied, based on a complex system of evaluation including such parameters as: team, token economics (value proposition, market potential), solid technical background (white paper) and ICO conditions. You will also find here ICO news, review of services for launching ICOs and first-hand feedback on projects.

Last ICO Reviews

There are many solutions that are similar to what Torex.One is trying to promote. One of them is Coinigy, a great platform where I conduct most of my trading. Therefore, I would be interested to know whether Torex would come up with something...

Burntoast097   April 3, 2020   Torex

Spiking is seeing a lot of positive reviews, because of the strategy the team members have employed. The project itself is a good one with a nice concept. Another area the team is doing well is social media coverage. They have let investors know...

Danni_Depp   April 2, 2020   Spiking

The Etherbit wallpaper contains an abundance of sophisticated words that should have made these guys appear more technologically advanced. But in reality, all Etherbit wants to do is to become a crypto broker, an intermediary between the...

BestNameEver   April 1, 2020   Eterbit

The idea of using blockchain to verify the authenticity of luxury items offered by Trona is so flawed. Let's say that you want to buy a piece of fine art. In that case, you would have to trust the competence of the first appraiser, and only him...

Trigger Happy Jay   March 31, 2020   TRONA

The property market offers enormous potential for the incorporation of blockchain technology. All technological specifications and capabilities of blockchain are tailored for the needs of the real estate industry. EzyStayz wants to occupy only a...

Manol0   March 30, 2020   EzyStayz

Freelancers, or Talents, as iCasting calls it, shouldn't expect much from this platform, at least not in the next five years. People in general, and employers, in particular, are still largely unaware of benefits that tokenization brings, or they...

Nilssson   March 29, 2020   iCasting

Although I am a bit skeptical about blockchain projects that try to enter the space of health care, I find something appealing about Care Token. It is simply so genuine and kind - I really feel for this team and their cause of helping older people....

Jane   March 28, 2020   Care Token

The project looks really promising, with a strong team and a very good vision. As mentioned, there is already a working product, which contributes to its legitimacy. Meanwhile, it also has a well-written white paper, a nicely organized website, and...

BestNameEver   March 27, 2020   AhrvoDEEX

The real estate industry clearly needs to incorporate blockchain in order to maintain development in the right direction. Housinet might be a project that will take this industry to the next level. I like how detailed are their whitepaper and...

Cornelius   March 26, 2020   Housinet

People from Texochat are in a really sticky situation right now: on the one hand, they are facing the dominant powers of Facebook, Twitter and a bunch of other platforms, beating which is close to being impossible. But on the other hand, we all know...

DC129876   March 25, 2020   Texochat

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