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In this section we have gathered the ICO projects investors should not overlook. For your convenience we have rated them according to the level of risk involved: low, middle and high. The sphere of the project is also clearly stated in the rating: if you are interested in projects in finance or mining or artificial intelligence, you can easily search within your sphere of interest. The amount of ICO projects currently presented to investors is overwhelming, so finding the one that truly deserves attention is a challenging task. However, ICO still has a lot of benefits as an investment tool, so we have scanned the market in search of .

Despite the decline in the cryptocurrency market as a whole and the tightening of regulation in some countries, the number of ICOs is steadily growing. The current mainstream fundraising by issuing and selling digital tokens is attracting more and more people, and the total investment sums are growing every month.

There are some cons potential ICO investors should keep in mind. Approximately 10% of the money raised in several large ICOs was lost or stolen. Not all open projects boast profitability. Most developments are accompanied by software code errors, a conflict of interest between investors and the company; some teams may not provide important information to customers. Therefore, it makes sense to study ICO, starting with the most prominent projects and conduct a vigorous due diligence. This reduces the risk of encountering an unviable project. The number of projects and total funding is growing, but the average share of each specific project is decreasing. Campaigns for financing are slowing down, and by the end of the year the market may enter a state of stagnation.

The general trend of the market is that projects with a simple and clear idea are most popular with investors. And capitalization is gained by companies that manage to become the unifying link of individual processes or make mass processes cheaper and faster.

Successful ICOs are cryptocurrency sales within the ICO, which were able to attract the stated amount, in contrast to the failed ICOs. Since its introduction, the ICO market has shown rapid growth, however, there is a tendency to squeeze: more and more low-quality projects are entering the market, which cannot raise the necessary amount or turn out to be fraudulent.

Buying new digital currencies at the initial coin placement stage is a very risky investment, much riskier than buying a Bitcoin or investing in already-traded altcoins. Many coins issued during the last half of the year are not even close to be called successful projects. Some of them are traded even below the purchase price, while others took several months to rise to the level of their selling price.

Even if you have found projects that, in your opinion, can become next “diamond”, you should not invest large sums in them. Since ICO is a very risky investment, it is better to adhere to the tactics of diversifying the investment portfolio and invest those sums of money, the loss of which will not be catastrophic for you.

In the rating below you can see all the most promising ICO projects in the open stage. In forming the rating, criteria such as potential growth, the degree of hype and strengths of each product and the team behind it were used.

# ICO KYC Rating Risk Period Days, left Reviews
1 Ledder 4.9 Middle Aug 19
Dec 20
2 Housinet 4.5 Middle Jan 20
Mar 20
3 Yachtco 4.5 Middle Aug 19
Feb 20
4 GOVEARN 4.4 Middle Jun 19
Dec 20
5 Care Token 4.3 Middle Nov 19
Jan 20
6 PointPay 4.3 Middle Jul 19
Jul 21
7 WINBIX 4.2 Middle Jul 19
Sep 20
8 EzyStayz 4.1 Middle Dec 19
Mar 20
9 FRED Energy 4.1 Middle Jun 19
May 20
10 PlanChain 3.7 Middle Nov 19
Jan 20
11 Karvuon 3.5 Middle Jan 20
Jan 20
12 Lydian Lion 3.5 Middle Sep 19
Mar 20
13 TillBilly 3.4 Middle Nov 19
Jan 20
14 VMC 3.4 Middle Jul 19
Jul 20
15 Crypcore 3.2 High Dec 19
Jan 20
16 Kleros 3.1 Middle Jan 20
Feb 20
17 ALTO 3.1 Middle Dec 19
Jan 20
18 GATS BANK 2.9 High Dec 19
Mar 20
19 CryptoGamble 2.9 High Dec 19
Sep 20
20 Ulticoin 2.8 High Jan 20
Feb 20
21 Cannacor 2.8 High Dec 19
Mar 20
22 Timeless Luxury Group 2.3 High Apr 19
Apr 20
23 Levblockchain 2 High Aug 19
Mar 20

We list the best Initial Coin Offerings on a daily basis

ICO is a new way to finance innovation and a bright opportunity for investors. Breakthrough tech projects use this tool to raise funds for development by issuing their own cryptocurrencies, knows as digital tokens. These tokens are presented as an integral part of a project’s future ecosystem and their value is supposed to grow parallel to the adoption and expanding of this ecosphere. 2017 saw a boom in ICO – more than $3,7 billion were raised in 234 offerings with an «average check» of $15,7 million – and 2018 will see quite a few big launches too. With little regulation of this market and a high risk of putting money into a scam, investors start to inspect the startups and their “white papers” with much more scrutiny then before. And this is when an unbiased ICO rating can help in making an informed investing decision. ICO Rating is complied, based on a complex system of evaluation including such parameters as: team, token economics (value proposition, market potential), solid technical background (white paper) and ICO conditions. You will also find here ICO news, review of services for launching ICOs and first-hand feedback on projects.

Last ICO Reviews

Karvuon looks like a startup with a well-elaborated vision and business plan. Mongolia is undoubtedly one of the most suitable countries for such an industrial park since it has the appropriate climate and the necessary spectrum of resources. I will...

Giovanni Russo   January 24, 2020   Karvuon

One doesn't have to be a genius in crypto analytics to understand that esports will spearhead the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The reason is quite simple: most gamers and developers are tech geeks, who either already own crypto or have some...

Pingger   January 23, 2020   ALTO

EzyStaZ has a number of pros and cons. First of all, it pleases me to see that someone is responsible enough to develop at least some kind of a working platform before going out to beg the crypto community for money. Secondly, I like their team...

QwertyPuma   January 22, 2020   EzyStayz

Out of all emerging mining projects that I have seen lately, MintMine seems to be the most appealing, mainly because they offer a very detailed and lucrative business plan. They will have immensely stiff competition in the face of Chinese miners,...

Douglas   January 21, 2020   MintMine

I have great respect for environmental projects because they are virtually the last line of defense for the climate and our planet. However, as much as I hate to admit it, the fight that the organizations like EcoStart, and the startups that it...

Willy Chan   January 20, 2020   EcoStart

It is hardly a secret that online gambling platforms and blockchain have already established a very strong bond, mainly because blockchain provides numerous advantages for casinos and sportsbooks. So the idea that CryptoGambles pushes forward is...

Tavi   January 19, 2020   CryptoGamble

The Ledder website is down - could anyone please tell me whether they have migrated to another platform? I genuinely liked their engineering concept and products, so I can't understand what could have happened to a seemingly strong startup. I even...

Forbidden_Fruit   January 18, 2020   Ledder

As they say, Eterbit talks the talk, but can't walk the walk. All those promises of BTC/ETH combinations, payment networks, discounts, and so on are nothing but a big spoof, designed to lure gullible people into a trap. I guess you already...

Gaborek   January 17, 2020   Eterbit

I have never devoted too much attention to mining before, because it seemed too complicated and less profitable, as I am mainly involved in crypto trading. But lately, I began putting more and more effort into studying this activity, in search of...

Niki474   January 16, 2020   Padoscoin

FRED is undoubtedly a blockchain project that holds a lot of potential, though they seem to be a bit negligent about the publicity, because I have bumped into it by pure accident, despite being an ICO geek. Nevertheless, they can catch up with the...

Milan   January 15, 2020   FRED Energy

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