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Symbol BTC
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Brief How to describe bitcoin in plain English? It's the first and currently most popular decentralized digital currency, which was created in 2008. The technology behind it is blockchain.
Last updated: Monday, April 22, 2019 11:58:29PM UTC
Current price, USD: $5 399.365
Current price, BTC: 1.0000000
Market capitalization, USD: $95 354 207 776
Available supply: 17 660 262 BTC
Volume 24 hours, USD: $14 601 631 648
Mineable Yes

Bitcoin general information

General BTC facts, technical details and general information about Bitcoin crypto currency

How to describe bitcoin in plain English? It’s the first and currently most popular decentralized digital currency, which was created in 2008. The technology behind it is blockchain, a public ledger payment technology which takes intermediaries (such as banks and other service providers) out of the financial equation. Bitcoin’s emission is not controlled by anybody, the currency issue occurs through “mining” – the work of powerful computer processors around the globe using a program for calculating mathematical algorithms. This decentralization, i.e. absence of controlling institution, makes bitcoin independent from state regulators, banking and finance institutions and that is both an advantage and a drawback for the coin. As most financial regulators are still forming their position on this and other cryptocurrencies this year’s price rally has resulted in Wall Street gurus calling bitcoin a “fraud” and “bubble”. However, investors’ interest in bitcoin is seemingly unstoppable as more and more brokers and hedge funds are offering investment opportunities for crypto fans. If you want to add bitcoin in your investment portfolio, there are plenty of options for you: mining, trading bitcoin on one of cryptocurrency exchanges, accepting payment for your services in bitcoin, trading cryptocurrency using CFDs and event getting paid in bitcoin.

Historical data for Bitcoin

We list daily Bitcoin historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Apr 22 5 312.171 5282.063 5420.258 95 354 207 776
Apr 21 5 348.341 5259.369 5353.274 93 847 052 256
Apr 20 5 308.815 5299.932 5348.39 94 248 717 444
Apr 19 5 291.505 5235.608 5310.379 93 638 345 002
Apr 18 5 256.951 5256.951 5311.149 93 532 402 741
Apr 17 5 269.199 5221.026 5269.199 92 702 617 458
Apr 16 5 075.392 5065.032 5235.999 92 402 383 322
Apr 15 5 171.585 5051.962 5191.966 89 402 172 644
Apr 14 5 098.182 5055.568 5174.94 91 184 697 464
Apr 13 5 076.946 5063.191 5119.874 89 924 467 261

BTC/USD Exchange Rates

BTC to USD price chart — 7 days

BTC to USD price chart — 30 days


Bitcoin (BTC) price change (24h)

BTC price change 24 hours 1.73%
BTC price change 7 days 6.52%
Bitcoin Price Prediction

Here we go, BTC is hovering above 5k which is exactly what the market needs to see to regain their long-lost confidence in the crypto market. It’s important for these moments that BTC remains strong in the eyes of skeptics. Currently, The overall trend has been incredibly positive for the whole crypto market because of adoption. The big money has finally showed its face and proved to everyone that we are in the midst of a major uptrend in the coming months. Once retail investors even catch a whiff of profits, they’ll come back like lemmings.

Joe   April 14, 2019  


This is the most important last few days since early 2018. We finally broke out of the downtrend that's been strangling us since the major crash post 2017. BTC breached 5k and this wasn't the work of retail investors. It needs to be understood that a daily volume of 26 billion dollars is not the work of regular buyers. Even at the height of the bull run in 2017, BTC's volume barely scraped this level. What does this mean? It means the herd is finally here. Institutional buyers are alive and well, and they are buying BTC. If you don't believe me, then sit on the sidelines and buy back in when BTC is creeping up to 10k. The halvening is on it's way, and like clockwork the BTC market is starting its engines.

Lemond   April 4, 2019  


Bitcoin is King. This is the real deal. The one and only. This is the coin that will outlast them all- feel free to mark my words. BTC is the only digital currency with a true use case. It's currency. We use it to pay for things and to store value. It's value is derived from the endless work performed by the miner armies of the world. Bitcoin has breached 4k. What's your plan when it blows through 6k? The whales are accumulating and they aren't waiting around to see what happens around the corner. Get in or rip.

Birch   March 20, 2019  


BTC whales have been playing games in the market. It's obvious we've seen the bottom, but it's just going to take that last push to send us out of the 3-4k range. Once we push past 5k the market will see a rapid rise because of all the fomo money afraid of missing the 2019 bull. This much is obvious. The accumulation phase that we witnessed over the last 6 months has been very healthy for BTC and for the rest of the market. Each phase of a market cycle is an opportunity in disguise. Make sure you have your BTC ready by the summer- we're scheduled for take off.

Johannes   March 7, 2019  


Finally, some real movement on BTC. It's sitting right at $4k, and this is a pivotal moment for the whole crypto space, not just BTC. Bitcoin finally moved past its 100-day MA. It hasn't done this for the last 9 months. It seems that every day has fantastic news for Bitcoin. Just yesterday Elon Musk commented on how brilliant Bitcoin is. That same day the videos of Samsung's S10 phone has an integrated crypto wallet. I wouldn't be so excited if it weren't for the fact that adoption actually looks to be happening.

John   February 24, 2019  

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Currency Price, USD 24h
1 Bitcoin $5 399.365 1.73%
2 Ethereum $171.875 1.09%
3 XRP $0.324 0.65%
4 Bitcoin Cash $292.812 0.78%
5 EOS $5.254 0.39%
6 Litecoin $76.948 -0.07%
7 Binance Coin $23.910 -0.92%
8 Tether $1.006 -0.01%
9 Stellar $0.113 1.17%
10 Cardano $0.078 5.71%
11 TRON $0.025 0.54%
12 Monero $68.565 0.13%
13 Dash $122.717 1.0%
14 Bitcoin SV $57.811 2.15%
15 Tezos $1.349 1.56%

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Bitcoin has grown by 31.3% in the last 30 days
Bitcoin has grown by 31.3% in the last 30 days

Cryptocurrency assets ended last week with multidirectional trading. Bitcoin rose to the rate of 5280 dollars. Bitcoin rose close to $ 5,300, but has returned back, not able to...

Cryptocurrencies grow on Binance Chain launch
Cryptocurrencies grow on Binance Chain launch

The major virtual currencies on Monday are moderately going up on the reports that the world's largest digital trading platform Binance has launched its blockchain platform...

Crypto Regulations Need to Change
Crypto Regulations Need to Change

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Binance Looking to Abuse Its Power
Binance Looking to Abuse Its Power

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Bitcoin holds positions above $5000
Bitcoin holds positions above $5000

The cryptocurrency market continued to strengthen on Thursday. Bitcoin reached a key resistance of $ 5,300, Ethereum rose by almost 5% to $ 175, and the XRP price reached $ 0.3375.

Coinbase expanded its geography
Coinbase expanded its geography

Positive news for the cryptocurrency market was the message that the Coinbase digital trading platform expanded the geography of its presence in Latin America...

France takes cryptocurrency lead - and wants the EU to follow
France takes cryptocurrency lead - and wants the EU to follow

The Paris Blockchain Week Summit has been going on and one person that has been heard loud and clear, by cryptocurrency industry...

Bitcoin can subside significantly
Bitcoin can subside significantly

in the next 10 days, the first cryptocurrency could subside significantly. The rollback after the 'evening star doji' can completely offset all previous weekly growth...