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Symbol BTC
Nature Coin
Brief How to describe bitcoin in plain English? It's the first and currently most popular decentralized digital currency, which was created in 2008. The technology behind it is blockchain.
Last updated: 22 February, 2019   05:59:25
Current price, USD: $4 008.042
Current price, BTC: 1.0000000
Market capitalization, USD: $70 349 248 686
Available supply: 17 552 025 BTC
Volume 24 hours, USD: $7 452 017 990
Mineable Yes

Bitcoin general information

General BTC facts, technical details and general information about Bitcoin crypto currency

How to describe bitcoin in plain English? It’s the first and currently most popular decentralized digital currency, which was created in 2008. The technology behind it is blockchain, a public ledger payment technology which takes intermediaries (such as banks and other service providers) out of the financial equation. Bitcoin’s emission is not controlled by anybody, the currency issue occurs through “mining” – the work of powerful computer processors around the globe using a program for calculating mathematical algorithms. This decentralization, i.e. absence of controlling institution, makes bitcoin independent from state regulators, banking and finance institutions and that is both an advantage and a drawback for the coin. As most financial regulators are still forming their position on this and other cryptocurrencies this year’s price rally has resulted in Wall Street gurus calling bitcoin a “fraud” and “bubble”. However, investors’ interest in bitcoin is seemingly unstoppable as more and more brokers and hedge funds are offering investment opportunities for crypto fans. If you want to add bitcoin in your investment portfolio, there are plenty of options for you: mining, trading bitcoin on one of cryptocurrency exchanges, accepting payment for your services in bitcoin, trading cryptocurrency using CFDs and event getting paid in bitcoin.

Historical data for Bitcoin

We list daily Bitcoin historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
22 Feb 3 984.758 3980.117 4007.85 69 939 273 234
21 Feb 3 980.871 3941.558 3980.871 69 864 441 683
20 Feb 3 964.904 3962.261 4005.565 69 577 426 563
19 Feb 3 942.324 3913.216 4002.888 69 174 818 389
18 Feb 3 752.528 3748.376 3965.867 65 836 782 856
17 Feb 3 643.927 3622.402 3744.78 63 924 496 037
16 Feb 3 640.474 3630.929 3650.756 63 856 059 611
15 Feb 3 632.572 3611.834 3640.535 63 712 276 955
14 Feb 3 623.621 3608.775 3640.282 63 548 752 977
13 Feb 3 643.430 3613.307 3643.43 63 888 774 004

BTC/USD Exchange Rates

Bitcoin to USD price chart — 7 days

BTC to USD price chart — 30 days


Bitcoin(BTC) price change (24h)

BTC price change 24 hours 1.29%
BTC price change 7 days 10.48%
Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin has now crossed to the uptrend now I am searching for sidways trading here again and I'm holding low of $3900 and a slow grind up maximum $4500 on a platform with the real value or price knock-off 90 on the market watch I see no drastic drop back to $3600 this week, not even the next few weeks. And many new adoptions yet more new money continues to come in.

Dorado   20 February, 2019  

A kind of an environment like this with its own right is a sweet spot. Bitcoin will definitely be affected by that shift though there is very little controlling stake unlike that of stocks or fiat. The number one reason I give BTC the benefits of this doubt is though I don't think sp500 is definitely going to crash unlike a lots of the shills are saying and talking about.. No!, not anywhere right now and I doubt if we'll see much below 2650 and even if we see that Bitcoin will be a bit vulnerable, if that happens... Hmmm i hope not.

Megan   20 February, 2019  

More than a month now I've been sharing little correlating details that this isn't the very environment Bitcoin should crash and yes it still holds. Starting from tomorrow to the next few weeks a high amount of companies earning reports get shared. So also last week of this present month and first of the next week there are a higher number of dollars high impact on news... There should be some added volatility and guidance i believed as this data is dialed in. Being vigilant will be a good idea anyway for me and let few of this play out for flexibility.

Katie   20 February, 2019  

No one really cares or gives a damn what you have to say about boils, bucks or oils. This is cryptocurrency and it does not correlate whatever with anything. Just take a chart and take a look at it from different angle or timeframes and make a decision. So you need to stop decieving us.

Jose   20 February, 2019  

Hey, this isn't a direct correlation for instance if XAU goes up Bitcoin goes up, it doesn't work that way at all. Moreover this is a money flow measure and effect on risk-off / risk-on market application and theory, this is only seen with the right combinations of huge data collection that's covering every basis and some practical experiences reading and packaging the data. This correlation is just like any other tool which someone can use for connecting the dots, measure, count and weigh, the cards, when there are more dots on a particular side than the other using the tools I use with correlation then that is direction I trade.

Allen   20 February, 2019  
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Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy

Currency Price, USD 24h
1 Bitcoin $4 008.042 1.29%
2 Ethereum $149.166 2.36%
3 XRP $0.323 0.22%
4 EOS $3.896 3.67%
5 Litecoin $49.989 1.54%
6 Bitcoin Cash $145.564 1.9%
7 Tether $1.007 0.16%
8 Stellar $0.090 1.13%
9 TRON $0.025 0.99%
10 Binance Coin $10.780 4.37%
11 Cardano $0.046 1.36%
12 Bitcoin SV $65.930 0.78%
13 Monero $52.426 3.23%
14 IOTA $0.306 0.65%
15 Dash $87.182 2.64%

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