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Although I tend to be skeptical about the startups that try to merge blockchain with medicine, I must admit that MedicoHealth can be considered as an exception from that rule. Rarely have I seen such a well-balanced and competent team, where each member is capable of bringing something useful to the table. The list of their partners is quite extensive, which is a definite plus. All in all, MedicoHealth is probably the first medical/blockchain project that really sparked my interest.

Norman   July 29, 2019  

It is evident that blockchain should become an inherent part of telemedicine, which stands at the core of Medicohealth. Therefore, I express my full support of this project because its vision aligns with the general trends in the area of modern medicine. Another reason for my approval of MedicoHealth lies in the fact that they had already obtained substantial financial support from angel investors, which adds to the project’s viability. Those who consider investing in MedicoHealth shouldn’t expect quick returns, mainly because telemedicine and the blockchain technology are at the nascent stage of development, which means that such a symbiosis still has to earn the trust of physicians and patients alike.

Chris   July 11, 2019  

The project has a wonderful idea and vision, which is much needed in today's healthcare industry. This includes the entire world, and it is only right that most regions will be able to participate. Further, the project has excellent ratings, a plethora of information, a great white paper, a working MVP available, and more.

Donald   June 7, 2019  

It also has an excellent team, and it comes at the time when ICOs are once again becoming popular, meaning that it is likely to perform rather well. The actual situation still remains to be seen, as always, but it holds a great potential, and it can bring a lot of positive development to the lacking healthcare industry.

Gerald   May 7, 2019  

Medicohealth is just another medical ICO. As far as we all know, the medical industry in going to be the last industry that finally accepts and adopts crypto. So far the financial industry is on board because crypto directly affects them. The medical industry is going to take forever because its political. Politics constantly fall into the medical field, so any implementation of crypto into this industry is near impossible for the near term.

Ari   April 5, 2019  

Nevertheless cryptocurrency market is rather weak nowdays and struggling to survive, and most ICOs failed during previous years, I hope medicohealth ICO is able to reach hard cap and finally launch their platform, because this one is promising to be really useful.

Anna   February 13, 2019  

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