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IdeaFex: Marketplace for Tokenized Assets

IdeaFeX is a French startup that created an innovative three-component investment platform where users conduct financial operations with tokenized physical assets. The components include a marketplace developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, an auction, and the cryptocurrency exchange. All these components work in symbiosis thanks to the IdeaFeX token (IFX) that has five primary functions. The project has set itself quite an ambitious goal of forming a primary market by the year 2028, capable of generating $630 billion of annual turnover.

The blockchain-powered marketplace for the tokenized hard assets

The IdeaFeX team claims to have developed a blockchain-based and user-friendly marketplace that will disrupt the contemporary investment environment, which suffers from excessive restrictions, lack of efficiency, and high access barriers for nascent investors. The implementation of the blockchain technology and Ethereum’s smart contracts must resolve most of these issues by ensuring immutability of all records, highly effective and low-cost management, as well as the abidance by the investment terms.

But the true gist of this marketplace lies in the formation of the novel class of assets that possess the off-chain value. The first class of assets is customary securities, such as shares, bonds, and debt instruments. It should be particularly beneficial for startups that seek to attract investors without the unnecessary hassle, though it may also arouse the interest of well-established companies due to the improved liquidity of such assets and the reduced bureaucratic pressure.

IdeaFeX also introduces the exotic assets, for instance, highly valuable items of fine art, real estate, objects of infrastructure or some production assets. Thanks to the use of smart contracts, IdeaFeX created an option for partial ownership of such assets, thus increasing their market appeal and liquidity. Moreover, these assets are capable of generating passive income for their owners as they could be made available for rent.

The product futures provide for the commodities that can be delivered to the investors upon their production or maturity. These could be the precious beverages that require a prolonged period of time to reach the necessary gustatory conditions or the electronics that need to be assembled from scratch. The investor can either consume or use these products or re-sell them, thus acting as one of the links in the supply chain.

The IdeaFeX auction and exchange

In order to participate in the auction, the startups that need to raise funds must submit a detailed application to the project’s team for screening. Once the application is approved, the potential investors will start receiving notifications about the new opportunity and get invited to make their bids. To ensure the adequate bidding range, IdeaFeX developed a unique price discovery algorithm. All processes at the auction are carried out more expeditiously due to the implementation of the multilateral deal flow mechanism.

The IdeaFeX team assures that their exchange, which constitutes the third part of the platform, is fully resistant to all types of market manipulations mainly because it features the tokenized physical assets that can’t be “pumped & dumped” as easily as cryptocurrencies. Another benefit of having real-world assets traded on the exchange is the full legal compliance that provides for improved safety of all operations.    

The features of IdeaFeX token and ICO details

IdeaFeX introduces a utility token IFX that has five primary functions, the first of which allows for substantial discounts, up to 40%, on all investment operations on the platform. The other ones include referral awards, staking rewards, various fundraising bonuses and discounts, and the mechanism of token burning.

The official token sale starts on June 18 and will be carried out for the duration of the next two months, until August 18, or till reaching the hardcap of 58 million EUR. The ICO price of 1 IFX is established at 0.1 EUR. IdeaFeX accepts EUR, BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, LTC. Citizens of the USA, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and North Korea will not be allowed to partake in the ICO.

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • New asset classes & flexibility. We extend the marketplace format to financing and investment in general with the help of distributed ledger technology. Rent-generating exotic assets and physically-delivered product futures are two new classes of real-world assets that we support. They make possible a number of investment and business model innovations.
  • Discovery & matching. We integrate intelligent and adaptive search & filteringfunctions found in leading e-commerce platforms. They greatly facilitate navigation, comparison, and decision-making. Better fundraiser–investor matching becomes a reality.
  • Fulfillment of investment terms. Fundraisers that have presold products will deliver them physically to investors post maturity. Those that have auctioned off exotic assets, shares, or bonds will distribute rents, dividends, or coupons respectively.
  • Auction method & optimal price discovery. With our unique auction method, inputs from all participating investors together determine the final price of the tokens. By design, this market mechanism ensures correct valuation. The price discovered through this process is also the one that the secondary market is ready to support.
  • Broad access. For the fundraiser, the marginal cost of an additional investor is zero. For the investor, the marginal cost of exploring an additional asset is also largely eliminated. Consequently, investors have much better odds of building a balanced portfolio of assets that they understand and are interested in. Fundraisers, too, experience a welcoming boost in their matching with investors.
  • Exchange & liquidity. Several levers on IdeaFeX help maximize liquidity: (1) Superior fundraiser–investor matching means buying interest is more likely to be captured into buying actions. (2) One-stop monitoring of fulfillment saves time for investors, so they have more energy for trading. (3) Our exchange offers a safe and compliant environment conducive for investment. (4) The IdeaFeX token has features that boost active use.
  • Safety & compliance. We protect fundraisers and investors from criminals and manipulators who would profit at the expense of honest users. Further, we ensure full compliance for all asset classes that we offer and all jurisdictions that we support. Users never have to worry about regulatory uncertainties.
  • Jiulin Teng. Chief Executive Officer
  • Alexandre Juncker. Chief Operating Officer
  • Xilong Wu. Backend & Database
  • Vlad Burilov. Compliance & Legal
  • Changyi Chen. DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure
  • Shuishan Wang. Full-Stack Developer
  • Siyuan Li. Full-Stack Developer
  • David Bede. Marketing & BizDev
  • Anastasiia Pereverzeva. Marketing & Social Media
  • Siva Gowtham. Marketing & Social Media
  • April 2018. Corporate White Paper v1.
  • September 2018. Corporate White Paper v2.
  • October 2018. Software development commences.
  • November 2018. Go-to-market strategy finalized.
  • December 2018. Software architecture and design finalized.
  • January 2019. Token White Paper.
  • Q2 2019. Initial token sale.
  • Q4 2019. Initial launch.
  • Q2 2020. New asset categories.
  • Q3 2020. Full integration of 3rd-party protocols.
  • Q1 2021. Localization in Asia-Pacific.
  • Q4 2021. Localization in the Americas.
  • 2022 & beyond. We will work tirelessly in making financing & investment more efficient & robust.

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StartJune 18, 2019
EndJune 17, 2022
512 days left
Hard cap$58 000 000
Minimum investment0.00 IFX
Tokens for sale400000000

With projects like IdeaFex, and other similar startups, we can witness a gradual evolution of blockchain in terms of the areas of its implementation. It is time to free crypto from the stereotype of being solely a speculation tool. Certainly, the best way to do that is to back the tokens with real assets, just what IdeaFex intends to achieve. The project has an experienced and well-educated team, so I am sure that they will do great.

Molly   July 13, 2019  

IdeaFex appears to be a fully legit project, proven by the fact that they have recently published an extract from the official French registry. The project also displays a strong media presence and has a comprehensible idea at its foundation. But given the stiff competition they are about to face, I would think twice before investing heavily in IdeaFex. Maybe a bare minimum plus a scoop of tokens from an airdrop, that would suffice me.

Morgan   June 29, 2019  

I fully agree with people behind IdeaFex on the notion that only when cryptocurrencies get to be backed by the real-world assets - regardless of whether it would be precious metals or items of real estate - they will obtain the intrinsic value along with global recognition. Otherwise, they would remain to be perceived only as a speculative financial instrument. I am convinced that IdeaFex will get decent traction from the very first day of its official launch, because there are many people, including me, who share their vision. I have a piece of property, a hunter’s cabin, which I will try to tokenize and sell using IdeaFex. We’ll see how it goes.

Victoria   June 16, 2019  

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