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The blockchain projects that initiate initial coin offerings are not always about finance or sophisticated tech solutions. The scope of application of this groundbreaking technology is far vaster as it can even reach such a specific niche as pet caring and grooming.

Even though tech startups often disregard pet caring, it represents a serious industry that is growing by leaps and bounds, thanks mostly to the millennial pet owners. In 2016, the total volume of the pet market amounted to $12.46 billion. According to most prognoses, the value of this market will increase to $31.37 by 2021, which constitutes an incremental growth of $18.91 billion. Despite these figures, the pet market is still uncharted territory for blockchain startups, though it is about to be pioneered by Pawtocol, and initiative that has been set into motion by the limited liability company of the same name, which is domiciled in Delaware, US. 

The Pawtocol ecosystem

The team of American blockchain enthusiasts and pet lovers, who make up the backbone of Pawtocol, has the objective to develop a multi-functional platform on the bedrock of the Ethereum blockchain, and incorporate the ERC-20 compliant utility token dubbed UPI, which stands for Universal Pet Income.

The platform should become a core, around which the global pet-focused token economy will have been built. The Pawtocol ecosystem is going to bring together pet owners, vets, providers of grooming and styling services, and the manufacturers of food and merchandise. The project’s ultimate goal is to help the owners reduce the cost of upkeep of their furry friends, streamline the pet care services, and improve the longevity and living conditions of the animals.

Apart from the blockchain, which ensures the transparency and the decentralized nature of the ecosystem, Pawtocol will also feature an artificial intelligence that is going to collect and process all pet-related data, provided by the owners. The flow of data will also be generated by animals through the exclusive wearables to the Pawtocol API.

Upon analyzing the provided information, AI will provide recommendations concerning proper diet, lifestyle, and health care. Moreover, the system will assess the quality of pet food, toys, merchandise, and services on the basis of customer feedback and the team’s own research, so that the Pawtocol participants could rest assured that they are consuming only the top-of-the-line products.

The UPI tokens could be used as a means of exchange and purchase of various goods and services, as well as the obtainment of unique discounts. The coins can be bought during the IEO or earned for contributing to the system.

The Pawtocol team

  • Karim Quazzani. Founder and CEO. A seasoned entrepreneur who is also a founder of Animal Backer, Root Protocol, and ShePlatform.  
  • Rob Hitchens. CTO. A blockchain specialist who established and maintains the Solidity-focused blog.    
  • Dr. Barry Goldberg. Veterinary advisor. The owner of ten vet clinics across the US and the founder of Biological Art Group.

The IEO details

The sale of UPI tokens will take place on the Probit Launchpad in the period from December 27, 2019, until January 2, 2020. The price of 1 UPI is $0.027, with no minimum investment barrier. The project will try to raise $27 million. Tokens can be purchased with BTC, ETH, and USDT. No area restrictions were imposed.

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • Rewarding Users. In addition to getting UPI Tokens for participating, users will gain points, badges, ascend ranks, and increase their status on the network. All interactions with the platform will be gamified, fun, and enjoyable.
  • Rewarding Businesses. Participating businesses will benefit from targeted in-app recommendations and the opportunity to gain trust-boosting badges. Interaction with the network will put businesses directly in front of well-matched new customers.
  • AI. The Pawtocol AI is the driving force behind your pet's well-being. The insights and revelations provided by the AI's ability to analyze patterns and trends while assessing risk will change the way you care for your pets forever.
  • Recommendations. The AIs main goal is to analyze data and find trends that result in healthier pets. You get information about these trends through unbiased product recommendations based on actual data about your pet.
  • Blockchain Dog Tags. Pawtocol dog tags are readable at a distance and transmit exactly what the owner wants people to know. This can include the pet's name, any medical conditions, return instructions and even a reward using blockchain technology.
  • New Devices. Future smart sensors on the Pawtocol network will be able to monitor diet, wake and sleep patterns, vital signs and exercise. Researchers will buy this valuable information directly from you which turns your pet's daily activities into monetizable data and better recommendations.
IndustryBig Data
  • Karim Quazzani. CEO
  • Evan Berger. General Counsel
  • Jason Hetherington. Communications and User Experience
  • Michael Henry. Chief Content Strategist
  • Brandon Stewart. Outbound Marketing
  • Monika Lain-Shaw. Animal Outreach Coordinator
  • Zach Berger. Financial Strategist
  • Robert Hitchens. CTO
  • Karim Quazzani. CEO
  • Evan Berger. General Counsel
  • Jason Hetherington. Communications and User Experience
  • Michael Henry. Chief Content Strategist
  • Brandon Stewart. Outbound Marketing
  • Monika Lain-Shaw. Animal Outreach Coordinator
  • Zach Berger. Financial Strategist
  • Robert Hitchens. CTO
  • Grow. Expand the team, complete the smart contracts, develop the off-chain servers, ship dog tags
  • Debut. Launch the dog tag digital profile app user interface and air drop claim system
  • Upgrade. Release upgraded NFC or/and battery-less Bluetooth dog tag
  • Vets. Release a free/cheap vet visit interface and management system.
  • Suppliers. Release a supplier-side app for product tracking, bring in major suppliers
  • Wearables. Release Our own Pawtocol-branded wearable and interface for connecting new data collection devices
  • Release. Release the health and wellness recommendation engine
  • Launch. Open the world's first member-owned pet data marketplace

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StartDecember 27, 2019
EndFebruary 28, 2021
43 days left
Hard cap$27 000 000
Minimum investment200 UPI
Tokens for sale575000000
AcceptingBTC, ETH, USDT

There indeed aren’t many blockchain projects for pet owners to choose from. Pawtocol is probably the best among the ones I’ve come across lately. The concept of their platform is not overly complicated but appears to be efficient. I hope their IEO goes well, and the team would be able to bring their blockchain platform to a new level.

Janine   November 3, 2020  

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