How to spend Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies

Now, a decade after bitcoin’s birth, the first cryptocurrency is quickly expanding its user adoption around the world.  In early days bitcoin’s practical value was quite limited: one could spend it to pay for accommodation and food, and that was mostly it. Then, the first online exchanges appeared, where one could convert bitcoins into

Unfortunately, due to the anonymous character of transactions, bitcoin attracted the attention of criminals. As bitcoin’s popularity grew, it started to be accepted as a payment for services and goods in some online stores and hotel booking services, and then even at some education establishments. Today, the numbers of spheres where bitcoin is no longer looked down at has grown exponentially –  people use bitcoin to pay for travel, shopping, technology, media, entertainment, education and in other financial transactions. According to a study carried at The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, there were between 2,9 million and 5,8 million active users of cryptocurrency wallets two years ago and that number has been growing fast. In 2019 bitcoin is traded at many cryptocurrency exchanges, such as fiat exchanges, like Coinbase, CoinMama or Kraken, and Crypto-to-Crypto Exchanges, like Binance, Bittrex and KuCoin. Moreover, bitcoin futures are traded now at such a respected financial institution as Chicago Merchandise Exchange (CME). ICE, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange, and Nasdaq are expected to launch their much-anticipated bitcoin futures in 2019 too, which is great news for crypto fans.

Bitcoin now is at the core of a new class of digital assets that is expected to transform the world of money and finance. The cryptocurrency started 2019 at a low base of $3768 per coin after a gloomy year but crypto enthusiasts believe that developments like the launch of bitcoin futures could turn around the “bear” trend in crypto market this year. So, if you are a lucky owner of the cryptocurrency you might well want to know what your options are in terms of spending it. What banks are accepting bitcoin? How to use bitcoins to trade on Forex? Can I pay with bitcoin for my dream vacation? If you are thinking, how to spend your bitcoins, in this section we have gathered the latest information of many and varied use options of this top crypto currency.

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