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SerenitySource: Renewable Energy Trading Made Easy

SerenitySource is an Australian project that created a patented technology, which is based on the comprehensive use of blockchain and smart contracts. It allows the project to act as an energy retailer which gathers the data related to the household energy consumption and production of renewable energy that is subsequently being sold at the most favorable price. The marketing message of this project is “Serenity - Energy on the Go”. SerenitySource has provided open access to the token code on GitHub, so that every user could check its integrity and come up with useful solutions.   

Apart from reaping benefits from the production of renewable energy, the consumers are to be rewarded for the purposeful CO2 reduction with the ERC-20 utility tokens. But the primary mission of the project is to put control over the production and consumption of energy back into the hands of the people.

The blockchain solution for the renewable energy sector

The project has created an IoT device called HEPEK, a blockchain-based smart energy meter which serves as a gateway for the producers of electricity from renewables to the ecosystem of SerenitySource. The participants in this system get a chance to acquire revenue from the generated/stored power which is transferred to the state electricity operators and then sold to local consumers. By acting as a retail service, SerenitySource will afford users an opportunity to purchase power at low prices and sell when the prices rise, thus creating the alternative electricity market.

The project introduces three types of tokens: the SET tokens, which is the lifeblood of the entire network because it allows access to the platform services as well as to the revenue sharing program. This token is currently being offered to the public through the IEO. ERGON is a payment token which will be used for electricity trading purposes; the value of this token will be pegged to local currency. CARBON is a token which will be awarded to the network participants who have probably reduced the CO2 in their households.  

The Serenity team

  • Elma Neimar. The founder and CEO. Her professional profile states that apart from being a central figure at SerenitySource, she is also a member of the Global Board of Directors at Gabc and offers advisory services to Solarex and Localize.
  • Adi Saric. The co-founder and CTO. A vastly experienced software developer and tech expert, who has been working in the field since 1989. Before becoming a founding member of SerenitySource, Saric devoted more than a decade to the development of software solutions for MySmart.

The board of advisors includes Anders Larsson and Joakim Holmer, who have a positive reputation in the blockchain community. They both worked for the Ericsson Group and were the founder of AllcoinWiki.  

Roadmap implementation

The project was found in May of 2018 and since that time the team has completed the development of the prototype device HEPEK, incorporated the blockchain architecture, launched the testnet, and formed strategic partnerships with several companies, namely SelfKey, Credits, and Solarex. After a successful token sale event, SerenitySource plans to start the industrial production of HEPEK (October 2019), launch the retail business in several regions of Australia (Q2 2020), and deliver the Serenity HEPEK client v.2 (Q4 2020). 

Social media presence

SerenitySource has established a respectable presence on two major social media platforms: Facebook (3,305 followers) and Twitter (2,693 followers). The content is published very frequently, especially on Facebook, and always gets an active response from the followers. It is evident that the project takes the social media factor seriously.

IEO details

The IEO of SERENITY/SET tokens is now live on Sistemkoin, a Turkish crypto exchange. The price of one token is $0.1. The project aims to hit a minimum funding goal of $5 million while the hardcap is set at $20 million, which is adequate. SerenitySource accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD. All investors must get whitelisted and pass KYC. Citizens of the US, China, North Korea, Afganistan, Syria, and Iraq will not be allowed to buy tokens.

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • any platform
  • decentralised
  • real time tracking
  • strong encryption
  • security
  • automated demand-response
  • provenance
  • monetize green activities
  • smart energy retailer
  • gateway to wholesale electricity market
  • decentralized micro-grids
  • net-zero house


Pre-Ico Start dateJuly 13, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateDecember 30, 2019
  • Elma Neimar. Co-founder & CEO
  • Adi Saric. Co-founder & CTO
  • Patrick Roberts. Blockchain Architect
  • Rajesh Kumar Maruvada. Product Strategy, Innovation Road Map
  • Schazil Najam. Electronics Engineer, Solution architect
  • Ahmad Ashfaq. Blockchain Integrator
  • Ahmad Saeed. Senior Developer
  • Muhammad Irfan. Marketing Manager
  • Abu Nurullah. Digital Marketing and Community Manager
  • Shehzad Khan. DigitalTelegraph Agency - CEO
  • Deepanshu Bhatt. Investor Relations
  • March 2018. Serenity concept is born.
  • May 2018. Core team was formed, Business process and Technology solution framework created.
  • June 2018. IoT HEPEK prototype device hardware selected and software development kicked in.
  • July 2018. Smart Contracts and Blockchain Architecture development started.
  • August 2018. Integration between Smart energy gateway (HEPEK) and Blockchain.
  • December 2018. Hardware Prototype blockchain integration test.
  • January 2019. Serenity web site upgrade (client dashboard integration) Smart energy gateway rel. v.0.
  • February 2019. Blockchain Integration on the Testnet.
  • March 2019. Formed strategic partnership with SelfKey. This partnership will enable Serenity Pool to fully protect digital identity of its members and streamline the onboarding process for new customers.
  • April 2019. Formed strategic partnership with Credits, high-speed public, fully decentralized blockchain platform. The partnership where Serenity Source will bring its blockchain solutions to the energy sector, with the Credits protocol.
  • May 2019. Formed strategic partnership with Solarex, one of the pioneers bringing the high-performance blockchain technology and offering affordable solar energy ecosystem to the African continent. This partnership will build a worldwide global network of affiliated businesses.
  • June 2019. SERENITY (SET) Token Generation Event.
  • July 2019. Serenity (SET) IEO Initial Exchange Offering.
  • September 2019. Serenity (SET) Token Listing.
  • October 2019. Content Delivery Network Development and HEPEK IoT device industrial production (2000-3000 units).
  • Q1 2020. Net-Zero Display home with HEPEK integration.
  • Q2 2020. Rolling out Retail Energy Business in targeted regions for 3000+ customers. First Retailer License.
  • Q3 2020. Delivery of Serenity HEPEK client rel. v1.0, new improved production process for hardware. This process will scale to 100,000 devices.
  • Q4 2020. Optional API development to enable better decision-making and more efficient energy usage. SDK delivery and web system mores scalable. End of phase will be marked by v2.0 release of Serenity HEPEK client.

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StartJuly 13, 2019
EndApril 30, 2021
96 days left
Soft cap$5 000 000
Hard cap$20 000 000
Minimum investment1 SET
Tokens for sale200000000
AcceptingETH, BTC, USD

SerenitySource presents a solution that will be of immense interest to Australians who are involved in producing/selling electricity from renewables. Perhaps you don't know, but the Aussies have probably the highest electricity rates among other developed countries, while enjoying substantial discounts, and other perks, on the energy produced from renewable. SerenitySource might have hit the gold mine here, as they offer a totally new approach towards energy production, accounting, and distribution. The list of team members is a bit short, so they should improve on that in order to come up with a product that fully satisfies the market.

masterofpuppets   September 25, 2020  

I can't see their website working is this ico gone already?

john r   April 19, 2020  

SerenitySource delivers a very powerful concept because it shows that renewable energy can be turned into a business instrument, which is a win-win situation for both entrepreneurs and environmentalists. Australia is extremely lucky to have a project like SerenitySource, and I applaud their officials for patenting HEPEK. Too bad that it is most likely to be rolled out only on a local scale.

Gordon   July 30, 2019  

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