GRAYLL Makes Complicated Trading Easy

The modern financial trading has already transformed into a complex science with an enormity of terms and instruments that may seem incomprehensible to an average person. Even the veteran traders are unable to get the full grasp of the entirety of information about the ongoing occurrences in the world of finance and politics, let alone analyze this info in order to accurately forecast the financial trends. That’s the reason why big trading companies and wealthy investors resort to using the cutting-edge algorithms which facilitate the decision-making process.

Until recently, such solutions were available only to the selected group of financial players who used it to their advantage. However, GRAYLL, a fintech and blockchain startup from Delaware, USA, decided to repair this injustice by developing a unique dApp that utilizes four powerful algorithms, along with artificial intelligence and the machine learning, to grant the common user an opportunity to obtain substantial profits without having to acquire a deep knowledge of the trading game.

The concept of GRAYLL

GRAYLL’s principal objective is to help individual investors, who don’t possess enough capital and knowledge to enter the contemporary financial scene, start earning income from trading cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets via a user-friendly decentralized mobile and web application that has a very understandable interface. The developers claim that their dApp will offer the user experience similar to Gmail or any major social network in terms of accessibility, transparency, and comprehensibility. 

The tech behind GRAYLL’s idea

The entire system architecture is built on the basis of the Stellar protocol and the corresponding distributed ledger. The core technology stack of GRAYLL consists of artificial intelligence that processes and analyzes a vast amount of information to make the most beneficial trades regardless of the market conditions in an automated way. The efficiency and adaptability of AI are ensured by the application of the machine learning technology which also reflects the needs of the users. Finally, the deep learning mechanism and the artificial neural networks must help AI to compartmentalize the information and separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. 

The four algorithms of profits

All operations within the GRAYLL system will be conducted through the use of four trading algorithms: Balthazar, Kaspar, Melkior, which together form the so-called 3xMagi group, and the fourth one called Arkady. Each of these algorithms represents a different trading strategy to suit the needs and profit expectations of all users.

Balthazar is oriented on active users who want to turn profits in a short period of time. Kaspar is more appropriate for traders who are settled for the mid-term gains whilst Melkior is suitable for those who prefer to play the long game. The user will receive timely notifications related to the obtained profits and the expected trend changes. Arkady exercises the function of a hedger that protects the users’ funds against inflation and downtrends.

According to GRAYLL’s roadmap, they will launch the fully-operational system by August 2019.

GRAYLL token and IEO details

GRAYLL introduces their native utility token called GRX that can be used for the purposes of trading directly on the platform or holding in the dApp wallet, expecting them to increase in value at some point. The project is having the pre-IEO sale of token which will run until October 27, with 5 million GRX being up for grabs. The price of one token is $0.01 with $50 established as a minimum investment threshold. Citizens of Syria, North Korea, Iran, and Iraq are forbidden from taking part in the pre-IEO.

 Author: Alex Paulson for

  • Simple. Easy to use and learn for everyone
  • Gratis. Up to ~$1,000 FREE to get started
  • Unique. GRAYLL currently has no equivalent
  • Automated. Algorithm driven for time efficiency
  • Inclusive. No special skill or knowledge required
  • Innovative. Using data science to keep improving
Pre-Ico Start dateApril 1, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateJune 2, 2019
IndustryArtificial intelligence
  • Fernando de Menezes. Founder
  • Hemal Gandhi. Co-Founder
  • Akshay Arora. Co-Founder
  • Daniel Peter. Chief Developer
  • Francis Park. Public Relations Manager
  • Mark Geonhee Park. Community Manager Korean & English
  • Artem Zaitsev. Blockchain & DLT Advisor
  • Aleksandar Djordjevic. Blockchain & DLT Advisor
  • Q1 2018. Research & Ideation
  • Q3 2018. Patent Research & Drafting. Business Case
  • Q4 2018. Equations & Algorithm Review. Architecture Design
  • Q1 2019. Algorithm Coding & Testing. AI & ML Application Review. API Research
  • Q2 2019. AI & ML Model Integration. Mobile & Web App Testing. Algorithm Testing & Review. System & App Alpha Testing. User Acquisition Drive
  • Q3 2019. AI & ML Model Fine-tuning. System & App Beta Testing. User Acquisition Drive. Predictive User Support Integration. Top 20 Exchange Listings
  • Q4 2019. Production Phase. Predictive User Support Fine-tuning. AI & ML Model Updates. User Acquisition Drive. Top 5 Exchange Listings
  • Q1 2020. Full User Review. Service Improvements
StartJune 3, 2019
EndOctober 27, 2019
95 days left
Soft cap$1 500 000
Hard cap$35 000 000
Minimum investment50 USD
Tokens for sale5000000000
AcceptingXLM, BTC, LTC, ETH, Fiat

Fight fire with fire is what they say. All small-time traders, whether they are the commodity traders, stock traders, or crypto traders, know how annoying and dangerous are the firms which are actively exploiting algorithmic trading. Just look at what’s going on at the crypto market this summer. These guys have entered it, and now we see the “ricky-ticky” price swings. So, why not try the app that works on algorithms to counteract this mayhem? 50 bucks is less than I spend on coffee and bagels in a day. I think that GRAYLL is worth trying.

Harvey   July 15, 2019  

Those who intend to invest in GRAYLL and other such startups are so naive. They are willing to believe that a simplistic app based on four algorithms will be capable of bringing steady profits. Wake up people, the contemporary trading is almost as complicated as rocket science. Not to mention that it is incomparably crueler. Especially the crypto market which is still very prone to manipulations. GRAYLL is just nurturing the utopian dreams of the easily obtainable wealth.

Zack   June 29, 2019  

I am all for giving power to the masses, especially when it comes to trading. I agree with the GRAYLL team that it is absolutely unfair that the big shots from Wall Street can skim all the cream, leaving ordinary day traders with less than breadcrumbs. I think the solution they offer that involves 4 different algorithms can be applicable to the real world and help thousands of people make more money. I have already got myself some GRX and intend on using the GRAYLL app regularly.

Jacob   June 21, 2019  

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