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2Key: 5
AQwire: 4
AZBit: 3
Aenco: 3
Airsave Travel: 3
AllSesame: 4
Allforcrypto: 7
AlphaX: 5
Arena Match: 2
ArtPro: 1
Asobi Coin: 2
AssetStream: 3
Aworker: 2
Azultec: 4
Bamboo: 4
Batzen: 2
Bcnex: 2
BeatzCoin: 3
Bestay: 3
Bexam: 6
Beyond Seen Screen: 4
Bigbullcoin: 2
Binfinity: 2
Binkabi: 2
Bit Agro: 3
BitCanna: 3
BitOrb: 2
BitWings: 6
Bitcademy Football: 5
BitcoinCorner: 3
Bitenny: 3
Bither: 2
Bitozz: 3
Bitrus: 4
BlockFood: 2
BlockState: 1
BloodChain: 4
Bluenote: 1
Blueqbit: 2
Bow: 5
BrandProtect: 1
Brikcoin: 4
CCUniverse: 2
Chintai: 4
Cinemadrom: 5
City of EDEN: 3
CodeTract: 3
CoinAnalyst: 1
CoinUs: 3
Coinstantine: 2
Cointrade: 4
Coinxes: 2
Cornucopia: 6
Cove Identity: 5
Credible Network: 4
Creditcoin: 2
Cresio: 3
CruCoins: 2
Crypt-ON: 2
Crypto-Potential: 1
CryptoMarketAds: 1
Curate: 1
CurveBlock: 2
CustomCoin: 1
DIPChain: 4
DeHedge: 3
Dexa Coin: 2
Dinngo: 6
Discoin: 2
Duniabooking: 4
Dyno: 4
EdeXa: 2
Epiktoken: 5
European Cryptocurrency Exchange: 4
Eventboost EVA: 3
Exclusive Platform: 2
EzyStayz: 1
FESS Chain: 1
FIC Network: 4
Faba Invest: 3
Fair Trade Cab: 2
Faireum: 3
Farm2Kitchen: 2
Find.Exchange: 3
Fluence: 2
FoodNation: 3
Geco.one: 4
GoRecruit: 5
Harbour DAO: 2
Helix: 6
Herdius: 4
HiP: 5
Hivemind: 5
HubrisOne: 2
INDX Capital: 1
IOV: 2
IdeaFex: 4
Imagol: 2
Injii Access Coin: 3
InnovaMinex: 3
Iryo Network: 4
Javvy: 2
Jullar: 5
Kambria: 2
Kinesis: 3
Kings Distributed Systems: 2
Korbex: 1
LGBT Foundation: 4
LOL: 2
Ledder: 6
Leondrino: 4
Levblockchain: 4
Lightstreams: 2
Little Phil: 6
LiveContracts: 4
LogisticsX: 4
Loomia: 3
Lynchpin: 2
MFChain: 2
Matrix: 2
MedicoHealth: 6
Miracle Tele: 7
Mit-Ra: 3
Mobilum: 4
Monart: 4
Monet: 2
Mosaic: 4
MyCryptoBank: 2
Mycro: 1
NGS: 1
Natee: 1
Navibration: 3
Negexc: 4
Neuromachine: 2
Nevix: 4
Nodis: 3
Noia Network: 4
Novam: 5
NutriLife: 3
OilWellCoin: 4
Omega One: 3
Ommer: 3
Open Enterprise Logistics: 2
Orbs: 4
Ozotop: 1
P2PS: 2
ParamountDax: 4
PavoCoin: 7
Pbet: 5
Pcore: 2
Pieta: 3
PrepayWay: 3
Promether: 4
Quantocoin: 3
Realista: 2
Refine Medium: 5
Review.Network: 4
Robonomics: 6
SaTT: 3
Saiterm: 6
SciDex: 6
Seed Token Project: 4
SerenitySource: 2
Sessia: 4
Shareschain: 2
Sharpay: 2
Slothee: 2
Smilo: 5
Sonata.ai: 1
Soraix: 2
Spatium: 6
SpitBall: 6
SportGift: 6
Sportcash One: 4
StableDEX: 1
Stellero: 4
Svandis: 6
Tachain: 2
TecraCoin: 4
Temco: 2
Tenzorum: 5
Ternion: 2
The Joy: 2
Timeless Luxury Group: 5
Tixl: 2
TradeCloud: 4
Tryvium: 3
Twilight Project: 6
Twogap: 4
UChain: 5
Ubanx: 3
Ultra: 7
Ultrain: 3
Upline: 3
VMC: 5
Vectorium Plus: 5
Vega: 2
VenusEnergy: 6
Vertex: 1
Viaz: 6
Vivid: 6
Volentix: 1
Votem: 4
WinMiner: 2
WinWinCoin: 3
WindMine: 3
Wireless Racer: 2
Wireline: 1
WolfpackBOT: 2
Wulet: 2
Xsearch: 2
Yachtco: 4
Zeux: 3
Zimrii: 1
Zonafide: 3
iCasting: 2
iOWN: 2

The project comes with a rather interesting approach to reducing the common issues which end up being lengthy and overly complex, which might attract investors and end up representing a new method of handling interactions between groups. It seems to have a strong team, and a few advisors, which is also quite good.

Monet   xanderrr   September 12, 2019  

I can't say that LiveContract, and its hybrid blockchain, will become a solution to a problem of the insufficiently fast adoption of blockchain in the business space, but I am sure that it is a step in the right direction. I would need to get a better insight into the technological content of LTO Network, but I like what I've seen so far. There are more than two weeks of token sale left, so I have more than enough time to decide whether LiveContract is worthy of my investment.

I have long been a fan of Stellar blockchain and its accompanying products, so it would be really interesting to see how VMC will turn up. Urban mobility, or rather the obstacles that hinder its development, such as bad roads and traffic jams, is very important for the population of large cities as it is constantly growing. According to the statistics provided by the UN, nearly 70% of the planet's population will live in urban areas by 2050. This means that projects like VMC will become increasingly relevant.

VMC   actor   September 12, 2019  

The Miracle Tele application in Google Store already has more than 10 thousand downloads, which is a nice result for a fledgling project. Although it would be interesting to know how many of those who downloaded the app ended up being active users of Miracle Tele. Because that's what really matters. Also, I noticed that the app hasn't been updated since February 5, which is not a good sign because a new app would have required a lot of bug fixing and such. Besides, the user feedback on Miracle Tele is not that great, because many users complain about their accounts being blocked for no reason.

The SportGift papers say that the project will heavily rely on sports organizations and brands that agree to partner with this blockchain startup. Well, so far, they failed to present at least one relatively big name in the sports industry as a partner. Besides, there is no indicator of the token sale progress on the website, so it is unclear whether SportGift managed to attract at least some investments or not. I strongly suspect that this platform will get lost among the dozens of similar solutions.

Basically, DINO is a smart contract workshop that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. As far as I understood, the team wants to make the process of smart contract creation so easy and understandable that even a child could create one. That's a very interesting idea, but it is my conviction that DINO would come across a lot of bumps on the road towards achieving this goal. The Ethereum blockchain is struggling right now with scalability, so it would be tough to create a large ecosystem until this issue is resolved.

DINO   maxxxx   September 11, 2019  

The project has a decently-sized, diverse team, and just as many advisors. Unfortunately, the lack of information about it does raise quite a few red flags, and those might be a deal-breaker for a lot of investors. Still, the project's vision does seem interesting, as it allows participants to earn a passive income while renting their computing power and memory, which truly are very important resources in today's world.

Natee   humancreature   September 10, 2019  

A few things immediately stand out when it comes to this project, and that is the general lack of information. There is pretty much nothing that is known about the team, or even about the project itself. All that they continuously claim is that their token will be some kind of utility useful for making payments, but that is pretty much it.

First of all, Chintai's interface looks suspiciously similar to that of Binance, though, certainly, these two platforms are conceptually different. It would be amusing to see how this platform will function on the EOS blockchain, the infamous Ethereum killer. I heard that Binance has realized the idea of leasing Waves tokens to master nodes, which is similar, to a certain extent, to Chintai's idea. This means that this project is on the right path and will surely get traction in the future.

Ultra is the much-needed solution for the gaming industry. It may sound a bit cheesy, but it is time to give creative and financial power into the hands of developers and gamers. Away with the tyranny of development studios, Ultra and blockchain will give us the freedom to create, earn crypto, and play. Can't even begin to describe how excited I am about Ultra as it will give me a chance to capitalize on my gaming skills.

Ultra   tr1angle   September 10, 2019  

I wonder how Svandis plans to verify the data that's being fed to it by the contributors. In other words, how it's going to distinguish fake news, stories, analysis from the real ones? I would love to know more about the verification scheme that Svandis plans to implement. So far, it appears that Svandis might turn out to be an informational junkyard that would mislead traders rather than help them make an educated decision.

BeatzCoin is exactly what the music and the creative industry, in general, was yearning for. Most people would agree that hardly anyone gets ripped off worse than the musicians and content creators.There are agents, music studios, and a host of other intermediaries, all of which want to have a piece of the money pie. That is a huge injustice that has to be done with. BeatzCoin will give the creators a much-needed opportunity to control their earnings and get a real appreciation from the consumers.

Leondrino affords access to brand-specific currencies...well, that is interesting. Could someone name me at least one brand currency off the top of your head? I doubt that anyone would be able to do that since that are no such currencies yet. At least when it comes to the globally recognized brands. Besides, the crypto community doesn't care much about brands and their currencies because most of them would be dull stablecoins that offer no price action on the exchanges.

It is good to see EzyStayz launching a platform before the token sale, though there are no decent booking options there at a given time, not even photos of rented out properties. I also wonder why there are no cryptocurrencies among the available payment options on that platform. Will they be added after the conclusion of the IEO? I couldn’t find any specific information about this, so I would need to send the inquiry to the team.

The idea behind the DIVO platform is clear and understandable: to create a blockchain platform for the fashion industry, thanks to which the participants would be able to find better jobs or suitable talents. This is certainly not a novice concept, basically, it’s merely a freelancer platform for models/agencies with a social network feature. So, the overall success of DIVO depends on how well they would be able to realize the platform’s functional capabilities and carry out the marketing campaign.

DIVO   Rosar10   September 9, 2019  

In my opinion, blending the oil business with cryptocurrencies bears double risk as a) crypto is immensely volatile, everyone knows that, and b) the price of oil has been steadily declining over the last four years, so this business is becoming less profitable. Besides, I believe that Gazprom has an unshakable monopoly in the oil & gas industry in Russia, which leaves OilWellCoin virtually no room for development. And with eco-friendly and renewable-oriented projects being on the rise, they present a better investment opportunity.

I totally get the idea of bond issuance on blockchain, but I find it suspicious that FIC Network conceals information, or at least doesn't provide easy access to it, regarding the jurisdiction in which the company is registered. It is of vital importance for an investor to be aware of such details since FIC Network will be carrying out financial services which are heavily regulated in the traditional markets. I wouldn't want to invest in a project that might run into legal troubles along the road.

It seems that people have finally realized the benefits of applying blockchain when trying to find the solution to the persisting problems in supply chain management. I like the fact that Bestay created a series of mobile applications, designed to heed the particular needs, such as the booking of hotel, restaurant, or private accommodations. I am not particularly impressed with the team, though, as it appears to be lacking in reputable blockchain developers and business managers. All in all, I think that Bestay will do okay in Asia, which is the project's primary market, but won't be able to scale up any higher.

I was impressed by the fact that Credible Network managed to get Visa as one of their primary partners even before the actual launch of the platform. However, the rest of their partners, such as Ambank and Credibanco, don't play well with me, because being an EU-based investor, I would like to see some European banks of financial institution on that list. However, most of them are either Asian or located in Latin America. Apparently, that's where the focus of Credible Network would lie.

It would be very interesting to see how the TON-based ecosystem will do, because there has been so much hype about this Telegram project. I am very eager to see whether it would succeed or fail, both TON and Ozotop. As for the Ozotop in particular, I like their unusual approach towards token sale, especially the fact that OZO could be both a utility and a security. Also, it would hurt the team to hire more managers, as it is currently overcrowded with blockchain developers.

I always wondered why no one would come up with the idea of developing a huge crypto mining factory in the middle of the desert that would run only on solar energy. Apparently, I am not the only smart person in the world, so I was excited to see the concept offered by Peita. Their mining facilities are certainly less grandiose than my imaginary ones, but at least they are moving in the right direction. I also saw that the token sale is going well, which only proves the validity of this idea.

It appears that Mobilum has wound down their operations as both founders, Wojciech Kaszycki and Jakub Nalej (the info about whom are nowhere to be found on the official website, so I had to do some research on my own) have indicated in their professional profiles that they stopped working on this project somewhere around this February. Kaszycki is currently engaged with another project called ADAX while Nalej also appears to be working elsewhere. That is no way to treat a generally good project, such a pity.

I like the solution presented by TwoGap, which involves the issuance of cryptobonds on the basis of Ethereum smart contracts. It has all the mechanics that are inherent to the traditional bonds, such as the creation of coupons with the subsequent payment of interest in ETH. But the thing is that it's all good only in theory. The reality of crypto bonds, on the other hand, is most likely to get shattered by the regulators, just look at how tedious was the process of Bakkt approval.

Vectorium Plus has already reached the softcap, which means that the project will continue its development. I assume that it is safe now to get myself some VCPT as I really grew fond of this project. The overall concept of Islands might seem overly ambitious, but so was the trip to the Moon. I am not comparing the two, just saying that the task of building a network of islands for waste-to-coin mining is feasible. My advice, keep an eye on this project as VCPT might make a splash on the crypto market once the coin gets listed on an exchange.

Judging from the info available on the TradeCloud website, these people plan to spend 40% of raised funds on marketing and only 25% on software development. They have even allocated 6% for some debt repayment, which is weird. Anyway, it is not a habit of mine to invest in crypto exchanges that don't put the functionality and the security of the respective platforms first. It became apparent that TradeCloud cares first and foremost about marketing, which isn't what I am looking for when it comes to the exchange.

I think that Soraix is pretty much done with, judging from the "magnificent" results that they got during the current round of token sale. Even with a promise of a 10% bonus, Soraix managed to raise the pathetic $134. Well, at least they had the decency to let people know of such an achievement. Apparently, even those who boast about being based in Switzerland, and whatnot, are susceptible to failure.

Trust me, LogisticsX is the real deal. I have been working in the logistics business for more than 20 years, so I know for sure that the last mile delivery is always the hardest and the most expensive for that matter. After spending some time studying this project, I have concluded that is has a real potential for disrupting this business. The correct use of blockchain might greatly enhance the efficiency of parcel delivery and the transparency of all logistics processes.

Iryo Network doesn't offer anything which we haven't already seen. Over the years that I've been into crypto, I came across a number of blockchain project that tried to conquer the medical niche, but to no avail. These people need to understand that this industry is way too conservative and regulated for such progressive technology. Perhaps Iryo Network could be applied in private clinics, the management of which keeps an open mind towards these ideas, though it has no chance of reaching at least the European scale.

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