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Curate: Discovering Fashion on Blockchain

Curate is a fashion discovery platform built on the foundation of the Ethereum blockchain by the international team of fashion experts, marketers, and blockchain enthusiast. The platform is released in the form of a decentralized mobile application that allows users to “curate” fashion novelties provided by partnered brands in exchange for rewards in cryptocurrencies or the project’s own ERC-20 token called CUR8, which will be sold to the interested early investors through the means of the three-phased IEO.

Although it is claimed that the project is registered in the United Kingdom, there are no registration or license numbers on the official website, or any mention of a parent company in the whitepaper or the pitch deck.

Discovering fashion at Curate

The main purpose of Curate is to help brands and retailers obtain a trustless response from the audience regarding newly introduced styles, apparels, and accessories. In addition, Curate will help to raise awareness about the emerging and promising fashion brands among its regular members.

There are several types of users on the Curate platform: the brands, the curator community, the discoverer community, and the content creators. Brands, fashion lovers, or content creators can upload their fashion-related images, which are assessed first by the curators through upvotes. The most popular content then gets to the discoverers, who can also upvote, comment, and share. The curating parties are then rewarded in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or CUR8 tokens.  

The Curate team

  • James Hakim. The founder and CEO. Hakim holds a degree in pharmacy management from the University of Kent. While working as a pharmacy manager at Sainsbury’s, he founded Publicity Clerks, the ads selling platform. Hakim founded Curate in May of 2019 but still continues to work on the mentioned project. 
  • Pranav Arya. Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to joining Curate, Arya worked as a strategic marketing consultant at several companies, most notably Ethereum Sweepstakes, Ahrvo, UBE Limited, and Arma Coin. It should be noted that he still continues the cooperation with all these firms and not focusing entirely on Curate.      

The board of advisors includes Boulevard Aladetoyinbo, a certified blockchain lawyer, who cooperated with such projects as The Crypto Watch and genEOS.IO.   

Roadmap implementation

Curate is a very young project which emerged in the first months of the current year. By the second quarter, the founder has already gathered a team, released the whitepaper, developed the website and launched the demo version of the Curate platform. After the IEO, Curate will continue working on platform development, with the alpha launch planned for Q1 of 2020, and the beta version in Q2, along with the listing of CUR8 on multiple crypto exchanges.  

Social media presence

Curate has the biggest audience on Telegram with 28,573 members in its public group. Judging from the fact that the project didn’t conduct an airdrop, it can be assumed that these followers were acquired naturally. Curate also has an Instagram account with 1,702 followers, but no official Facebook page.

IEO details 

The sale of CUR8 tokens starts on August 9 on the P2PB2B Launchpad and will last until August 23. That is the first part of the three-part IEO, the rest will take place later this year and in 2020. The price of 1 CUR8 is $0.1 with no mention of the minimum investment limit. The softcap is quite feasible - $1 million. Curate accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum. Whitelisting and KYC are mandatory. There are also no mentions of the restricted areas. 

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • CURATE is based on the ethereum blockchain utilizing the ERC–20 token system in the form of our utlity token, the CUR8 token.
  • The CURATE platform being a DApp means it's decentralised and distributed system of service is run and hosted by numerous systems around the globe.
  • All data in our platform is secured by cryptography. We are decentralised, open source and web 3.0.
  • Amrit Mirchandani. Marketing Advisor
  • Jonathan Davies. Head of Innovation
  • Bojan Lacic. Chief Business Officer
  • Alexey Ivanov. Chief Design Officer
  • Aleksandar Vujic. Chief Community Manager
  • Andrei Calina. Chief Business Officer
  • Dimitrije Cevizovic. Social and Digital Manager
  • Joe Adams. Senior Administrator
  • Mohamed Reza Carrim. Operational Manager
  • Aslam Kalla. Chief Business Officer
  • Amal Prasad. Chief Sales Officer and HR
  • Pranav Arya. Chief Marketing Officer
  • James Hakim. Chief Executive Officer and Founder
  • Q1 2019. Concept created by founder, James Hakim. White paper first draft created. Busines plan first draft completed.
  • Q2 2019. Curate team members recruited.Website and social media/telegram group created. Demo preview of platform designed.
  • Q3 2019. 5,000+ telegram members active. Approved for 1st IEO listing on
  • Q4 2019. 1st IEO starts aiming to raise $250,000 USD. Development officially starts on Curate platform. CUR8 token is listed on two exchanges, and and begins trading.
  • Q1 2020. 2nd IEO starts on 2 top CoinMarketCap approved exchanges. Private-alpha launch of Curate platform open to telegram members. CUR8 token listed on 2 more top exchanges, volume of trading increase.
  • Q2 2020. 3rd IEO starts on a DEX. Public-beta version launched available to new members.CUR8 token becomes top 50 token on CoinMarketCap by adjusted volume.

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StartAugust 9, 2019
EndDecember 23, 2020
53 days left
Soft cap$1 000 000
Hard cap$10 000 000
Minimum investment1 CUR8
Tokens for sale60000000
AcceptingETH, BTC

I love the fact that blockchain finds its implementation in areas other than finance and payments. Curate surely has a good vision and might interest some really serious brands since they would get a chance to receive honest feedback from the target audience. It is a win-win situation for both retailers and fashionistas. Although the team looks a bit inexperienced, they did manage to put together a project in a short time.

Deshawn   August 12, 2019  

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