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It is difficult to overestimate the importance of cryptocurrencies for the future of finance, and Bitcoin among them still occupies a leading position. For many, it is already obvious that in a few years new, more advanced cryptocurrency protocols will supplant the leader, but it will forever remain the first in history. Many people buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as a long-term promising investment. Together we will create a Crypto Community to the benefit of all its members. From the reviews and comments in our rating, you will understand how interesting this or that cryptocurrency is to other people; how quickly its ecosystem is developing, what we think of KYC, and many many more.

What cryptocurrency turned out to be the most profitable for mining? What’s the best coin for direct speculative buying and selling? Look for real opinions on these and other issues on Cryptocurrencies Reviews. From the first-hand experiences you will find out at what points it is advisable to buy cryptocurrency, and when it is better to sell it as well as many other exiting things. Feedback from community members will help you find out about upcoming airdrops, which are the easiest way to get cryptocurrencies without trading, mining or investing. In addition, you can ask questions to more experienced participants in the cryptocurrency industry about the many subtleties of mining and buying virtual assets.

In addition to cryptocurrency wallets, you must also decide on the choice of a cryptocurrency exchange for exchanging the cryptocurrency you use for fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies. And the real reviews of the participants of our crypto community will help you find out what pitfalls a particular crypto exchange has, what exchanges have hidden commissions, and vice versa, which exchanges are most convenient to use, safe for storing cryptocurrencies, which exchanges offer the lowest commissions and the most attractive exchange rates for fiat currencies. In addition, from reviews and comments you will find out which crypto exchanges offer additional products, such as margin trading using leverage. You will also learn from the reviews which exchanges are most convenient for use on mobile devices, including in terms of providing cryptocurrency rate charts for mobile applications.

A section with comments on current and upcoming ico projects will help you find out which ico offer the so-called bounty - often developers of ico projects send project coins to those who repost from their official pages on social networks or hold a certain cryptocurrency. In exchange, those who want to receive free cryptocurrency become a means for instant information distribution over the network. And you will certainly learn about such things by becoming a member of the forum of this crypto community. In addition, the reviews in our rating will help you find the most promising ico for investment, as well as avoid mistakes by investing in a potentially unprofitable ico, or knowingly fraudulent. Given the fact that investing in ICOs is one of the most risky due to the following factors: the lack of regulation in the industry attracts scammers who use ICOs to launch projects that are doomed to failure. In addition, the token may not gain access to the exchange. And yet, an artificial “hype” can be created around the ICO in order to mask the project’s shortcomings and make investors invest emotionally, and later it may turn out that the project was a “bubble” that did not offer real benefits. All of the above is actively discussed in the ico section of our rating, and after reading the reviews, you can make the most informed decision on the advisability of investing in a particular ICO project.

The most advanced members of the crypto community will undoubtedly be interested in the section with reviews and comments on the work of forex brokers that provide services for margin trading in cryptocurrencies. Forex brokers and the quality of their services have been a topic of lively discussion in many thematic forums, and cryptocurrency forex brokers are also a “buzz” topic today. From the feedback of the participants of the crypto forum you will find out which forex brokers are most convenient and profitable to trade on the example of real stories. The reviews will help you find a broker with the most attractive trading conditions, really working tools and convenient trading platforms, as well as avoid cryptocurrency forex brokers who intentionally drain their clients’ deposits or prevent the withdrawal of earned profit.

Let’s create a transparent, honest and motivated to learn community, our Crypto Community!

Bitcoin has held above $ 30K, posting a 5% gain at the start of the new business week and trading around $ 34K. The benchmark cryptocurrency does not make sudden movements. Large investors can take a break, waiting for new triggers. Moderate price dynamics is confirmed by technical indicators. The Greed and Fear Index for Bitcoin and the largest cryptocurrencies is in “greedy” mode, but so far in a moderate form. The RSI on the daily chart is also far from overbought. Thus, from the technical point of view, there are no obstacles to growth, but for now all participants can exercise increased caution.

RealSatoshi   January 26, 2021   BTC  

Ethereum (ETH) is currently enjoying the largest growth among the leading cryptocurrencies. The main altcoin is growing by more than 8% per day and is trading above $ 1,400. If the coin manages to hold above the historic high or confidently continue to grow, we will see a new impetus for ETH and other top altcoins. The development of developers along the path of transition to the second version of the project, as well as the approaching launch of futures on CME in early February, have a very positive impact on the value of the coin.

$uppport&re$1$tance   January 26, 2021   ETH  

Of course, the main event on the crypto market is the bitcoin correction. The coin broke not only the $ 32K support level, but also the $ 30K round level. After that, they began to buy the asset, however, confidence in the prospects from market participants will return only if Bitcoin turns to growth towards $ 40K. In the meantime, the situation is very precarious.

Know1tAll   January 25, 2021   BTC  

Over the year, bitcoin has risen in price by 5.75 times, from $7,300 on January 01, 2020 to $41.900 on January 08, 2021, so a correction by "some" 30% is, they say, not a reason for panic. In addition, a number of analysts note that this time the fall of bitcoin is not accompanied by an exit to fiat. Investors, fixing profits on the main cryptocurrency, do not leave the digital market, but open positions on more promising, in their opinion, altcoins. For example, on ethereum, the price of which has increased more than 11 times over the year. And if by the evening of January 22, the BTC/USD pair lost 22% relative to the maximum, then the decline in ETH/USD was less than 10%.

$uppport&re$1$tance   January 25, 2021   BTC  

The bitcoin's quotes are in the region of $32,500. This is a fairly strong support/resistance level for the past three weeks. And if capitalization does not go up, and the price again manages to fall below $30,000, one can expect increased pressure from the bears and a new wave of active sales. 65% of experts agree with this. But there are also professional market participants who maintain a moderately bullish mood, which is confirmed by positive premiums for March futures, + 3.5-5.0%. And the head of investment company Pantera Capital Dan Morehead expects to see "bitcoin for $45,000 or even more" in February. However, he advises traders and other industry participants to be as prudent as possible.

Crypto Shark   January 24, 2021   BTC  

As Reuters reported, fortune teller Maren Altman from New York makes her predictions of the bitcoin rate based on the movement of the stars. She predicted the beginning of the January correction of bitcoin absolutely accurately, since on that day the trajectory of Mercury (the price of BTC) should have been crossed by Saturn (the limiting indicator). Looking ahead, Ms. Altman sees “some favorable signals at the end of the month and especially in February and early March.” “However, a big correction will begin in mid-March,” the fortune teller says. “Mid-April also looks pessimistic. May is bullish.”

acc0untant   January 23, 2021   BTC  

Now that Bitcoin has lost the $32,000 and $30,000 support, a growing number of analysts are suggesting that the price could retest the $24,000 support. One theory behind the dip suggests that institutional investors viewed Bitcoin as a crowded trade and decided to take profits.

Know1tAll   January 22, 2021   BTC  

Bitcoin moved lower on Wednesday after several days of consolidation. The cryptocurrency fell to weekly lows of about $ 33,400, losing more than 8% at the moment. However, Bitcoin still remains in a well-defined channel that formed after the rise of the cryptocurrency to $ 42,000 and the subsequent correction. The market has been in this state for about two weeks already - within 14 days the price has changed by half a percent. In the short term, the decline is expected to continue due to whales. Whales bring bitcoins to exchanges. No question, it will go up to $ 100,000 this year, but in the short term, unless we see significant buying pressure on Coinbase, I think BTC will be in a bearish trend.

acc0untant   January 21, 2021   BTC  

If the crypto market is indeed cyclical, extra caution should be taken in the next few weeks, in the event that Bitcoin goes into a sharp decline, the altcoins will be attracted by the massive retail FOMO, which will push BTC up for a while. In early February, Ethereum futures will be launched, now the coin is growing in anticipation of this event, however, as with Bitcoin in 2017, growth is not a guaranteed result of this event.

Know1tAll   January 21, 2021   BTC  

Bitcoin bulls and bears are playing a tug-of-war near the $ 35K support level. Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has lost more than 3% and traded about $ 35,000, dropping below the support line of the last four weeks. In addition to the supporters of the growth theory up to $ 50K, there are other market participants who believe that what is happening at the moment may resemble the scenario of the end of 2017, when Bitcoin first reached a historical maximum, then a rather short altcoin season began, and after that “crypto winter” came. If such a scenario really comes true, then we have already seen the historical maximum of Bitcoin above $ 40K, Ethereum (ETH) yesterday reached its past all-time high, which may be the starting point of the altcoin season. The demand from miners for video cards is also similar to the hype in early 2018, when alternative cryptocurrencies showed intense growth.

tradewisely   January 21, 2021   BTC  

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When it comes to Binance, it was love at first sight for me, if that doesn't sound too cheesy. Anyway, I have entered this space in 2017, when the so-called cryptocraze had just begun getting into gears. Binance was the first cryptocurrency exchange I have registered with; Bitcoin was worth around $3K at that time. Back then, I was just a nascent trader, but my intuition, and the lack of greed, allowed me to ride the "green" wave up till it hit $18K, and then sell my BTC for a substantial profit, just before it all went crumbling. I've been loyal to Binance ever since.

J1n Ba0   January 26, 2021   Binance  

Even though BitForex has the backing of such powerhouses of the crypto industry as TRON, QTUM, and Block VC, which was to show the prospects of this platform, it still managed to make a lot of stench because of the alleged involvement in wash trading and volume manipulations. I know that virtually everyone in this industry is "doing that", but that is definitely not the way how the crypto space should evolve. Therefore, I chose to express my protest by switching from BitForex to another platform.

NerdiusMaximus   January 25, 2021   BitForex  

For the last several months, I have been hopping from one crypto exchange to another, in search of a perfect combination of low fees, user-friendly interface, responsive support, and trouble-free withdrawals. From my experience, BitMex doesn't satisfy at least two to these demands: the fees are around the industry standard, but certainly not tailored for small-time traders; the support is very slow as it took them around 70 hours to respond to the ticket I had created.

MoonCreature   January 24, 2021   BitMEX  

I can't but agree that trading on Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges entails substantial risks for foreign traders. Not need to remind you that their government is as unpredictable as a ricocheting bullet. So, if you feel confident enough to entrust your crypto to a centralized exchange like this, please don't complain if one day you will wake up to a message that your trading account had been blocked for no apparent reason.

Paolo Maggio   January 23, 2021  

I have found out about BitUBU only recently, but my fellow traders, who have already given this exchange a try, were moderately satisfied. The platform provides for an abundance of trading options like the usual stop trading, futures trading, and even algorithmic trading. I like the fact that there are more than 10 ways to deposit funds onto the exchange, though the fees are slightly higher than I expected.

Ray_Mist   January 22, 2021   BitUBU  

The latest move, which brings Bitcoin down over 13% versus its highs from Tuesday, came amid increased selling at Coinbase Pro, the professional trading arm of United States cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. As Cointelegraph reported, major spikes in volume at Coinbase Pro had accompanied price volatility in recent weeks. This time, it was a dip in the so-called “Coinbase Premium” which signalled selling was underway - the difference in price between the BTC/USD pair at the venue and others suddenly decreased. It seems $BTC sellers came from Coinbase. Coinbase Premium Index has been a negative value since an hour ago. Coinbase whales might want $BTC to go lower for consolidation. A day earlier, Ki had highlighted a corresponding increase in deposits across exchanges from whales, indicating a potential desire to trade or sell BTC at prices at or below the mid-range of its trading corridor between $30,000 and $40,000.

Know1tAll   January 21, 2021   Coinbase Pro  

I have seen a few reviews about omgfin. The following is my experience with omgfin. After creating account, my first impression of omgfin, they have a good design. The limit of 2 BTC for withdrawals a day is the same as binance for KYC unverified accounts. I tried deposit 55 USDT and made my first BTC purchase (deposit was quite fast). I placed a buy order for the first time and I received a warning that order over the threshold (after open ticket support I found out they did not allow orders to exceed 10% similar binance). After 5 minutes my order was completed. I have tried to withdraw btc to my wallet. The withdrawal process is quite fast (almost same time i waited from binance). Here are my reviews of OMGFIN Exchange platform. Pros: Beautifully designed, Low transaction fees, Granted a business license (EU licensed), Have many attractive programs like cashback, affiliate 15%, Quick withdrawals (unlike the incorrect reports I found online before). Cons: Support few languages, No direct customer support channel (my question took more than 1 day to be answered), Support less coins to trade (only big coin), I will continue to have the next review about omgfin in the near future.

Grome Tony   January 20, 2021   Omgfin  

Throughout my 5-year career as a cryptocurrency trader, I have tried many different exchanges and came to the conclusion that BitMEX is suitable for those who like to deal with different rare coins that can pump hard from time to time. You will find plenty of such on BitMEX as it features one of the most extensive lists of trading pairs. There are coins that you've never heard of before, but which are doing 100x in days and then come crashing like a plane that's been shot down.

Yun Jones   January 19, 2021   BitMax  

I am not sure why, but the South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges have been extremely unreliable and ignorant of foreign customers lately. Maybe it has something to do with regulations or massive hacks - I don't really follow the crypto news from Asia - but Bithumb has been a huge disappointment for me. The exchange that promised so much, came up with so little. Their lax security is really annoying, and worrying, of course. Bithumb has been hacked before and will be hacked again sooner or later.

Amelia   January 18, 2021   Bithumb  

Like any other cryptocurrency exchange, Bibox has its pros and cons. When it comes to pros, I would highlight the fact that this platform was developed by the people who also stood behind such well-known exchanges as OKCoin and Huobi Global. The trading experience is seamless and hassle-free. However, there had been some problems concerning deposits on Bibox. I was trying to deposit some ETH to my Bibox account, a seemingly easy process, though it had turned into a nightmare for me. After waiting idly for 24 hours for my ETH to arrive, I have contacted the support, but was put in a queue of 5000 people. In short, I saw the crypto in my account only a week later.

Moon Ticket   January 17, 2021   Bibox  

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SerenitySource presents a solution that will be of immense interest to Australians who are involved in producing/selling electricity from renewables. Perhaps you don't know, but the Aussies have probably the highest electricity rates among other developed countries, while enjoying substantial discounts, and other perks, on the energy produced from renewable. SerenitySource might have hit the gold mine here, as they offer a totally new approach towards energy production, accounting, and distribution. The list of team members is a bit short, so they should improve on that in order to come up with a product that fully satisfies the market.

masterofpuppets   January 26, 2021   SerenitySource  

The idea of using blockchain to verify the authenticity of luxury items offered by Trona is so flawed. Let's say that you want to buy a piece of fine art. In that case, you would have to trust the competence of the first appraiser, and only him because his final verdict would be written on a blockchain, thus immutable. But what if that appraiser has failed to distinguish the fake from the original at that time and the fact of forgery was discovered later? Would it be necessary to create a new chain in order to write down the correct information?

Trigger Happy Jay   January 25, 2021   TRONA  

Tycoon is opening novel vistas for traders of all stages - novice, intermediate, and professionals. Its unique model uses APIs to connect traders to reputed exchanges like Binance and follow expert traders to benefit from their trades to earn a massive profit. Being on a trusted platform like Tycoon will ensure the safety and security of personal data and assets. Using cutting-edge security architecture with intuitive UX/UI features, Tycoon not only enhances security, but it also makes social trading fun, easy, and seamless.

Manol0   January 24, 2021   Tycoon  

The project has a nice concept, with the idea of offering gift presents through a secure platform. It would be an important achievement in the cryptocurrency industry if the team members can pull this off. However, the details about the project are still vague. The team has made little awareness of the IOC offer. The team members have to do more to get more people involved in the project. Nonetheless, it could be an exciting project if the team members can work a bit more on sensitizing the public via their website and social media platforms.

Fromouttaspace   January 23, 2021   aGifttoken  

Zimrii tries to provide a solution to a very acute problem of ownership of intellectual products and inadequate compensation that content creators receive for their work. However, I am not sure that Zimrii would be the project that disrupts this particular industry. They would definitely help the transition to a more just and transparent system, but Zimrii won't be a game-changer.

BB Jones   January 22, 2021   Zimrii  

Cryptobonds is just another fairytale for the gullible investors who don't mind jumping headfirst into an endeavor, organized by a startup that has little to no guarantees of liquidity, thus no foreseeable prospects. It's not the time to invest in questionable financial products based on digital currencies because they pose a prime target for governments, especially the Asian ones. So, Twogap is just another crypto startup on my "read-and-disregarded" list.

Marcion_Krups   January 21, 2021   Twogap  

Investing in a project that operates in the country that is currently being heavily scrutinized by economic sanctions, and where the government-owned corporation literally has a monopoly on oil production, would be a reckless move, to say the least. Certainly, the possibility of entering that highly profitable space could be tempting, but in the case of OilWellCoin, the risks outweigh the benefits by miles. I would rather invest in graphene instead.

Johnny Tycoon   January 20, 2021   OilWellCoin  

PointPay is a cryptocurrency banking platform. It disrupts the traditional bank model by enabling low-cost and instant fund transfers across the globe using our native offchain technology and PointPay token (PXP). 1.5 billion people worldwide don’t have both financial literacy skills, and an access to banking services, but they would like to. By purchasing PointPay token (PXP) you invest in the future of global crypto and blockchain Education through PointPay Crypto School. As a reward for contribution to World Education, PointPay token (PXP) holders get the right to earn higher yields (up to 20% annually) on a progressive scale on PointPay Blockchain-based Bank with Checking and Savings Accounts. Furthermore, PointPay token (PXP) holders are entitled to send instant payments within PointPay products with lower commission as well as trade on PointPay Crypto Exchange with reduced fees. Finally, PointPay token (PXP) holders get an access to premium video tutorials with advanced trading strategies where we explain how to make money in the crypto market. Just one account for all the products!

Know1tAll   January 19, 2021   PointPay  

I don't really care much for people who are bashing Saiterm for promising a pathetically low mining output of roughly $10 a month. They need to understand that this product is not about mining or profiteering - it's about keeping your house warm thanks to the use of a sustainable source of heating energy, while a small amount of tokens just come as icing on the cake.

Potato Coin   January 18, 2021   Saiterm  

The revolutionary approach VITA is using for this project is a good one. The entire process for the project has been spelled out on their website and social media platforms. That indicates transparency and a quest to carry everyone along. In the meantime, it has a nice website that makes it easy to access information. And the bonus process is also legitimate, as rewards have been granted already.

Danni_Depp   January 17, 2021   Vita  

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I'm trading from a Silver account with T1Markets. Trading conditions are really encouraging. Also, I've never experienced any hassles with deposits or withdrawals.

Axel   January 26, 2021   T1Markets  

Love this broker. It has probably the best services in the market. the customer support agents are always nice and attentive to your problems

Hugo   January 25, 2021   101investing  

InvestLite is a reliable and trustworthy broker. I've checked all its documents before starting to trade with it. Also, all transactions are transparent and there are no hidden fees or something like this.

Stefan   January 25, 2021   InvestLite  

Good broker, everything works well and I like how professional their approach towards clients is. Highly recommend!

Jacob   January 25, 2021   101investing  

I've had a decent experience with this company. It has all the standard features that most brokers have but I've been really enjoying the quality of customer service. It's what stands out to me.

Brandon   January 25, 2021   InvestLite  

I've never heard about this company prior to signing up but I trusted the regulation and decided to give it a try anyway and I don't regret it. It's truly a great and trustworthy broker.

Darius   January 25, 2021   T1Markets  

After spending some time with HotForex, I can say that the cons of this broker outweigh the pros. To start with, the broker doesn't offer the full set of opportunities to trade crypto CFDs. Right now, CFDs aren't traded during the weekends which puts crypto traders at a disadvantage because the crypto market is live around the clock, so why limit it only to weekdays? To finish on a positive note, HotForex does have a pleasant bonus of 100% on the first deposit, a rare feat for a mainstream broker.

JeannLeGrand   January 22, 2021   HotForex  

T1Markets is a very user-friendly broker with favourable trading conditions. There are tight spreads on most instruments. The leverage is also good as well as the execution speed.

Ronald   January 22, 2021   T1Markets  

I discovered a lot about trading with the help of 101investing's educational resources. They are quite comprehensive and helpful. Also, trading assets selection is impressive.

Timm   January 22, 2021   101investing  

I've been with InvestLite for 4 months and I think it's one of the most reliable brokers. I've never had any issues in deposits and withdrawals

Rick   January 22, 2021   InvestLite  

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Сryptocurrency CVIX Price Change, 24h
Bitcoin 68 $31 779.57 -4.02%
Ethereum 80 $1 316.37 -5.96%
Tether 1 $1.00 0.03%
Polkadot 94 $17.07 -5.83%
XRP 64 $0.266300 -3.00%
Cardano 88 $0.339500 -3.94%
Chainlink 84 $22.89 -6.51%
Litecoin 67 $135.12 -4.76%
Bitcoin Cash 65 $431.62 -3.61%
Binance Coin 43 $40.66 -3.75%


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Exchange Volume change, 24h
1 Binance 9.57%
2 Binance.KR 17.13%
3 EtherFlyer 41.08%
4 46.22%
5 HBTC 12.52%
6 Dsdaq 14.07%
7 Hydax Exchange 14.76%
8 CITEX 10.86%
9 Mexo Exchange 14.97%
10 WBF Exchange 13.45%