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Top Crypto Experts Reviews for July 2022


BTC Reviews RealSatoshi June 27, 2022
The general mood of the market is fully consistent with this Extreme Fear. The Internet is talking again about the death of bitcoin. According to Google Trends, the number of search queries on this topic has returned to its maximum levels, close to December 2017. Recall that at that moment, approaching the coveted $20,000, the main cryptocurrency turned around and flew down, losing more than 40% of its value in a few days. The only difference with that long-standing situation is that bitcoin was approaching the $20,000 level from below then, and it is from above now. And the market was looking for a top then, and for a bottom now. Moreover, according to a number of influencers, it is not at all necessary that the bottom is at this particular mark.
LINK Reviews Patrick June 20, 2022
Chainlink (LINK) is in a downtrend, but it is trying to form a bottom near $5.50. The bears pulled the price below this level on June 13, June 14 and June 18, but they could not sustain the lower levels. This suggests that bulls are buying on dips. The positive divergence on the RSI suggests that the bearish momentum may be weakening. The buyers will try to push the price toward the downtrend line, which is likely to act as a stiff resistance. If the price turns down from the downtrend line, the bears will again attempt to sink and sustain the LINK/USDT pair below the $5.50 support. If that happens, it will suggest the resumption of the downtrend. Alternatively, if buyers thrust the price above the downtrend line, it will suggest a potential trend change. The pair could then rise to $10 and later to $12. The rebound in the pair has reached the 50-SMA, which may act as a minor resistance. The 20-EMA is flattening out and the RSI is near the midpoint, suggesting that the bears may be losing their grip. If buyers push the price above the 50-SMA, the pair could rise to $7.51. A break and close above this resistance will complete a double bottom pattern in the short term. This reversal setup has a pattern target of $9.50. To invalidate this bullish view, the bears will have to pull and sustain the price below the strong support at $5.50.
SOL Reviews Wanderer June 20, 2022
Solana (SOL) has been in a strong downtrend, but the positive divergence on the RSI suggests that the bearish momentum could be weakening. The bulls will try to push the price above the 20-day EMA of $36. If they succeed, it will suggest that the bulls are on a comeback. The SOL/USDT pair could thereafter rise to the 50-day SMA of $50, where the bears may again mount a strong defense. On the contrary, if the price turns down from the 20-day EMA, it will suggest that the bears are in no mood to surrender their advantage. The sellers will then again try to sink the price below $25 and start the next leg of the downtrend. The bulls have pushed the price above the moving averages on the 4-hour chart and will attempt to clear the overhead hurdle at the downtrend line. If they do that, it will suggest that the downtrend may have ended in the short term. The buyers will then try to push the price to $42.50 and later to $45. Conversely, if the price turns down from the current level or the downtrend line and breaks below the moving averages, it will suggest that bears continue to defend the overhead resistance aggressively. That could pull the price to $27.50 and later to $25.
LTC Reviews MrBigMoney June 19, 2022
The bears attempted to sink Litecoin (LTC) below the strong support at $40 on June 18, but the long tail on the day’s candlestick suggests that the bulls are defending the level aggressively. The relief rally has reached the 20-day EMA of $55, which is an important level to keep an eye on because a break and close above it could suggest a potential change in trend. The LTC/USDT pair could thereafter rise to the 50-day SMA of $68. Contrary to this assumption, if the price turns down from the 20-day EMA, it will suggest that the trend remains negative and traders are selling on rallies. The bears will then make another attempt to sink the pair below $40 and resume the downtrend. The price has broken out of a symmetrical triangle pattern on the 4-hour chart. Although this setup usually acts as a continuation pattern, sometimes it indicates a possible reversal. The moving averages have completed a bullish crossover, suggesting an advantage to buyers. If buyers sustain the price above the triangle, the pair could rise to the pattern target of $62. This positive view could invalidate in the short term if the price turns down and re-enters the triangle. Such a move will suggest that the break above the triangle may have been a bull trap.
BTC Reviews Know1tAll June 19, 2022
Bitcoin plummeted below the crucial support of $20,111 on June 18, indicating the resumption of the downtrend. A minor positive is that the bulls purchased the dip as seen from the long tail on the day’s candlestick. The buyers are attempting to push the price back above the breakdown level of $20,111. If they manage to do that, it will suggest that the drop to $17,622 on June 18 may have been a bear trap. The BTC/Tether (USDT) pair could then rally to $23,362, where the bears may again mount a strong resistance. The relative strength index (RSI) has been trading in the oversold zone for the past few days which suggests a relief rally in the near term. This positive view could invalidate if the price turns down from $20,111. That will suggest the bears have flipped the level into resistance and increase the possibility of a break below $17,622. The next support on the downside is $16,000.


Recast1 Token Reviews Terra Crypto June 20, 2022
All institutions and individuals in the world will be able to create their own profiles and easily find what they are looking for about all economic units in the world. Each profile will be defined as Economist and stratejist after reaching 1000 followers in the first place. If they wish they will be able to share their members indivudally for R1 Coins. Economists and Strategists will be able to sell their sofrware, indicators and economic articles as NFT if they wish.
Investors will be able to receive retraining according to the expertise of economist and strategist accounts, if they wish.In short, everything about all economy wheels will be found on this platform. A general news network will be vreated about all economic activities in the world. Our aim with this platform is to enable each individual to be their to be their own economist and strategist and to ensure that investment analysis is done correctly.
Blablagame Reviews l00k$_1ntere$1ng June 19, 2022 presents the first in the World Rock-Paper-Scissors Game on Crypto. This popular game from childhood is intended to unite the whole crypto community following the current GameFi trend. The game is easy for understanding to everyone that’s why is expected to have a few hundred thousand users withing just a few months or maybe weeks. All the games are protected with SHA-256 hashing algorithm.
Fanadise Reviews Patr1ck June 18, 2022
All digital content produced by the creator is tied to NFTs. Each token has it's own ID from 1 to supply limit (n). Moments may be drawn from packs or be bought from the marketplace. Packs can be purchased via subscription (depending on lvl) and/or purchased from a drop. The number displayed which specifies the supply number of the 'moment' you have. The ID can determinate that the price of 'moment' #1 is higher than for example #5643.
Blockster (BXR) Reviews Gene June 16, 2022
Blockster is the only full-featured social network dedicated to the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities, powered by the BXR token. Connect with crypto entrepreneurs, investors, traders, HODLers, bloggers, project owners, and get all your blockchain news in one place. Join a global community of blockchain hustlers on the only full-featured social platform dedicated to cryptocurrency users.
Intelly Reviews InvestorOI June 15, 2022
After an investment process has been completed, investors will receive Fractionalized-NFT’s of the asset. By holding the tokens, the investor will get a share of the profits generated by the asset. The tokens can be traded on the Intelly Exchange.


Coinbase Pro Reviews Know1tAll June 17, 2022
Coinbase NFT marketplace: How to buy NFTs on Coinbase? Connect your crypto wallet to the Coinbase marketplace, and have ETH in your wallet to bid, buy and sell NFTs on Coinbase. Not only is the number of nonfungible token (NFT) collections growing at a phenomenal rate, but so are the NFT marketplaces. Previously, NFT marketplaces were mainly decentralized applications (dApps) on various blockchains, but nowadays, crypto exchanges are also seeing the benefits of having their own NFT marketplace. This includes Coinbase, the exchange with the most users worldwide, which, of course, cannot lag behind the competition. The American crypto exchange was founded in 2012 and was initially mainly involved in the buying and selling process of cryptocurrencies. Over the years, additional services have been added such as staking cryptocurrencies on Coinbase and establishing its own NFT marketplace. This is a big step for the adoption of NFTs, as tens of millions of people worldwide are using Coinbase. For many millions of people, this makes it a lot easier to invest in NFTs.
Kraken Reviews l00k$_1ntere$1ng June 15, 2022
Kraken reiterates hiring targets as CEO denounces "woke activists" in corporate culture. "We recognize that hurt feelings are inevitable in a global organization that is optimizing for team outcomes above individual sentiment," said the team at Kraken. On Wednesday, cryptocurrency exchange Kraken announced that it would continue to hire over 500 roles in various departments amid a market downturn. The company's hiring efforts are in stark contrast to a week of severe layoff announcements from major blockchain firms such as Coinbase, BlockFi, etc. In support of the decision to expand its staff, Kraken said: "We have not adjusted our hiring plan, and we do not intend to make any layoffs. We have over 500 roles to fill during the remainder of the year and believe bear markets are fantastic at weeding out the applicants chasing hype from the true believers in our mission." However, Jesse Powell, Kraken's CEO, also expressed critical remarks over a small subset of employees at Kraken, estimated to be 20 out of 3,200 people. As told by Powell: "I think we've developed some really thoughtful policies that might not appease woke activists but work for the other 99% of the world." Exchange Reviews l00k$_1ntere$1ng June 3, 2022 will have further requirements before its full license is granted in the “near-term” and FTX said the move would allow it to work “directly with Japanese regulators.” Two out of the top 10 largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume will expand into new markets, with obtaining a provisional crypto license in Dubai and FTX launching in Japan. announced on June 2 that the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) provided the exchange with provisional approval of its Virtual Asset License giving the company the go-ahead based on initial compliance checks. The exchange said that VARA will carry out further due diligence and other mandated requirements before its full operating license is issued which it expects to happen in the “near term”. said in March it would create a regional office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) largest city after it enacted new laws for crypto and created VARA with the goal of making Dubai a global hub for crypto. The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Dr Thani Al Zeyoudi said in the announcement the country believes “cryptocurrencies, virtual assets and blockchain will revolutionize the financial services sector.” He added it's “attracting companies to the UAE to build on this vision and enable technologies of the future to flourish here.”
FTX Reviews Crypto_Bro June 2, 2022
FTX - which has overtaken Coinbase to become the second largest centralized exchange in terms of volume — has launched FTX Japan to service its Japanese customers after it acquired the local Liquid crypto exchange in February. Japan has strict rules for crypto exchanges wanting to operate in the country with the commissioner of crypto regulator the Financial Services Agency (FSA) even admitting it makes things “rather tough” for exchanges. FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried said that “Japan is a highly regulated market with a potential market size of almost $1 trillion” for crypto trading. The expansions are in stark contrast to other major crypto firms that are are having to cut staff due to the ongoing bearish conditions. Gemini exchange reportedly plans to cut 10% of its employees due to the unfavorable market conditions, Coinbase also announced in mid-May its slowing hiring to ensure it can weather the dampened market. At the end of April the crypto-friendly trading platform Robinhood fired 9% of its workforce with its stock price at an all-time low as part of a wider market downturn.
Binance Reviews Enrico June 1, 2022
Satisfied in general, it's a good platform.


FXCC Reviews Mugg July 1, 2022
super cool forex broker that have a potential be a best broker in my life. I traded a lot of times with other brokers at my trading experienced, and always something was really missing. With fxcc is another story, it seem like everything is fits good for me.
FxPro Reviews Robert June 30, 2022
My trading with FxPro is well, without any problems. The company provides different options for trading and great fast platforms. Also, I like their analytics.
FxPro Reviews DakkTar June 29, 2022
I like the fact that I don't have any issues with this broker at all. Everything is super clear to me. I didn't face any misunderstandings with this company and this fact delights me for real. Maybe I haven't tested everything here yet, but I am convinced that I will receive support any time I require it. That's why the broker is attractive to me. It knows how to treat traders and how to entice them.
CM Trading Reviews Darren B June 28, 2022
CM Tranding and their So called Trading College partners are a big scam. They have a network op IB partners profiting of your trades. Trough their trading Signals and "online" coaching they entice you to take trades, bleeding your account dry and stuffing their pockets.
FXCC Reviews Geestebat June 27, 2022
Of course you will handle on your own. There is nothing difficult in using the application. It's almost similar to the desktop version and hence you will have no difficulties at all. I bet.

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