Tycoon - ICO Review

Tycoon serves as a secured interface between professional traders and end users. All activities of the traders are monitored via a secured API connection in real time and can be copied to a follower's portfolio automatically. Each user manages his own investments at his preferred exchange, being able to access his portfolio at any time.

The first fully-automatic social crypto trading platform with real crypto currency

The investments are never stored on Tycoon. The followers can freely assign a part of their volume to each selected trader and set an individual stop loss. Selecting multiple traders allows for diversifying investments to optimize your portfolio management. To ensure all users have a safe experience, the platform is developed with the highest security standards and under continuous assessment through individual algorithms.

Why Tycoon?

  • Manage your own investment at preferred exchanges
  • Secured API connection in real time
  • The platform is developed with the highest security standards
  • Investment is never stored on the platform

Explore an ever-expanding variety of cryptocurrencies and automatically copy the underlying assets from professional traders in our community.

Build your portfolio and enjoy the security and benefits of the biggest exchanges in one place.

  • Copy investment. Followers are able to copy investment strategies from professional traders without entrusting their investments to unknown third-party institutions.
  • Classified traders. Traders are classified according to various characteristics and can be sorted by the follower in any way desired.
  • Followers confidentiality. Followers also have the option to operate on the platform anonymously.
  • Traders benefit. Successful traders profit from their followers added investments without having to manage it themselves.
  • Without additional effort. Traders profit from their followers returns on investment pro rata, without much additional effort.
  • Privacy protection. All users have the option to work with an alias to protect their privacy.
Pre-Ico Start dateJuly 22, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateDecember 14, 2019
  • Hakan Turgut. Principal Chief Executive Officer
  • Serdar Bisi. Chief Executive Officer
  • Ebru Semira Keklik. Chief Operating Officer
  • Pedro Merkl. Chief Innovation Officer
  • Moritz Böhler. Marketing executive
  • Michael Trossowski. Head of Support
  • Talha Uslu. ICO Marketing
  • Yagan Aytis. Marketing & Communication
  • Marcel Hess. Digital marketing
  • January - August 2018. Conceptual Design Team Building.
  • September 2018. Frontend Development Corporate Identity.
  • October 2018. Hackathon with development team in Belgrad (Serbia).
  • Start October 2018. Platform Development.
  • December 2018 - March 2019. Whitepaper creation.
  • November 2018. Private Sale.
  • Second half of 2019. Product Launch - MVP. Public demo account testing.
  • Second half of 2019. Crowdsale.
  • Second half of 2019. Platform Update - Final. Exchange Listings.

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StartDecember 7, 2019
EndDecember 31, 2020
63 days left
Minimum investment1 TYC
Tokens for sale84000000
AcceptingETH, BTC

Tycoon is opening novel vistas for traders of all stages - novice, intermediate, and professionals. Its unique model uses APIs to connect traders to reputed exchanges like Binance and follow expert traders to benefit from their trades to earn a massive profit. Being on a trusted platform like Tycoon will ensure the safety and security of personal data and assets. Using cutting-edge security architecture with intuitive UX/UI features, Tycoon not only enhances security, but it also makes social trading fun, easy, and seamless.

Manol0   October 22, 2020  

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