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Once again, the Bitcoin rally has coincided with a significant emission of stablecoin, however, crypto market participants speculate that this may be a coincidence. Statistics show that the trading volume using USDT from 2017 to 2020 increased from...

MelvinD   October 26, 2020   USDT

PayPal's official announcement to add the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, was a very strong impetus for the growth of the first cryptocurrency, probably becoming a key event that managed to poison the first...

T-Bone   October 26, 2020   ETH

The RSI for the BTC / USD pair begins to decline from the overbought area, however, this is not a verdict for the Bitcoin rally. The approaching elections, the inability to agree on new incentives, as well as internal cryptocurrency news may well...

Voodoo_cat   October 26, 2020   BTC

Over the weekend, bitcoin bulls and bears have been tug-of-war on either side without much success, leaving the rate close to $ 13,000. Thus, after a very short impulse, Bitcoin is consolidating again. Being close to an important area of resistance...

l00k$_1ntere$1ng   October 25, 2020   BTC

Thanks to the news feed, Bitcoin gained momentum towards levels above $ 13K after a 10-day hovering around $ 11.5K. Overcoming the important resistance area at $ 12K did not stop buyers, and now the bull-bear battle has moved into the $ 13K area,...

Gl0r1a   October 24, 2020   BTC

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Freelancers, or Talents, as iCasting calls it, shouldn't expect much from this platform, at least not in the next five years. People in general, and employers, in particular, are still largely unaware of benefits that tokenization brings, or they...

Nilssson   October 26, 2020   iCasting

The Etherbit wallpaper contains an abundance of sophisticated words that should have made these guys appear more technologically advanced. But in reality, all Etherbit wants to do is to become a crypto broker, an intermediary between the...

BestNameEver   October 25, 2020   Eterbit

The idea of using blockchain to verify the authenticity of luxury items offered by Trona is so flawed. Let's say that you want to buy a piece of fine art. In that case, you would have to trust the competence of the first appraiser, and only him...

Trigger Happy Jay   October 24, 2020   TRONA

The project has a nice concept, with the idea of offering gift presents through a secure platform. It would be an important achievement in the cryptocurrency industry if the team members can pull this off. However, the details about the project are...

Fromouttaspace   October 23, 2020   aGifttoken

Tycoon is opening novel vistas for traders of all stages - novice, intermediate, and professionals. Its unique model uses APIs to connect traders to reputed exchanges like Binance and follow expert traders to benefit from their trades to earn a...

Manol0   October 22, 2020   Tycoon

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bitubu is a scam so so so so much a scam. I deposited some eth and bought some of their exchange token ubu. I only spent 20 bucks but to my surprise to exchange token went up and was worth 500 bucks. I sold the tokens for usdt and tried to withdraw,...

will   October 26, 2020   BitUBU

A few days ago we all have witnessed a shining example of how unpredictable and insidious the Chinese government could be. First, they tell stories about developing a national digital currency, which made the market all green and happy. But then the...

Dorian White   October 25, 2020

With the way how the crypto industry is developing, Asia, and crypto exchanges that come from this part of the world, would be dominating the space in the foreseeable future, so we the Europeans must adapt to their infrastructure, platforms, and...

Tommy Yang   October 24, 2020   EXX

OEX trading platform was established in 2017 in China. For such a short period of existence, it entered the TOP-50 trading platforms in terms of cryptocurrency trading volume. This is a pretty good result, despite the fact that OEX has only a few...

iMmozart   October 23, 2020   OEX

Even though BitMax can't boast any significant trading volumes, the daily volume rarely goes above $130 thousand, it is very promising from a technological standpoint, as it is probably the only platform that features transaction mining and an...

B0bby   October 22, 2020   BitMax

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