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Bitcoin (BTC) Short Term Forecast

After Price Change
1 day $10 386.55 8.07%
1 week $10 324.13 7.42%
1 month $12 488.21 29.94%
6 months $14 746.94 53.44%
1 year $15 800.83 64.41%

Bitcoin Price Prediction Chart — 1 year

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If you want to see a textbook downtrend, then make sure to check the Digibyte chart for the period of the last six months. The price of DGB has been gliding down steadily and smoothly - you can even draw a perfectly straight line by connecting its...

Hodler4Life   June 1, 2020   DGB

Statis is not your typical boring stablecoin that never does anything naughty in terms of price volatility. This summer, it had two price spikes: one can be called average, when the price of the supposed stable currency went from $1.12 to $1.25 for...

Bernie   May 31, 2020   EURS

I hope you people are aware of the fact that Empowr had migrated to a different platform and even launched a new coin that was dubbed the Empowr Orange Coin or simply EMPORO. So, if you can't find the old coin somewhere in the ranking, or wonder why...

BoRoBro   May 30, 2020   EMPR

If you are looking for a highly volatile coin to trade against for fast profits, then Bytecoin is surely one of the best options. BCN has had as many as five huge spikes in price (from around $0,0005 to $0,00058) over the course of the last day,...

MoonBoy   May 29, 2020   BCN

Over the course of the year, IOST showcased the price action, the intensity of which was sufficient enough to draw my attention to this coin. To be fair, I am not very impressed with the fundamentals of this cryptocurrency. They supposedly have some...

CarMelo   May 28, 2020   IOST

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Sounds like Lydian Lion has lost faith in humanity. Creating a gamified blockchain solution just to get people out of their smartphones and into the real world. That sounds really depressing - not the solution, but the social environment. It's great...

AriAdna   June 1, 2020   Lydian Lion

Only a fool would disagree that the massive online courses are the future of education. When I think about my school years, and the quality of education I have obtained, I often get upset because of how useless is the information they were feeding...

ArchGabriel   May 31, 2020   LOL

By looking at how regulators across the world, especially in the United States, have toughened their stance on cryptocurrencies, I think that it would be wise to refrain from investing in projects like Soraix mainly because it could become a...

Warrennnn   May 30, 2020   Soraix

Zimrii tries to provide a solution to a very acute problem of ownership of intellectual products and inadequate compensation that content creators receive for their work. However, I am not sure that Zimrii would be the project that disrupts this...

BB Jones   May 29, 2020   Zimrii

The project has an interesting idea and a unique approach, and it is interesting to a lot of investors. However, its website is unavailable, and much of its team remains unverified. There are definitely some red flags about the project, although...

l00k$_1ntere$1ng   May 28, 2020   Gingr

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This is a fraud platform, I cannot withdraw money from this exchange...

einsstein   June 1, 2020   Omgfin

I am not sure why, but the South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges have been extremely unreliable and ignorant of foreign customers lately. Maybe it has something to do with regulations or massive hacks - I don't really follow the crypto news from...

Amelia   May 31, 2020   Bithumb

I find it hard to come up with a thing that I don't like about Binance. It is a great platform with a very capable CEO that has put together a hard-working team that constantly comes up with marvelous solutions. While other cryptocurrency exchanges...

Big Fred   May 30, 2020   Binance

What's there not to like about BitForex: it has very low fees, allows users to make deposits with fiat, and has the overall pleasant interface and support team. Just get there and do your trading freely. I have heard about some issues concerning the...

Bernie   May 29, 2020   BitForex

I used to have a good trading experience on BitMex right before they had introduced that totally uncalled for ban of American users from the platform. They didn't explain the reasoning behind this decision, thus forcing me, and a bunch of other...

BenB   May 28, 2020   BitMEX

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The EUR, GBP, Gold worth trading with this broker with lowest spreads. Bitcoin also showing up in their commodity list. It can also be a good money making resource i am currently looking at. I must say that that this broker is reasonable so far....

Guarav   June 1, 2020   HotForex

The broker is suitable for those who came to Forex to earn, and not gamble. I realized that this is not a game when I drained my first deposit. I also realized that you need to earn money with a broker who is not interested in losing customers, such...

Couch_Potato   May 31, 2020   XM

I must say that this broker has many positive aspects related to execution. If we add to this fact that the withdrawal of funds is working normally, HotForex is an excellent option. Therefore, I opened a deposit last week for a small amount. If...

Beer_Belly_Jim   May 30, 2020   HotForex

I have been working with XM for about 2 months. No complaints yet. The MT4 and Web terminal works fine. Today I applied for a withdrawal on Skrill - they paid quickly. Meanwhile the overall cooperation is positive, I hope this will continue....

321rs123   May 29, 2020   XM

These guys know how to keep me happy. Not that I need too much. 1. Fair spreads policy - here I find it because FXOpen allows choosing the account type that fits your trading style most, minimizing the cost of trading. 2. Serious approach to...

Patrick   May 28, 2020   FXOpen

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