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Bitcoin (BTC) Short Term Forecast

After Price Change
1 day $6 389.47 -0.21%
1 week $4 202.71 -34.36%
1 month $3 320.50 -48.14%
6 months $5 347.10 -16.49%
1 year $2 738.35 -57.23%

Bitcoin Price Prediction Chart — 1 year

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Cryptos’ Reviews

Qbit has had a great bull run this year, pushing its way through from $4,65 to the highs of $68,45 in a matter of six months. Congrats to the people who had been far-sighted enough to stock up on Qbit at the end of 2018. They must have had a...

CryptoWeirdo   March 30, 2020   QBIT

Frankly speaking, I don't understand why Electroneum is ranked so high on Coinmarketcap. The 104th position given to a coin that has totally unimpressive fundamentals and a market capitalization of $36 million. That looks undeserved to me - I would...

Cyborg Toe   March 29, 2020   ETN

Although Polymath develops a product that could be of use to many blockchain-related businesses that intend to issue the securities tokens, the capabilities of this team are very limited, mainly because their overall market capitalization amounts to...

Hugo Cryptoss   March 28, 2020   POLY

Considering an absolutely pathetic trading volume, which is a laughable $300, recorded in the last 24 hours, EVR is one of the best candidates for a pump-and-dump. Several hundred thousand dollars would be enough to pump this coin into the...

Lily Rear   March 27, 2020   EVR

The Liquid platform, which is a home for the Qash token is actually working and even had conducted several IEO's. It is also great that it operates in full compliance with regulations imposed by the FSA of Japan. Although the token itself is not...

Gavrilio   March 26, 2020   QASH

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The property market offers enormous potential for the incorporation of blockchain technology. All technological specifications and capabilities of blockchain are tailored for the needs of the real estate industry. EzyStayz wants to occupy only a...

Manol0   March 30, 2020   EzyStayz

Freelancers, or Talents, as iCasting calls it, shouldn't expect much from this platform, at least not in the next five years. People in general, and employers, in particular, are still largely unaware of benefits that tokenization brings, or they...

Nilssson   March 29, 2020   iCasting

Although I am a bit skeptical about blockchain projects that try to enter the space of health care, I find something appealing about Care Token. It is simply so genuine and kind - I really feel for this team and their cause of helping older people....

Jane   March 28, 2020   Care Token

The project looks really promising, with a strong team and a very good vision. As mentioned, there is already a working product, which contributes to its legitimacy. Meanwhile, it also has a well-written white paper, a nicely organized website, and...

BestNameEver   March 27, 2020   AhrvoDEEX

The real estate industry clearly needs to incorporate blockchain in order to maintain development in the right direction. Housinet might be a project that will take this industry to the next level. I like how detailed are their whitepaper and...

Cornelius   March 26, 2020   Housinet

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I have recently read an article about Korean crypto exchanges being on the verge of bankruptcy. I wonder if that includes Bithumb. In any case, I don't find this platform particularly credible since it has been hacked numerous times and the exchange...

$tayCrypto   March 30, 2020   Bithumb

I was considering the option of making BitMEX my primary trading destination, mainly because of their tolerable fees and the overall user-friendliness of the platform. However, when I found out that BitMEX is registered in Seychelles, I have decided...

Gordie   March 29, 2020   BitMEX

BitMax claims to have been designed by the seasoned Wall Street gurus who specialize in quant trading. If that's the case, why BitMax is currently placed on the wrong side of CoinMarketCap's Top 50 with a pathetic daily trading volume of around $150...

Lara   March 28, 2020   BitMax

I have heard some positive things about EXX, most of which had to do with its good trading volumes and the availability of some interesting exotic coins. But I was left deeply disappointed when, after passing the registration process, I've logged to...

GorillaTrader   March 27, 2020   EXX

Even though BitMax can't boast any significant trading volumes, the daily volume rarely goes above $130 thousand, it is very promising from a technological standpoint, as it is probably the only platform that features transaction mining and an...

B0bby   March 26, 2020   BitMax

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Brokers’ Reviews

I started my first and unsuccessful experience trading with other brokers. Traded either at zero or at a loss. Now I have found for myself the most reliable and suitable broker in all respects. I have been trading for a year and have no regrets. I...

BartGomer   March 30, 2020   HYCM

good start for 2020, good broker, still sharp as always, decent services offered, and the withdrawals are always spot on. spreads are acceptable, still scalp worthy on most pairs. ...

Joseph Tan   March 29, 2020   HotForex

I traded with other brokers for a very long time, but trading was not very successful. The profit was small. Now I have found for myself the most reliable and suitable broker in all respects. I have been trading for a year and have no regrets. I get...

son1pul   March 28, 2020   HotForex

After spending some time with HotForex, I can say that the cons of this broker outweigh the pros. To start with, the broker doesn't offer the full set of opportunities to trade crypto CFDs. Right now, CFDs aren't traded during the weekends which...

JeannLeGrand   March 27, 2020   HotForex

EasyMarkets is a well-established broker that has been operating for nearly 20 years. What I like about this broker is that it ensures fixed spreads, though they tend to be a bit higher than that of competitors, the absence of slippage, and very...

Karl0$0n   March 26, 2020   easyMarkets

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