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1 day $12 936.83 7.85%
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The greed and fear index is in the "extreme greed" area: this, at the very least, encourages serious caution. Since institutional money appeared on the crypto market, digital currencies cannot grow in the format of “unshakable faith” in...

Know1tAll   August 9, 2020   ETH

The greed and fear index, which usually accurately reflects what is happening on the crypto market, is in the "extreme greed" area. At the end of the working week, the index is at 77 points. The closer the indicator is to “100”, the higher...

Terzio   August 8, 2020   BTC

Bitcoin has held above $11000 and continues to rise. At the moment, the weekly growth of bitcoin is almost 7%. A close of the week in the immediate vicinity of or above $12000 would be the best evidence of a favorable outlook for the crypto market....

GeoTagsOff   August 7, 2020   BTC

With incentives from central banks and positive dynamics in the stock and precious metals markets, cryptocurrencies are gaining their share of interest. There will probably be speculative targets again when it comes to volatile coins, but there are...

Nilssson   August 6, 2020   USDT

Bitcoin demonstrates near zero dynamics during the day, not supporting either bulls or bears. The digital currency market as a whole shows a tendency towards moderately negative dynamics. However, it will be premature to talk about the beginning of...

Torsten   August 6, 2020   BTC

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With the crypto market constantly evolving, many feel like the next-gen exchanges should start emerging, and ROKKEX could be one of the big ones in the future. However, it is also undeniable that there will be a lot of competition along the way, and...

NIcky J1   August 9, 2020   ROKKEX

BrandProtect offers a solution that could be of use to any business that deals with physical products. However, the space that this startup is about to enter is extremely competitive right now. Therefore, in order to succeed, BrandProtect needs to...

Torsten   August 8, 2020   BrandProtect

The L2L token is a unique, sustainability-focused cryptocurrency that maintains a stable yet rising exchange rate, performing the role of a buffer between digital assets and fiat currencies, such as USD. This means the token can be used as a stable...

Casual Millionaire   August 7, 2020   2local

In the past, I was skeptical too. I started to use PointPay after airdrop when I get free tokens. But then I’ve understood they combine all the best features from both DeFi (P2P payments, crypto-backed loans) and from centralized banks (% interests...

Paulo   August 6, 2020   PointPay

I had organized a project conceptually similar to Levblockchain back when I was living in the Czech Republic. It didn't turn out to be a huge success, but we still managed to find out some blockchain programming diamonds in the rough - now they are...

ComputerScientist   August 5, 2020   Levblockchain

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I will be moving to Seoul in a few days, so I have been looking for a decent cryptocurrency exchange that is tailored for the traders from Southeast Asia. Looks like I have found the right one in the form of EXX. The fees there are more than...

Gray Hacker   August 9, 2020   EXX

Although Omgfin was launched in 2018, it seems that this trading platform only starts getting some recognition. The exchange itself operates out of Estonia, a very crypto-friendly country. It holds two licenses from the corresponding authorities:...

Tiffany   August 8, 2020   Omgfin

If you specialize in Bitcoin trading than make sure not to miss BitMEX because it is tailor-made for it. $1,3 billion in daily trading volume - that is definitely an impressive showing. Moreover, there you can count on getting the 100x leverage on...

Imma Grinch   August 7, 2020   BitMEX has been doing well lately, boosting its reported trading volume by as much as 40% to $81 million a day. That is impressive stats, I wonder what they did to achieve it, perhaps added some new features or trading options, please let me know,...

Lucky_Redhead   August 6, 2020

What's good about OEX is that the users are allowed to make deposits via credit cards, and that the platform admits traders from the United States, which isn't common among cryptocurrency exchanges, especially the ones that operate in China. The...

Crypto_Arnold   August 5, 2020   OEX

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