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With projects like IdeaFex, and other similar startups, we can witness a gradual evolution of blockchain in terms of the areas of its implementation. It is time to free crypto from the stereotype of being solely a speculation tool. Certainly, the best way to do that is to back the tokens with real assets, just what IdeaFex intends to achieve. The project has an experienced and well-educated team, so I am sure that they will do great.

Molly   July 13, 2019  

IdeaFex appears to be a fully legit project, proven by the fact that they have recently published an extract from the official French registry. The project also displays a strong media presence and has a comprehensible idea at its foundation. But given the stiff competition they are about to face, I would think twice before investing heavily in IdeaFex. Maybe a bare minimum plus a scoop of tokens from an airdrop, that would suffice me.

Morgan   June 29, 2019  

I fully agree with people behind IdeaFex on the notion that only when cryptocurrencies get to be backed by the real-world assets - regardless of whether it would be precious metals or items of real estate - they will obtain the intrinsic value along with global recognition. Otherwise, they would remain to be perceived only as a speculative financial instrument. I am convinced that IdeaFex will get decent traction from the very first day of its official launch, because there are many people, including me, who share their vision. I have a piece of property, a hunter’s cabin, which I will try to tokenize and sell using IdeaFex. We’ll see how it goes.

Victoria   June 16, 2019  

To my understanding, IdeaFeX pieces together the concept promoted by numerous crypto projects that tried to sell the asset-backed tokens. Well, the idea is not new, obviously, but perhaps this one will finally make it work since they appear to have systematized this kind of asset trading in a proper way, at least in theory. But I am a material person, so it would have been nice to see some concrete examples of assets that had already been tokenized by IdeaFeX. That would really have served as a selling point for me.

Pablo   June 11, 2019  

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IdeaFex: Marketplace for Tokenized Assets IdeaFeX is a French startup that created an innovative three-component investment platform where users conduct financial operations with tokenized physical assets. The components include a marketplace developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, a...

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