BitWings (BitWings) Review

The emerging blockchain technology is slowly but surely infiltrating almost every industry there is. With innovative and improved solutions for all kinds of problems, this technology interests even those who are highly skeptical of cryptocurrencies.

However, with the popularity of smartphones continuously growing, there were quite a few projects that have decided to try and combine the two. Of course, some major phone makers have already tried issuing blockchain phones in the recent past, which did not go too well. For a lot of people, blockchain is still a mystery tech — if they even heard about it at all.

But, the silent revolution is starting to receive a voice, and blockchain will come to phones eventually, likely through the efforts of projects such as BitWings, by Wings Mobile.

About Wings Mobile

BitWings is a project launched by Wings Mobile, a mobile network operator, electronics producer, and a software developer house. The company's triple activity grants it quite an edge over its competition, and the firm is known for cutting edge leadership. It aims to link the users' needs with technological innovation, which leads to unique products and excellent solutions.

The firm is well-connected, well-established, and well-respected, with multiple partners that are just as well-known. Now, the firm aims to create a new ecosystem and create an ultra-secure mining smartphone, with its BitWings token in the heart of it.

BitWings will be the Wings Mobile ecosystem's native token, and it has a 100% guaranteed issuing value, according to the project. It is also the only means of preordering the company's blockchain smartphone, which is supposedly capable of generating up to 2 ETH per month with no power consumption involved.

The phone is powered by neural technology, with a safe Core OS, based on it. The mining process uses the Proof-of-Data algorithm, which can generate up to 2 ETH per month, as mentioned. It also comes with additional security features, such as FaceID, fingerprint reader, PIN, and more.

BitWings ICO details

BitWings is currently in its preICO time, which started on January 2nd this year, and will end in 17 days, on June 30th. Then, the project's ICO will commence, and it will last until November 30th, 2019. In other words, there is still more than enough time for investors to check out the project, invest, and potentially even pre-order the phone.

The token in question, BitWings (BWN), is a utility token. Its token sale is not exactly ICO, but an IEO, due to the fact that it is being launched on Exmarkets Launchpad. Its preICO price is at $0.1 per coin, while the ICO price is scheduled to be $0.2 per BWN.

The project already has an available MVP, bounty, and bonus. Meanwhile, the token was developed on Ethereum's platform, which makes it an ERC-20 token. It can be obtained in exchanged for fiat currencies, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. However, the minimum investment must be $600. The token sale has a soft cap of $3 million, and a hard cap of $30 million.

It was registered in Malta, and anyone can participate apart from the US and Canada-based investors. However, participants will also have to go through a KYC procedure.

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  • Safe core OS. Wings Safe OS is based on an encrypted and secure partition (32 GB) of storage memory, and is completely independent from the main Android system. No application, control or Android API has access to Wings Safe Core.
  • Crypto security. AI (Artificial Intelligence) allows to predict, identify and eliminate cyber threats with a speed and efficiency which is not always possible through human analysis. Thanks to the implementation of neural technology, Wings Mobile offers its devices greater control, analysis and security management.
  • Privacy. Wings developed exclusive software which permanently protects privacy thanks to the integration of neuronal technology. Telephone calls, photos, videos, private applications, and confidential data can no longer be violated.
  • Wings pay. A complete payment solution for physical and online stores, which uses blockchain technology with a new vision. Both innovative and complete thanks to the integration of WingsPos, an Android operating system device available to all stores.
Pre-Ico Start dateJanuary 2, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateJune 30, 2019
  • Antonio Milio. CEO, Marketing Director & Co-Founder
  • Daniele Bianchini. Chairman & Co-Founder
  • Evan Luthra. Top Advisor & Tech Mentor
  • Fabrizio Meli. General Manager
  • Francesco Macri. Institutional Relations
  • Alessandro Traversari. Technical Device Director
  • Sebastian Lucero. CTO
  • Raul Lloveras. Marketing & Store Director
  • Ernesto Kruger. Investor Relationship
  • Juan Pablo Moreno. Team Director
  • Freddy Ramirez. Blockchain Network Director
  • Cristian Castro. Crypto Engineer Director
  • Vera Zhang. China Office Director
  • Maurizio Sorini. VAS Sales Director
  • Kiko Serrano. Senior Graphic Designer
  • David Gonzalez. Network Sales Director
  • Domenico Cantone. Web Marketing Director
  • Damian Tirante. Web Designer
  • Lorenzo Bove. Cyber Security Director
  • Marisa Ruiz. Financial Director
  • Virginia Albelda. Social Media Wings
  • Vikas Kalwani. Campaign Manager
  • 2Q 2017. Developed the first Safe Hybrid Technology; Wings Mobile wins “ALCI AWARDS” for Technological DESIGN.
  • 3Q 2017. Developed the first prototypes of W5 and W2 smartphone; Wings Mobile presents the Social Market Project; Wings Mobile launches GSM Mobile. Phone Services in Spain.
  • 4Q 2017. Developed the Wings back office; Development and design of Laptop. Wings Book; Launched the W2 & W5 models in the spanish market
  • 1Q 2018. Wings Energy integration development, in Wings backoffice; Laptop Wings Book commercial launch.
  • 2Q 2018. Development of new wings suite software & new wings dialer version; Development of new W2+ & W5+ technological drawings; Development new Wings Book line; Wings Energy commercial launch.
  • 3Q 2018. Prototype realization of W2 & W5 smartphones; Prototype realization of the new laptop Wings Book; ICO Bitwings technological development; Pre-launch in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia; Presentation of new smartphones W2+ & W5+ ; Presentation of new Wbook models.
  • 4Q 2018. New smartphone W3 and W6 development; Wings PAY blockchain system development (off-line pos system); PoD mining mobile app development; Creation of business units: Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru; Launching Bitwings private sale.
  • 1Q 2019. Development of the new integrated software in the X-Generation series; Development of new X-generation devices (WX & Xbook); Development of the Safe Core operating system; Prototype realization of the Minephone; Launch new devices W3 and W6; The launch of the new business units of Italy, Argentina, and Mexico.
  • 2Q 2019. Development Wings PAY blockchain system (on-line system); The World launch of the new Wings Minephone; Creation of the new business units: France, Germany, UK, Brazil, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, Chile, USA, Portugal.
  • 3Q 2019. Adding modules to Super Natural Speech Virtual Assistant "Angel"; Development of new smartphones W2, W4, W7, W8; World launch of new X-Generation devices; World launch of Wings PAY; Creating new business units of Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Bolivia, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay.
  • 4Q 2019. Launching new smartphones W2, W4, W7, W8; Creation of the new business units of Croatia, Czech Rep., Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras.
StartJune 3, 2019
EndNovember 30, 2019
39 days left
Soft cap$3 000 000
Hard cap$30 000 000
Minimum investment600 USD
Tokens for sale189000000
AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat

The list of advisors to BitWings is weak as it doesn't have any names that are recognizable in the industry. Antonio Milio, the founder and CEO, had also established a couple of other telecom companies that didn’t enjoy any noticeable success, so I wonder if this endeavor would be any different. The product itself, the mining phone, has very doubtful prospects as it would be immensely hard to market and sell to customers from, let's say, Eastern Europe. One would have to order it from the central warehouse and pay additional shipping fees.

K1m_La0   October 5, 2019  

It is funny to hear how BitWings presents its token by saying that it is going to be accepted in "as many as" 10 thousand physical stores worldwide. I mean, that is a drop in the ocean, why do they think that it should have convinced someone to buy their tokens. Another thing, who would buy a mining smartphone of dubious productivity instead of investing this money a real mining rig. BitWings declare the intention to become a leader in the security device sector in a few years. Well, good luck with that!

wiseCreature   August 28, 2019  

It baffles me how people are criticizing BitWings and their devices. There is no denying the fact that the Wings Minephone and X Book are pricey, but wasn’t that the same case with iPhone and the likes at the dawn of their existence? I mean, people are spending nights in front of Apple stores in order to get their hands on a new smartphone that costs like a month’s rent in NY, but they frown upon a new piece of tech that doesn’t cost peanuts. I think that they are being hypocrites. If you are such huge blockchain enthusiasts, why are you dissing the project that does something real with the beloved technology? In any case, call me whatever, but I am going to get myself a mining smartphone from BitWings just to prove all these critics wrong.

Kyle   July 15, 2019  

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