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Stellero: New Approach Towards Digital Securities 

Stellero is an Israeli startup that aspires to create an investment banking platform, the chief purpose of which is to bridge the gap between the conventional capital market and emerging crypto-based digital economy through the tokenization of illiquid assets and fractional holdings. They want to become a go-to place for investors, asset owners, small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) who are soliciting financial guidance and require comprehensive underwriting services. The tokenization will occur by virtue of fungible security tokens STRO which can be obtained within the framework on an ongoing STO.

Company info

The head office of Stellero is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company also has the European office in Barcelona that was opened for regulatory purposes since Stellero positions itself as being fully compliant with the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). This will allow STRO holders to receive dividends and revenue shares in conformity with the law. 

The Stellero mission

The project deliberately positions itself as an “alternative” investment platform due to the fact that it places particular emphasis on the unorthodox investment strategies almost entirely related to low-liquidity or illiquid assets. Basically, Stellero provides services of a fully-featured A-to-Z tokenization of client’s assets, followed by their placement on the market and subsequent asset management. The team has elaborated a highly-scalable AI-driven platform for issuing the ERC-20/ERC-1400 compliant security tokens. 

The three tiers of growth

Stellero implements the three-pronged strategy of business development that includes the Foundation, Middle, and Top Tiers.

The first one is dubbed the “STO factory”. This level is occupied by small and mid-sized companies looking to tokenize their assets and gain access to a bigger investment playground.

The Middle tier serves as a bridge between SMB and financial funds & holdings that have the option to either get involved with a project backed by Stellero or launch their own on the basis of the existing model.

The Top Tier is reserved for the major financial institutions that recognize the concept offered by Stellero and begins to accept the tokenized assets.      

The team

Dror Medalion. The founder and General Manager. Dror is an angel investor, industrial engineer, and a well-known Israeli blockchain entrepreneur. Apart from being a mastermind behind Stellero, he co-founded BitJob and worked as a lead project manager at Complete Business Solutions.

Aviad Gindi. The co-founder and CEO. A seasoned investment manager who worked for five years at the Halman Aldubi Investment House. He had also cooperated with Medalion on the development of BitJob, and co-founded Voterz, a blockchain platform for voting.

Elad Kofman. The co-founder and CSO. An expert in the field of investment and crypto portfolio management, Kofman also boasts vast experience in digital marketing. He and Gindi have worked together at Halman Aldubi Investment House and were the originators of Voterz and BitJob.         

The board of advisors includes Dr. Boaz Barack, Isaac Sutton, and Roy Keidar - all revered Israeli financiers.

STO details

Stellero has an ongoing STO which will take place until August 16. 8 million STRO were allocated for sale. As of now, the project had already achieved 11% of its hardcap of $5 million. The price of 1 STRO is 0.86 EUR. The minimal investment threshold was established at 500 EUR. Stellero accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, and EUR. The United States and Singapore are the only countries indicated in the restricted list.

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • Take Part in the future of Digital Securities Investments. Stellerro™ is an alternative investment banking platform, automated, in-scale, determined to bring liquidity to the digital era.
  • Discover Stellerro™. Stellerro™ is spearheading an innovative umbrella for the emerging digital securities industry, ensuring companies meet the right underwriting, compliance & distribution processes of numerous regulated jurisdictions.
  • Stellerro™ fully regulated Security Token Offering. Participate now in a fully compliant ESMA regulated STO, with top tier associates.
Pre-Ico Start dateJune 2, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateJune 15, 2019
  • Aviad Gindi. CEO & Co-Founder
  • Dror Medalion. Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder
  • Elad Kofman. CSO & Co-Founder
  • Noam Barnea. CTO & Co-Founder
  • Oded v. Kloeten. VP Marketing & Managing Partner
  • Liron Rose. Lead Advisory Board & Co-Founder
  • Boaz Barack. Banking Veteran & Financial Adviser
  • Isaac M. Sutton. Capital Markets & Strategic Adviser
  • Isaac M. Sutton. Capital Markets & Strategic Adviser
  • Roy Keidar. Special Counsel Yigal Arnon & Co.
  • Shirly Moster. BDO Head of Biz-Dev. & Fintech Adviser
  • Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz Alcañiz. ESMA Legal Adviser
  • Ben Abulafia. Head of Marketing & Distribution Affiliates & Community Manager.
  • Ethan Stufflebeam. Operations & Research
  • Yuri Dziatlau. Global Campaign & Bounty Manager
  • Leonard Jackson. Investors Relations Manager
  • Ava Yuan Xue. Head of Asian Engagement
  • Johnson Zheong. Head of APAC Engagement
  • Eitan Tayar. Economist & Data Analyst
  • Almog Kurower. Web Design & Graphics
  • Yael Altstater. Economist & Business Development
  • August 2018. Professional team formation and rapid R&D have created Stellerro's vision from ideation to reality.
  • January 2019. Investors onboarding platform launch: Issuance automation, Monitoring, KYC, legal Accreditation and Investors management whitelabel is released.
  • April 2019. PR presence, prominence roadshow & new offices: The formal reveal of stellerro's new offices in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Expansion of the operational team, and distribution network establishment.
  • June 2019. StellerroTM own fully regulated STO launch: The official launch of Stellerro's own token offering, allowing investors to participate in a fully compliant ESMA regulated STO, with top tier associates and partners.
  • August 2019. StellerroTM 1st hub in Switzerland: Official branch in ZUG will manage digitization of Private equity, Securities exchange & Real-estate joint ventures.
  • December 2019. Digital Asset management platform launch: POST-funding alerts mechanism, reporting & decision enhancement AI tools for stellerro's customers, managed assets and investors base.
  • March 2020. StellerroTM 2nd hub in the USA: Official branch in NYC will provide Global recognition, over 50M$ projection in capital distribution & traditional capital market tokenization tier.
  • June 2020. StellerroTM 3rd hub in Asia: Official branch in HK will provide over 100M$ projection in capital distribution, enrichment of stellerro's portfolio with premium Asian companies, asset owners and investors.

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StartJune 16, 2019
EndJune 30, 2020
Soft cap$500 000
Hard cap$5 000 000
Minimum investment500 EUR
Tokens for sale5880000
AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat

Although the idea offered by Stellero appears to be quite interesting, I don’t find their offer to be convincing. It appears to me that they are doing more self-gratification then actually explaining how the system would work, and how would I be able to reap benefits from its operations. Therefore, I will shift my attention to other projects that work with a similar idea of asset tokenization.

Curtis   July 15, 2019  

Stellero will do a great service for those who want to utilize digital tokens (securities) as convenient mediums for business operations, and not as a mere fundraising tool. I don’t possess full information about the cost of underwriting services provided by Stellero, but I am certain that using a one-in-all solution would be much more practical than gathering from scratch a team of advisors, attorneys and so on. I also did research on the members of Stellero team - they have proven to be the established professionals in the respective fields. I’ve laid out my thoughts, but it is up to you to decide whether to entrust your money to Stellero or not.

Trevor   June 29, 2019  

Their concept is formulated too vaguely. I didn’t find any explanation as to what they regard as illiquid assets and how exactly are they going to make them more appealing to the market. No doubt about the competence of all team members, but they couldn’t explain their idea properly to the potential investors like me. Also, I didn’t find any elucidation on how Stellero plans to attract the big institutional players to their Tier 3. To summarize, I reckon that Stellero might be a worthwhile investment if only they have written a more concise whitepaper.

Gordon   June 26, 2019  

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