About us

Evaluating and Rating the Crypto Market since 2015.

We aim at improving accessibility, raising execution and transparency standards of the cryptocurrencies’ market.

  • Offer a unique elaborate rating to find and feature Crypto Industry Leaders.
  • Encourage key market participants to endeavor for best performance thus stimulating global competitiveness.
  • Give recognition to the cryptocurrencies’ market tops and thus indicate the anchor ICOs, Cryptos, Brokers and Exchanges.


Crypto Rating is a rating agency based in Hong Kong, a city with a fast-developing cryptocurrency ecosystem. We have evaluated and rated various businesses and financial practices since 2006 and have now accepted a challenge to step in an exciting and flourishing world of crypto investing. We have adjusted our assessment methods to make the rating as transparent and open as possible. We believe with your active involvement we can make the crypto currency market even more investor-attractive! We always welcome feedback from our users, because it helps us to constantly improve. Please write us and we will reply you promptly.


Crypto Rating applies an elaborate machine learning algorithms for evaluating the cryptocurrencies, ICOs and exchanges by various aspects of their performance. These comprehensive algorithms are our unique know-how, taking into account various parameters, for example the Crypto Volatility Index. New cryptos, exchanges, brokers and ICOs are added on a daily basis. We provide analysis and predictions of their market performance and investors suggestions to reflect the dynamic and volatile of the crypto market. We believe this term is optimal to collect objective database and yet keep the process interesting for the community.