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Symbol ETH
Nature Coin
Brief Ether is the second most popular cryptocurrency, the price of which has grown nearly 100 times in 2017. It is the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum blockchain platform, where one can create decentralized applications.
Last updated: 20 February, 2019   11:59:19
Current price, USD: $147.401
Current price, BTC: 0.0370409
Market capitalization, USD: $15 468 178 334
Available supply: 104 939 214 ETH
Volume 24 hours, USD: $4 578 849 226
Mineable Yes

Ethereum general information

General ETH facts, technical details and general information about Ethereum crypto currency

Ether is the second most popular cryptocurrency, the price of which has grown nearly 100 times in 2017. It is the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum blockchain platform, where one can create decentralized applications (or “dapps”) without intermediaries. The potential use of Ethereum blockchain is vast: from projects in business development to managing identity, from currency exchanges to crowdfunding and more. Some analysts believe, Ether is one of the most credible cryptocurrencies as its platform allows to create new blockchains easier –  and that advances the whole digital industry. This broader usage in the tech space is perceived as the biggest advantage of Ether which has provided it with a strong investor support.

Historical data for Ethereum

We list daily Ethereum historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
20 Feb 145.380 145.251 148.053 15 255 184 677
19 Feb 148.633 142.995 149.283 15 594 585 566
18 Feb 137.931 137.931 149.748 14 469 778 943
17 Feb 124.420 124.42 138.149 13 050 747 624
16 Feb 123.393 123.043 124.229 12 941 423 134
15 Feb 123.007 121.959 123.134 12 899 390 435
14 Feb 122.569 121.349 123.167 12 851 842 176
13 Feb 123.628 121.925 124.328 12 961 278 304
12 Feb 120.566 120.224 124.569 12 638 658 590
11 Feb 120.903 120.002 122.813 12 672 328 948

ETH/USD Exchange Rates

Ethereum to USD price chart — 7 days

ETH to USD price chart — 30 days


Ethereum(ETH) price change (24h)

ETH price change 24 hours -0.07%
ETH price change 7 days 20.36%
Ethereum Price Prediction

Given the high recognition of cryptocurrency and infrastructure development, the volume of investment can also increase significantly. No one will hurry, as the owners of big capital do not differ in excessive emotionality and rely only on the most promising conditions. In this case, the benefit lies either in the minimum quotes of digital assets, or in investments in projects with a proven business model.

Igor   18 December, 2018  

Ethereum was supported by the news that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is likely to consider launching derivatives based on Ethereum. The regulator wants to find out details about its work and technology, as well as about the business built on this platform.

Serge   17 December, 2018  

With the advent of various platforms, first of all, Ethereum, the community has an alternative - decentralized trading and exchange platforms, where transactions are concluded through smart contracts, which theoretically reduces the human factor only to possible errors in the code of such a contract.

Xad$r   11 December, 2018  

If the SEC had also responded quickly to public statements about cryptocurrencies, as they responded to Ilon Mask's tweet, the cryptoactive assets market would be a much safer place.

Eugene   10 December, 2018  

It is necessary to understand that the token could be a security at the time of release, but then change its properties. This was the case with Ethereum, which is currently decentralized enough not to be considered a security.

Sergio   6 December, 2018  
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Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy

Currency Price, USD 24h
1 Bitcoin $3 979.464 -0.13%
2 Ethereum $147.401 -0.07%
3 XRP $0.327 -1.79%
4 EOS $3.829 4.93%
5 Litecoin $50.893 5.04%
6 Bitcoin Cash $147.031 0.51%
7 Tether $1.007 -0.14%
8 Stellar $0.090 -1.31%
9 TRON $0.025 -1.77%
10 Binance Coin $10.703 -1.89%
11 Cardano $0.047 -1.16%
12 Bitcoin SV $66.671 -1.78%
13 Monero $51.583 -3.32%
14 IOTA $0.311 -0.92%
15 Dash $87.533 -1.65%

Ethereum News & Forecasts

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