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In my opinion, establishing traceability of objects of art is by far the only suitable application for the blockchain technology. All other features offered by DIPChain serve only as additional structures to the core idea. Speaking of the art trading mode, I don't think that it will go beyond the mere sale of top-resolution professional photos since most of the industry participants are still either hesitant when it comes to the practical use of such an innovative technology, or they are simply unaware of blockchain and its benefits whatsoever.

roKfor   August 28, 2019  

My son shows great potential in fine arts - portrait drawing to be precise - which means that I have a vested interest in DIPChain. It is my belief that the conventional methods of art distribution, and artists’ representation, are very corrupt and archaic. Being a firm believer in innovative technologies, blockchain, in particular, I want my son to start his artistic career at this platform, so that he might have a chance to acquire global recognition from peers and buyers in a much quicker manner. For that reason, I have purchased a bulk of DIPC and enrolled him in Artist Incubator.

Emilio   July 9, 2019  

By any means, the talented artists fully deserve the support of the global community, which is exactly what DIPChain is trying to do. The thing that concerns me is that they are likely to struggle with creating a fully-fledged marketplace for the artworks due to the fact that this area has been monopolized almost entirely by a small group of art dealers. However, it's startups like DIPChain which should pave the way for the promising artists against all odds. To summarize, if you are an aspiring artist or an art collector, then you should definitely have some DIPC in the wallet.

Reuben   June 23, 2019  

I believe that art is one of the most precious achievements of mankind that needs to be protected and stimulated by any means possible, because it is one of the things that separate us from animals. Therefore, I fully vouch for DIPChain and other similar projects because they are doing an extremely important thing, which is supporting the creative kind. I have visited their website and checked the background of team members, and I can totally approve of their initiative.

Crystal   June 18, 2019  

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DIPChain Fuses Art with Blockchain Presently, the increasing number of industries are looking for ways to adopt the blockchain technology to a wide range of activities. Regardless of its overly creative nature, art is also an industry that requires innovative approaches in many areas of its ope...

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