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VMC: Platform For Improving Urban Mobility

VMC is a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) project that designed a platform on the basis of the Stellar blockchain that should unify all actors in the field of mobility services. The project is registered in the Dutch jurisdiction and comprised entirely of specialists from this particular country. VMC has concluded the pre-ICO and now preparing to launch a full-scale sale of the VMC tokens, the driving force behind the platform’s token economics.

The essence of the VMC platform 

To address the challenges of the contemporary industry of human mobility, which include the low level of cooperation, poor data management, and absence of sufficient privacy and bona fide competition, VMC created a blockchain solution named VMC Core.

VMC Core is a global decentralized network built on the foundation of the Stellar blockchain, which is known for its superior scalability properties, as well as the Hyperledger Sawtooth framework for parallel processing of data and payments. This network is comprised of three interconnected ledgers: the transaction, the data, and the identity ledger, all of which are powered by the VMC token. The stack of seamlessly executing smart contracts will forge cooperation between all network participants: public transport services, hauling companies, route planners, insurance companies, and smart city developers. The effective development of the platform will allow for better overall human mobility in urban areas thanks to traffic prediction, route building, and collaborative navigation.         

The team roster

Jochem Verheul. The founder and CEO. A vastly experienced tech entrepreneur who currently resides in Singapore. Prior to founding VMC in 2017, Verheul established another software company - Itasavirus.

Ruud Somberg. The co-founder and CFO. A seasoned financial advisor who specializes in corporate finance and business strategy development.

Dick Roeffen. The COO at VMC. A young specialist in information technology and services who, however, doesn’t have any serious experience in that area. Apparently, VMC is the first major project for Roeffen.

Social media presence

Despite being present on all major social media outlets, VMC can’t boast a particularly large community of followers which might signify that the project is either negligent about marketing or don’t stir much interest in the crypto community. The Telegram channel has the most members - 2196, followed by Twitter - 455, and Facebook with 49 followers. Nevertheless, VMC produces content on a regular basis, being especially active on Facebook, sharing the stories about the project and some related news.

ICO details

The public sale of VMC tokens will commence on July 15 on the Stellar platform and last for an entire year, until July 15, 2020.

200 million is the number of tokens made available for sale.  VMC has the nature of the revenue token because the holders are entitled to receiving up to 40% profits of the gross platform revenues. VMC established a feasible hardcap of 5 million EUR. The ICO price of 1 VMC token is 0.2 EUR with the investment limit set at 500 EUR. Tokens can be purchased with BTC, ETH, XLM, and EUR. Investors must pass KYC and get whitelisted. Citizens of China, the United States, and Singapore will be refused to admit to ICO.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartJuly 15, 2019
EndJuly 15, 2020

The VMC project has nice ideas and a plan for their realization, but it would be hard to put them into practice without reaching a consensus with the government since it oversees the infrastructure in the entire country. It is commonly known that bad infrastructure equals bad human mobility, which also has a direct correlation with economic growth. Therefore, my advice to VMC would be to establish a partnership with the Dutch authorities to realize the full potential of their product.

Crypto Pacifi$t   October 21, 2020  

Back when I was living in a rural town in South Wales, I was absolutely unaware of the problem of urban mobility. The only mobility issue we had there happened when someone decided to do drunk driving on a Friday night. But when I moved to London, I was able to fully comprehend the gravity of situation concerning mobility in big cities. So now, I am in full support of what VMC is proposing, but first, I have to figure out what the competition has to offer.

DonnyYork   December 25, 2019  

I have read many studies about human mobility and the challenges that it faces today. Therefore, I feel competent to say that guys from VMC have a full understanding of these problems and seem to have developed a viable solution. There is a lot of work ahead, of course, but I believe that they have a clear plan and a means for executing it. No one can predict whether VMC would become a game-changer, but they certainly have enough potential to achieve their goals.

Hog999   December 9, 2019  

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