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Symbol XRP
Nature Token
Brief Ripple is a centralized and premined cryptocurrency. Founded in 2012 the Ripple company has created RippleNet, a blockchain platform for global payments.
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Last updated: Thursday, March 4, 2021 2:00:02AM UTC
Crypto Volatility Index (CVIX): 76
Current price, USD: 0.458800
Market capitalization, USD: 20 831 628 078
Available supply: 45 404 028 640 XRP
Volume 24 hours, USD: 3 433 783 551
Mineable No

XRP general information

General XRP facts, technical details and general information about XRP crypto currency

Ripple is a centralized and premined cryptocurrency. Founded in 2012 the Ripple company has created RippleNet, a blockchain platform for global payments.  Its token Ripple (XPP) is now one of the fastest growing digital assets and has the 5th largest market cap. The number of coins is limited to 100 billion XRP that are already built into the protocol, so they can’t be mined like Bitcoin. Inside the Ripple network, ordinary money (dollars, euros), and other coins and precious metals can be used.

XRP is a digital asset built for payments. It is the native digital asset on the XRP Ledger—an open-source, permissionless and decentralized blockchain technology that can settle transactions in 3-5 seconds.

XRP can be sent directly without needing a central intermediary, making it a convenient instrument in bridging two different currencies quickly and efficiently. Faster, less costly and more scalable than any other digital asset, XRP and the XRP Ledger are used to power innovative technology across the payments space.

Ripple is focused on building technology to help unleash new utility for XRP and transform global payments. Third parties are also pursuing other XRP-related use cases.

RippleNet customers can use XRP for sourcing liquidity in cross-border transactions, instead of pre-funding—ensuring instant settlement, lower exchange fees and more efficient use of working capital.

The main advantage of XRP coins is that the Ripple network can work directly with banks and corporations that control global financial flows. The rise of Ripple is driven by belief that in the XXI century the speed of financial transactions should be the same as the speed of information exchange. The modern level of money transfers from country to country, and between banks and organizations, is characterized by low speed and endless verification processes that can last several days. The Ripple system is working to accelerate all financial transactions and can already make money transfers within a few seconds.

XRP is a unique kind of digital currency. It serves as a tool for instant conversion of any currency into another without a central exchange. Because of this significant characteristic, an internal coin called "XRP" can't be used for retail purchases, however, the currency itself has the potential to increase the volume of trades in many existing currencies.

Today, the total number of coins in the XRP system totals 100 billion. Absolutely every member of the Ripple system can create its own "exchange office": be it for goods, services or currency. Transactions in Ripple are made on a consensus basis, so there is no need for arbitration as the system transfers funds only between users who trust each other. All transactions of the Ripple system can be reversed, which is a valuable advantage which differentiates Ripple from other crypto-currencies. There are no commissions for exchange within the system, the history of all transactions of participants is stored in their wallets. It is not possible to mine XRP directly, so you can obtain it in two ways: by exchange or by participating in the calculations process. These calculations are not mathematical, and are used for data processing in science and medicine. The fee for the rental of facilities is paid by company XRP.

Historical data for XRP

We list daily XRP historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Feb 23 0.574100 0.433600 0.574100 21 224 764 864
Feb 24 0.471400 0.455900 0.498200 20 984 259 524
Feb 25 0.471800 0.453600 0.479100 20 593 139 721
Feb 26 0.434500 0.419800 0.445600 19 273 517 026
Feb 27 0.428300 0.428300 0.450500 20 046 954 575
Feb 28 0.438500 0.400700 0.438700 18 923 625 367
Mar 01 0.415200 0.415200 0.445400 20 222 456 624
Mar 02 0.447800 0.427400 0.447800 19 708 107 694
Mar 03 0.436800 0.435700 0.461600 20 419 733 104
Mar 04 0.451600 0.451600 0.458800 20 831 628 078

XRP/USD Exchange Rates

XRP to USD price chart — 7 days

XRP to USD price chart — 30 days

XRP to USD price chart — 60 days

XRP to USD price chart — 6 months


XRP (XRP) price change (24h)

XRP price change 24 hours 5.37%
XRP price change 7 days -4.01%

XRP (XRP) Short Term Forecast

After Price Change
1 day $0.445800 -2.83%
1 week
1 month
6 months
1 year
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XRP Comments & Reviews

Theoretically, the XRP token could grow tens of times if it was taken into the global banking system for which it was created. In the meantime, news about lawsuits and the sale of tokens by the company's management has a stronger impact on the...

Terzio   February 18, 2021   XRP

Cryptocurrency XRP (Ripple) could rise sharply and surpass Bitcoin, analyst at Credible Crypto said. To do this, the token must rise in price 40 times - up to $ 20. XRP (Ripple) has risen in price last week by almost one and a half times, rising to...

$uppport&re$1$tance   February 15, 2021   XRP

XRP (Ripple) has added more than 30% since the beginning of the week amid speculation that Ripple will be able to negotiate with the SEC, which will allow XRP to resume trading on exchanges. The token again exceeded the $ 0.50 mark, above which it...

tradewisely   February 12, 2021   XRP

Yesterday's XRP pump action was also very short-lived. Perhaps the sale was initiated not by the participants in the contractual action, but by numerous people wishing to take profit amid XRP's problems with the regulator. However, the coin is now...

tradewisely   February 3, 2021   XRP

Cryptocurrency XRP (Ripple) soared above $ 0.75 on Monday, doubling the price since the opening of the day and again moving to third place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies by capitalization. However, the bulls' jubilation was short-lived - the...

l00k$_1ntere$1ng   February 2, 2021   XRP

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