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Symbol XRP
Nature Token
Brief Ripple is a centralized and premined cryptocurrency. Founded in 2012 the Ripple company has created RippleNet, a blockchain platform for global payments.
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Last updated: 20 February, 2019   10:55:04
Current price, USD: $0.328
Current price, BTC: 0.0000823
Market capitalization, USD: $13 536 578 052
Available supply: 41 308 998 845 XRP
Volume 24 hours, USD: $816 657 624
Mineable No

XRP general information

General XRP facts, technical details and general information about XRP crypto currency

Ripple is a centralized and premined cryptocurrency. Founded in 2012 the Ripple company has created RippleNet, a blockchain platform for global payments.  Its token Ripple (XPP) is now one of the fastest growing digital assets and has the 5th largest market cap. The number of coins is limited to 100 billion XRP that are already built into the protocol, so they can’t be mined like Bitcoin. Inside the Ripple network, ordinary money (dollars, euros), and other coins and precious metals can be used. The main advantage of XRP coins is that the Ripple network can work directly with banks and corporations that control global financial flows. The rise of Ripple is driven by belief that in the XXI century the speed of financial transactions should be the same as the speed of information exchange. The modern level of money transfers from country to country, and between banks and organizations, is characterized by low speed and endless verification processes that can last several days. The Ripple system is working to accelerate all financial transactions and can already make money transfers within a few seconds.

Historical data for XRP

We list daily XRP historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
20 Feb 0.327 0.327 0.332 13 488 465 873
19 Feb 0.340 0.322 0.342 14 020 986 668
18 Feb 0.311 0.309 0.329 12 812 972 392
17 Feb 0.302 0.299 0.313 12 428 999 976
16 Feb 0.303 0.301 0.303 12 483 595 013
15 Feb 0.304 0.3 0.304 12 507 421 018
14 Feb 0.303 0.302 0.306 12 503 291 551
13 Feb 0.306 0.303 0.306 12 623 565 014
12 Feb 0.301 0.3 0.311 12 395 536 937
11 Feb 0.304 0.301 0.307 12 510 510 517

XRP/USD Exchange Rates

XRP to USD price chart — 7 days

XRP to USD price chart — 30 days


XRP(XRP) price change (24h)

XRP price change 24 hours -1.8%
XRP price change 7 days 7.84%
XRP Price Prediction

XRP showed better dynamics than the market, adding more than 24%. for those who managed to buy and is in position, the right thing to hold it. For those who could not do this, it may be better to wait for the correction and buy the asset with the best profit / risk ratio.

Alex   19 December, 2018  

Recently, any individuality in the nature of the XRP movement is not noticed, it will be able to reveal its potential for a cryptocurrency only after the overall market trend changes.

Xander   7 December, 2018  

If by the end of the year Ripple partners start using XRP in their daily activities, then growth to $ 1 may well take place. Then everything will depend on the development and use of XRP. As soon as people see that this has really happened, interest in cryptocurrency will increase, as will its value.

Oleg   27 November, 2018  

XRP - excellent dynamics over the past 7 days! I am watching Ripple closely for some time, and the team is on right track. They have just announced their entry to the Asian and the Middle East market, through opening an operations center in Dubai by the end of 2018 - and the news has been reflected in the price immediately. The Middle East is a new market for Ripple, but very important. A lot of people working here are foreigners who constantly send money home, to other countries and face large commissions for transfers. It's high time to jump on this train before it's not too late.

altcoinfan90   7 November, 2018  

The price of XRP declined in October by 22%, but this figure looks quite normal if we recall that in September the coin showed a 75% increase. From a technical point of view, quotes are in the area of the trend line and can rebound at any time. Recently, the pair shows the dynamics along with the market, but in the long terms the fundamental factors are still on the bulls side.

Bruno   6 November, 2018  
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2 Ethereum $147.011 -0.3%
3 XRP $0.328 -1.8%
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5 Litecoin $50.978 5.32%
6 Bitcoin Cash $146.473 0.25%
7 Tether $1.006 -0.23%
8 Stellar $0.090 -1.21%
9 TRON $0.025 -1.94%
10 Binance Coin $10.702 -1.44%
11 Cardano $0.047 -0.84%
12 Bitcoin SV $67.033 -1.32%
13 Monero $51.571 -3.05%
14 IOTA $0.311 -0.62%
15 Dash $87.616 -1.55%

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