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Symbol XRP
Nature Token
Brief Ripple is a centralized and premined cryptocurrency. Founded in 2012 the Ripple company has created RippleNet, a blockchain platform for global payments.
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Last updated: Monday, April 22, 2019 11:58:03PM UTC
Current price, USD: $0.324
Current price, BTC: 0.0000603
Market capitalization, USD: $13 606 823 301
Available supply: 42 004 966 728 XRP
Volume 24 hours, USD: $1 131 094 080
Mineable No

XRP general information

General XRP facts, technical details and general information about XRP crypto currency

Ripple is a centralized and premined cryptocurrency. Founded in 2012 the Ripple company has created RippleNet, a blockchain platform for global payments.  Its token Ripple (XPP) is now one of the fastest growing digital assets and has the 5th largest market cap. The number of coins is limited to 100 billion XRP that are already built into the protocol, so they can’t be mined like Bitcoin. Inside the Ripple network, ordinary money (dollars, euros), and other coins and precious metals can be used. The main advantage of XRP coins is that the Ripple network can work directly with banks and corporations that control global financial flows. The rise of Ripple is driven by belief that in the XXI century the speed of financial transactions should be the same as the speed of information exchange. The modern level of money transfers from country to country, and between banks and organizations, is characterized by low speed and endless verification processes that can last several days. The Ripple system is working to accelerate all financial transactions and can already make money transfers within a few seconds.

Historical data for XRP

We list daily XRP historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Apr 22 0.322 0.32 0.327 13 606 823 301
Apr 21 0.329 0.32 0.329 13 533 407 430
Apr 20 0.331 0.325 0.333 13 786 384 592
Apr 19 0.335 0.33 0.335 13 930 181 415
Apr 18 0.338 0.337 0.344 14 146 855 828
Apr 17 0.327 0.323 0.337 14 079 207 980
Apr 16 0.320 0.32 0.327 13 736 397 137
Apr 15 0.330 0.319 0.33 13 464 085 028
Apr 14 0.326 0.325 0.329 13 740 661 559
Apr 13 0.325 0.325 0.334 13 625 508 289

XRP/USD Exchange Rates

XRP to USD price chart — 7 days

XRP to USD price chart — 30 days


XRP (XRP) price change (24h)

XRP price change 24 hours 0.65%
XRP price change 7 days 1.12%
XRP Price Prediction

Ripple is not going to make the huge gains evereyone thinks they are going to. Although they’ve basically been declared “not a security” because of the CB listing, we can’t assume that the SEC will see it the same way. I truly don’t believe XRP is done correcting, as it had a very positive time during the bear market. It’s up significantly from 6 months ago, so you really need to take this with a grain of salt when viewing the price. Zoom out and look at the 1 week charts, it’s not going up from here- but down.

Juan   April 14, 2019  


Basically, XRP has been declared not a security. This is as bullish as it gets from Ripple, since it's been claimed to be a security for the last year. Coinbase listed them, and CB is one of the most, if not the most, regulated crypto exchanges out there. The statement they made from listing XRP echoed across all platforms and crypto communities. Not only does it mean that XRP isn't a security, it means it will be more appealing to retail investors that were scared away by the potential actions by the SEC.

Rafah   April 4, 2019  


I put a big investment into XRP because of the rumors circulating around it getting listed on coinbase soon. This has one of the biggest gains for me because I was down already 80% from the bear market on a lot of altcoins. XRP is probably one of the safest choices when it comes to these cryptos.

Don   March 25, 2019  


XRP getting listed on Coinbase was one of the biggest achievements for XRP because it means that it more than likely isn't a security. Coinbase is heavily regulated and strictly complies with regulators. Them listing XRP is a huge buy signal. It means that it isn't a security and will be more widely adopted. XRP is a hedge to institutions such as SWIFT, and is already being used by many banks across the globe.

Veronica   March 7, 2019  


Today I was thinking that XRP was looking slightly bearish. Now reading that OKex will be opening up a fiat pair with XRP has got me thinking the opposite now. Pair this with the overall market trend and I think we've got a winner.

Freddy   February 24, 2019  

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XRP News & Forecasts

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