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Bitcoin (BTC) Reviews

BTC Reviews acc0untant July 23, 2021
A recent survey has revealed Bitcoin has gained traction with younger U.S. investors in terms of awareness, interest, and ownership over the past three years. The study conducted by global analytics and advice firm Gallup revealed that the number of investors in the U.S. holding BTC has jumped from 2% in 2018, to 6% as
The research defines “investors” as adults with $10,000 or more invested in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. It also reported that Bitcoin ownership among investors surveyed aged under 50 has more than trebled over the past three years to 13% from 3% in 2018. Unsurprisingly, it revealed ownership was much lower at just 3% for the over 50s group of investors, though this has also increased three-fold from 1% in 2018. The researchers noted that Bitcoin’s relatively modest ownership can be contrasted with more mainstream investments. The survey revealed that 84% of the investors polled reported having invested in stock index funds or mutual funds, while 67% said they owned individual stocks, and 50% have bonds.

BTC Reviews Binary_Organism July 22, 2021
Bitcoin has been trading higher following the remarks by Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla, at a conference arranged by the Crypto Council for Innovation. Investors should note that Elon Musk is one of the strongest supporters of cryptocurrencies and his comments on the subject have sent crypto markets spiralling
The billionaire stated that he himself owns Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, while both SpaceX and Tesla have Bitcoin on their balance sheets. Following his remarks, the price retraced above the $32,000 mark and is currently trading at nearly $32,016 as of 12.10 a.m. EST. Musk stated that he is using the “pump but don’t dump” strategy and that Tesla would resume accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment once mining moves to means that are more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, investors should keep in mind that real interest rates are negative in many parts of the world, and Tesla’s bank balances in Europe provide negative returns, which drive him “crazy,” and he would rather convert those figures into Bitcoin.

BTC Reviews RealSatoshi July 21, 2021
Bitcoin is likely not out of the woods until a definitive bottom formation has been and gone, multiple commentators say. Bitcoin rebounds to $31.6K but warnings of another BTC price
Bitcoin (BTC) continued its bounce from its 2021 opening price on July 21, hitting $31,600 in what some fear is just a temporary reprieve from downside. Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView followed BTC/USD as it gained a respectable 7% during Wednesday. Bulls had successfully defended the largest cryptocurrency against further losses at just above $29,000 - the price at which the market began the year.

BTC Reviews acc0untant July 19, 2021
Following an increased crackdown by financial regulators across the globe, the price of Bitcoin has nearly halved. Based on the Bitcoin price chart, it can be deduced that $30,000 is very likely to be the support
As seen in the options activity for July and August, the most sold downside strike price is $30,000, implying that this level would provide support to the market. Crypto traders have been taking advantage of the digital currency’s range-bound price by purchasing it between $30,000 and $32,000 and selling it for anywhere between $34,000 and $36,000. Crypto traders should also keep in mind that institutional investors are still heavily invested in cryptocurrencies, and the price would have to fall below $20,000 for these companies to be concerned about the legitimacy of the blockchain space.

BTC Reviews Casual Millionaire July 18, 2021
The BTC/USD chart continues to form a triangle with downward resistance and horizontal support around $31,000. 65% of analysts vote for its breakthrough during
That being said, according to some experts, if the bulls fail to hold that front line, we stand a lot of chances to see the pair in the region of $10,000 by the end of the year. But, as usual, there is an opposite point of view as well. So, for example, analyst Will Clemente believes that bitcoin is already ready for a major price movement. He published a chart in his Twitter (136 thousand subscribers) with an indicator, which speaks of a possible imminent exit of the price of the first cryptocurrency from the narrow range. As to the direction of the bitcoin rate, Clemente wrote that he was optimistic. According to him, the market is now in the accumulation stage, and large players continue to actively buy the first cryptocurrency. "Whale" stocks increased by 65,429 BTC just last week. According to Clemente, there may be a shortage of supply of the main cryptocurrency in the near future, since large players often acquire assets for long-term purposes. The expert also stressed that the growth in the number of cryptocurrency users continues. Whereas their number usually decreases after the peak in prices. But now there is no fall, and this is also an argument in favor of the upcoming growth of BTC.

BTC Reviews MrBigMoney July 17, 2021
Bitcoin is held in the $31,000-32,000 region. And according to Galaxy Digital crypto bank founder Mike Novogratz, this is because of the USA. He stated in a comment to CNBC that the US cryptocurrency community has taken an important defensive line in a market that has its bearish origins in Asia. “We see Asia selling bitcoin and the
China has declared war on the crypto industry as part of the broader Cold War that we are getting into." To be honest, it is not yet clear whether it is good or bad that the crypto industry has grown to become a prominent part of the economic policies of the world's leading powers. Time will tell. Of course, Mike Novogratz can consider the exodus of miners from China to be a "big plus" and say that Beijing's repressive policies will not hinder the development of the industry. But judging by the charts, so far the advantage is on China's side. Many investors and traders prefer to stay out of the market for fear of further falls in quotes. Average daily trading turnover is now 76% below peak levels when the price was above $60,000. The total capitalization of the crypto market declined by nearly $100 billion in seven days, from $1.370 trillion to $1.275 trillion. And the Crypto Fear & Greed Index cannot get out of the Extreme Fear zone for several weeks now, fluctuating in the range from 20 to 22 points. (Recall that the market sentiment looked more optimistic a month ago, and the average value of the Index was 33 points).

BTC Reviews Crypto_Bro July 17, 2021
Bitcoin was ripping up in late June to early July, wishing to break through the $36,000 resistance. However, none of the attempts made by the
Now the initiative has passed to the bears, and we saw the opposite picture last week: the desire to drop the BTC/USD pair below the psychologically important level of $30,000, after which another wave of mass sales may follow. Trading volumes on major crypto exchanges including Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and Bitstamp fell more than 40% in June, according to CryptoCompare. The decline in volumes was due to falling prices and lower volatility. But not only. The absence of large investors, most of whom are now engaged in traditional markets, trying to understand the situation with the coronavirus and the accompanying steps of regulators, is also affecting.

BTC Reviews MrBigMoney July 14, 2021
Bitcoin, the king of digital currencies, also slumped yesterday following the frenzy in the financial markets within the US. It is currently worth nearly $32,406. However, it is safe to say that crypto enthusiasts are taking advantage of any opportunity to get a good deal as institutional investors continue to pour money
Capital Group, one of the world’s largest investment management firms, is the latest to enter the cryptocurrency market. The company has acquired a 12.2% stake in MicroStrategy, which is heavily invested in Bitcoin and has purchased Bitcoins worth $2.741 billion since the end of June. As a result of this transaction, Capital Group has gained indirect exposure to the digital assets, reassuring investors that the crypto sector has a bright future.

BTC Reviews Silent_Trader July 12, 2021
It should be noted that the forecasts of the institutions look much more modest. For example, CNBC conducted a Wall Street survey of nearly 100 investment directors, financial strategists and portfolio managers. 44% of them believe that bitcoin will close 2021 with a
25% of respondents believe that the rate of the first cryptocurrency at that time will reach $40,000. A similar proportion of respondents chose the $50,000 level, with only 6% predicting a rise to $60,000. Discussing the results, the channel's hosts agreed with the short-term outlook in general, noting that even $30,000 for the end of the year would alleviate many of the concerns of market participants by setting a long-term bottom.

BTC Reviews hedgeHog July 11, 2021
Bitcoin's daily trading volume has dropped to its lowest level since early 2021, according to analyst firm Arcane Research. The BTC/USD pair is trying unsuccessfully to climb above the $36,000 horizon for the third week in a row. The fact that it has been trading near local lows since the end of May, of
A dip below the current low of $28,800 could lead to another massive sell-off and a new crypto winter. At the same time, a number of experts interpret the current situation as a phase of accumulation according to the Wyckoff method. This means that $28,800 is the minimum of the correction (“Spring”), and a stepwise growth should be expected in the future. Wyckoff's scheme will be confirmed if bitcoin fixes above the $36,000 resistance.

BTC Reviews $uppport&re$1$tance July 10, 2021
The total crypto market capitalization has changed insignificantly over the week: from $1.358 trillion to $1.370 trillion. That being said, there has been a small flow of funds from altcoins (including ethereum) to bitcoin over the past few days. JP Morgan’s analyst Nikolaos Panigirtsoglou also noted this in an
This move has reversed a trend that began in April when there was a large inflow of funds into altcoins and could mean that the bear market for BTC is coming to an end. But it is clearly premature to talk about any serious progress. This is confirmed by quotes, capitalization volumes, and readings of the Crypto Fear & Greed Index, which is still in the Extreme Fear zone, having dropped by 1 point over the week, from 21 to 20.

BTC Reviews l00k$_1ntere$1ng July 9, 2021
The current levels near the local lows of the last two months force us to follow further movements with a sinking heart. The failure of the first cryptocurrency under $ 30,000 is likely to trigger a new
But the most alarming for crypto enthusiasts is that such an outcome will highlight the protracted nature of the correction, increasing speculation around a new "crypto winter" as in 2018.

BTC Reviews AlwaysInGreen July 9, 2021
Calls for the introduction of tough restrictions on mining and crypto trading came from the Chinese authorities back in mid-May. In June, four provinces in China completely banned cryptocurrency mining, and banks and other financial institutions in the PRC were banned from conducting operations related
As a result, more than 70% of miners were forced to turn off their equipment to move to other countries. The hash rate of the first cryptocurrency fell by more than 50% in a month. Against this background, Bitcoin fell by 20% in two months. Experts agree that if the PRC authorities continue to put pressure on the market, then a further decline in bitcoin is inevitable.

BTC Reviews acc0untant July 9, 2021
Bitcoin fell sharply on Thursday after a new statement from the Central Bank of China. The first cryptocurrency fell by almost $ 2,500, approaching lows in a week and a half of
Bitcoin and stablecoins have become speculative instruments that threaten the security of the financial system and social stability, Deputy Chairman of the People's Bank of China (PBC) Fan Yifei said on Thursday. According to him, it was the threats emanating from the first cryptocurrency and stable blocks that caused the introduction of restrictive measures. Yifei promised that Beijing will introduce new measures against the cryptosphere soon.

BTC Reviews RealSatoshi July 7, 2021
On July 19, Grayscale Investments will unlock 16.24 thousand bitcoins, and investors of the GBTC fund will get a chance to sell them, which could lead to a further drop in bitcoin, JPMorgan is sure. The share price rarely matches the market price of bitcoin and is usually traded
Currently, this premium has a negative value and is equal to -8.8%. This indicates a reduced institutional demand. Well-known analyst Willie Wu disagrees with JPMorgan's assessment. He noted that unblocking GBTC will have both bearish and bullish effects, and the whole point is which one will be stronger. According to Wu, the unblocking result will be "immediately bullish", as institutional investors will have the right not only to sell their assets, but also to reinvest them in GBTC. Given the negative premium, this would mean buying bitcoins at a discount relative to the market price. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency investment products saw their first net inflow in five weeks, CoinShares said in a new report. Crypto whales are again building up their bitcoin assets, after getting rid of them along with the depreciation over the previous months, according to the research platform Glassnode.

BTC Reviews AlwaysInGreen July 7, 2021
The company Grayscale, which manages several cryptocurrency funds, will dump more than 16 thousand bitcoins on the market in mid-July. JPMorgan sees this as
Digital asset management company Grayscale Investments allows institutional investors to access bitcoin through shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) without actually owning the underlying cryptocurrency. GBTC currently owns 654.6 thousand bitcoins (more than 3% of the cryptocurrency issue), writes hashtelegraph. Investors can buy GBTC shares, but they are only allowed to sell them during the unlock period.

BTC Reviews hedgeHog July 6, 2021
The market is still recovering from a 55% crash to $ 28,805. Market participants have taken a wait-and-see attitude, since there is no clear understanding of how regulators in advanced economies will behave in relation to cryptocurrencies and mining. The $ 32652 level is still the key support (50% of the growth from $ 28805
Buyers have already shown weakness today by breaking the $ 34,000 trend line. The first call to buyers that the fall can accelerate at any time. At the time of writing this review, bitcoin costs 33,690. Buyers fail to pass the $ 36,000 level. Considering the incipient correction in the dollar and the rally in the American stock market, buyers have support for a breakthrough to the $ 40,000 level. For investors to talk about the 45,000 level, it needs to close. weekly candle above $ 41,500. It remains to wait for bullish triggers.

BTC Reviews $uppport&re$1$tance July 6, 2021
Bitcoin lost 5.93% in June, and 40% in the second quarter. Over the week, bitcoin has risen in price by 1.69%, to $ 35286. The weekly candle range was 11.9% or $ 3900. The price range has narrowed. The market is ready for sharp fluctuations. In three days, the price recovered from $ 33,786
On Sunday, July 4th, buyers failed to pass the $ 36,000 level. On the spot market, the price dropped to $ 33,300 from $ 35,968 without major sell deals. The futures market has seen a lot of market sales in excess of 200 BTC. Again, apparently, liquidity worked on futures.

BTC Reviews MrBigMoney July 5, 2021
Sam Trabucco, a trader at Alameda Research, also believes that the bitcoin market is already preparing for an upswing. In his opinion, a number of negative news that have been released recently have no fundamental value and is only aimed at creating
Trabucco writes that negative news from China, Elon Musk's concerns about the environmental friendliness of bitcoin and the likely insolvency of MicroStrategy associated with the fall in BTC are causing an overly negative reaction. Previously, the price reacted in the same way to the Tesla purchase for BTC and Musk's optimistic messages. “But none of this news in any way affects the value of bitcoin and how people should evaluate it in the medium term,” the expert said. And he adds that the $30,000 price should be taken as a buy signal.

BTC Reviews J54Robinson July 4, 2021
According to a report by cryptanalytics company Glassnode, institutional demand for bitcoin is declining. One of the main factors supporting the upward trend in BTC was the influx of institutional investments into the GBTC
Glassnode analysts note that declining GBTC premiums, net outflows from ETFs, and stagnating Coinbase balance sheets indicate that demand for the main cryptocurrency from institutions remains weak. Despite this, many of the experts are optimistic about the current situation. According to JPMorgan analysts, "the cryptocurrency market is not yet quite healthy; however, the healing process has already begun." Although bitcoin is still far from highs, cryptocurrencies are gradually recovering from the collapse. For example, the lack of activity in the bitcoin futures market is described by JPMorgan strategists as a “positive factor.” However, the short-term outlook, in their opinion, is "extremely difficult."

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