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Binance Coin (BNB) Reviews

BNB Reviews MrBigMoney September 7, 2021
The bulls are struggling to drive Binance Coin (BNB) above the overhead resistance at $518.90 but a positive sign is that they have not allowed the price to dip below the 20-day EMA ($467). This suggests accumulation at lower levels.
If the price again bounces off the 20-day EMA, the buyers will try to thrust the BNB/USDT
90. If they manage to do that, the pair could resume its uptrend and rally to the next target at $600. Conversely, a break below the 20-day EMA could sink the price to $433. If bulls defend this level, the pair could remain range-bound between $433 and $518.90 for a few more days. A break and close below $433 may signal that bulls are losing their grip.

BNB Reviews $uppport&re$1$tance August 12, 2021
Binance Coin (BNB) rebounded off the moving averages on Aug. 9 and started its upward journey toward the resistance of the large $211.70 to $433 range. The bears are likely to defend the
However, if bulls do not give up much ground near $433 or if they buy the dips to the 20-day EMA ($338), the likelihood of a break above $433 increases. If that happens, the BNB/USDT pair could rally to $520 and later to $600. On the contrary, if the price turns down from the current level or the overhead resistance and breaks below $340, it will suggest that the range-bound action may continue for a few more days.

BNB Reviews Binary_Organism July 29, 2021
The long wick on the July 26 candlestick suggests that bears sold at higher levels. They attempted to trap the aggressive bulls by pulling Binance Coin (BNB) back below the downtrend line but the buyers
The bulls defended the 20-day exponential moving average ($304) on July 27 and are attempting to push the price above the 50-day simple moving average ($312) today. If they succeed, the BNB/USDT pair could rise to the overhead resistance at $340. A breakout and close above $340 will clear the path for a possible rally to $400 and then to $433. This positive view will invalidate if the price turns down from the current level or the overhead resistance and breaks below the 20-day EMA. Such a move could result in a fall to $254.52.

BNB Reviews Know1tAll July 20, 2021
After staying close to the 20-day EMA ($307) for the past few days, Binance Coin (BNB) is witnessing renewed selling pressure today. The altcoin could now drop to the $276.40 to $264.26 support zone. The RSI has slipped into the negative zone, indicating that the momentum
If bears sink the price below the support zone, the BNB/USDT pair could drop to the critical support at $211.70. Contrary to this assumption, if the price rebounds off the $276.40 to $264.26 support zone, the bulls will again try to push the price above the 50-day SMA ($327). If they manage to do that, it will be the first sign of a possible change in trend.

BNB Reviews MrBigMoney July 13, 2021
Binance Coin (BNB) has been trading between the moving averages for the past five days. This tight consolidation suggests that bulls are buying on dips to the 20-day EMA ($313) and bears are defending the 50-day SMA ($333). However, this tight-range trading is unlikely to
If bulls drive the price above the 50-day SMA, the BNB/USDT pair could pick up momentum and rally toward $379.58. If bulls clear this hurdle, the up-move could reach $433. On the other hand, if bears sink and sustain the price below the 20-day EMA, the pair could slide to the $276.40 to $264.26 support zone. A break below this zone could pull the price down to the critical support at $211.70.

BNB Reviews Honza April 6, 2021
Once in the top 3 of the market, Binance Coin (BNB) continues to establish itself in new positions. The cryptocurrency exchange's own token, Binance, recently hit a new all-time high of about $ 378, and its capitalization exceeded $ 57 billion for the first time. Growth for the
BNB was launched by Binance as part of an ICO in 2017, but only unleashed its potential this year. Back in late January, BNB could be bought for less than $ 40. Since then, the price of the token has grown by almost 10 times.

BNB Reviews Proto_Plasma February 25, 2021
One of the highlights of the 2021 bull rally is Binance Coin (BNB), which is up nearly 400% since early February. Such skyrocketing prices underscore the critical role of exchanges in the development of
Even more important is the fact that BNB started to enter the Ethereum field, offering fast and cheap transactions, where ETH is now clearly in trouble. In addition, the exchange's huge user base and poaching of the DeFi sector plays a role. As a result, BNB is in third place, and it is very likely that the TOP-20 coins may change dramatically in the next six months.

BNB Reviews jul1annn May 10, 2020
Binance Coin is the only altcoin worthy of attention this year, perhaps along with Litecoin. Changpeng Zhao and his team did a tremendous job of developing and expanding the Binance ecosystem, which had a positive effect on the price of BNB throughout this spring/summer. Frankly speaking, I am so glad that I had a nice stash of BNB
It gave me decent profits even without trading, I just held it and watched the price hitting the all-time high. Gonna continue holding BNB, I think it will double in value over the next few months.

BNB Reviews FrankCeasear April 30, 2020
BNB keeps going because CZ and company understand how to run a profitable business. They originally introduced the idea of IEOs, and these have taken off with such wide success that every exchange currently has their own IEO platform. It seems that every IEO these days is having huge numbers, from
BNB was also the first to introduce the idea of requiring participants to hold a certain amount of BNB to enter lotteries, which has drastically increased the price. As IEOs remain profitable, BNBs value will continue to rise as people require more BNB to have more chances to participate in lotteries.

BNB Reviews Max April 14, 2019
Binance Coin isn’t going to stop mooning. If you’re not buying BNB, then you hate money. Don’t get caught in the dark without any BNB, especially once its worth $100 per coin. It’s pretty crazy because now that they invented IEOs, they are the de-facto platform to
BNB does token burns, IEOs and even community projects, so it makes sense that BNB is going to triple in price in literally no time. Just make sure you’re not left holding someone’s bag at the top. BNB is the biggest project in crypto without that many people actually realizing its potential. It’s still early to jump into the coin.

BNB Reviews Vin March 25, 2019
BNB announcing recently that they were turning their launchpad IEOs into a lottery turned the BNB coin into a rocketship. It was genius of the Binance team to decide that, because in order to be a part of the lottery, you need atleast 100 BNB in your wallet for a month before
This means that all that BNB will guaranteed be locked on the platform, and more people will buy the coin to participate in a guaranteed 5x profit. Currently, to enter the lottery, people will need to put up atleast 1700 dollars in. This is a huge amount of money for a place in line that's all based on luck. Only 5 tickets per account are allowed, and to fill all 5 lottery spaces you'll need 500 BNB. That's a lot of money and looks like the rich will only get richer.

BNB Reviews Lee March 8, 2019
BNB has been mooning for the last two years. This coin is unstoppable. Now, their DEX will take this coin out of the galaxy. BNB will soon be on Binance Chain instead of ERC20. This means that BNB will be a native coin to its
Anyone who isn't holding the world's biggest exchange isn't thinking straight, especially before their mainnet. Binance offers so many ICOs that drive the demand for BNB that i wouldn't be surprised if BNB hits $50 by the middle of this year. There's really no reason that it wont do something like that. BNB is the hottest crypto right now.

BNB Reviews Nikola February 12, 2019
Binance Coin has grown by 60% in recent weeks, and is now ranked tenth in CoinMarketCap for capitalization. BNB recently updated the historical maximum in relation to bitcoin. It turned out to be the highest rate of BNB against BTC in the one and a half year of the coin's existence. What was the reason for the growth?

BNB Reviews Olegus January 6, 2019
In any case, bnb is a very promising coin! And if they do everything that is intended, then the coin will fly up. This is one of the few projects that has a very large financial turnover and profit, which is used to develop its project!

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