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XRP (XRP) Reviews

XRP Reviews MrBigMoney April 15, 2021
XRP approached the $ 2 mark, but then began to decline, falling below $ 1.60. Meanwhile, the CTO of Ripple said it was time to seriously think about selling cryptocurrencies. XRP's rise comes despite Ripple's ongoing litigation with the US Securities and
Despite a series of intermediate victories for Ripple, lawyers believe that it is too early to talk about the company's unconditional triumph over the regulator. Against the background of the fact that the Ripple company itself is experiencing a turning point in its history, its CTO David Schwartz recommended that cryptocurrency market participants seriously think about fixing part of the profits received in recent months from the sharp rise in crypto assets.

XRP Reviews Binary_Organism April 12, 2021
XRP soared in price by 91% over the week and is trading around $ 1.35 amid another success of lawyers in the fight against the
The continued growth of the S&P 500 is likely to support momentum for Bitcoin in the future, while overall, the benchmark cryptocurrency is at a critical juncture for the future prospects of the coin and the market as a whole. The acceptance of the asset by institutional players does not allow the market to slide into a correction.

XRP Reviews Halleloo April 11, 2021
When the ripple fell to $0.170 at the very end of December 2020 due to the claims of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), many gave up on it. However, on April 7, at the high, the price of this altcoin reached $1.108, showing a 550% gain since the the year started. Its capitalization also grew during this time, rising from
The reason for this rally, especially in the last week, was the news that ripple's lawyers have gained access to the SEC documents and are making serious progress in litigation with this powerful regulator.

XRP Reviews MrBigMoney April 9, 2021
The star of the latest episode of the altcoin rally was the XRP token. As negative prospects drew the coin in recent months after the start of the lawsuit with the SEC, the rebound of the token has become just as widespread after the news that Ripple lawyers are still achieving success in the confrontation
Lawyers secured the right to gain access to SEC documents, in which BTC and ETH were identified as “assets”. The XRP token also came under the pressure of correction, losing 5% per day, but it is close to $ 1, which was very difficult to imagine in the recent past.

XRP Reviews SDCrypto April 7, 2021
If market participants get a hint of a favorable outcome for Ripple, XRP is likely to not only return to its 2018 peak, but also update all-time highs. XRP has had many investors who bought the token above $ 1, and even above $ 3. On the basis of a combination of factors, the coin is rather moving towards a
The more they want to sell it with as little losses as possible, and the higher the chances of seeing serious speculative impulses.

XRP Reviews Know1tAll April 7, 2021
XRP continued to rise, breaking the psychologically important $ 1 level and testing the $ 1.10 mark. Growth in two days of the rally is about 70%. XRP traded at these levels in February 2018. The cryptocurrency rose to fourth place in CoinGecko's ranking in terms of capitalization, displacing Polkadot
The capitalization of the asset has exceeded $ 48 billion. XRP is showing growth amid rumors about the token's releasing on a number of exchanges, including Coinbase. Jumps of tens of percent a day have already occurred in the XRP market during bullish phases in the past. Recent movements have revived optimism: traders are beginning to remember memes, for example, that XRP is the “standard” of the cryptocurrency market, and to reach the $ 589 target, it must rise in price only 589 times.

XRP Reviews Blindstrom April 6, 2021
XRP has had many investors who bought the coin above $ 1, and even above $ 3. On the basis of a combination of factors, the coin is rather moving towards a likely negative scenario. The more they want to sell it with as little losses as possible, and the higher the chances of seeing serious speculative impulses.

XRP Reviews MrBigMoney April 6, 2021
XRP climbed to sixth place in CoinGecko's ranking in terms of capitalization, pushing Cardano to seventh place. The capitalization of the token exceeded $ 41 billion. The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market on April 5 for the first time in history exceeded $ 2 trillion against the backdrop of the growth
XRP was in the lead in the top ten cryptocurrencies, having risen in price by one and a half times for no apparent reason. On the XRP chart, an inverted head and shoulders pattern has formed with a head at 20 cents, shoulders at 40 and a neck-resistance at 70. It can be expected that further development of the pattern will lead the XRP price to $ 1 or even $ 1.3.

XRP Reviews RichardDd April 5, 2021
Rumors are spreading in the XRP community that the largest US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is about to re-add XRP to its platform. After the start of the proceedings and amid its own planned entry into the stock market, Coinbase stopped trading in XRP, but still allows you to store
XRP has had many investors who bought the coin above $ 1, and even above $ 3. On the basis of a combination of factors, the coin is rather moving towards a likely negative scenario. The more they want to sell it with as little losses as possible, and the higher the chances of seeing serious speculative impulses. Judging by the unsuccessful attempt to pump XRP after the wave with Reddit, there are significantly more sellers of the coin, and fewer investors seriously believe in the successful outcome of the lawsuit from the SEC.

XRP Reviews Casual Millionaire April 5, 2021
XRP (Ripple) on Saturday tested highs since February 22 around $ 0.64. In March, the token added 35%, and since the beginning of the month, it has added about 8% more. XRP has nearly tripled since the beginning of the year and is now worth more than it was before the SEC filed a
One of the reasons may be the general rise in the cryptocurrency market. XRP, although it retains a capitalization of about $ 29 billion, now occupies only the seventh line in the list of the largest cryptoassets, while before these events it was the third.

XRP Reviews TwistedLogiX April 2, 2021
Cryptocurrency must be a two-way market when users want a store of value and a medium of exchange. However, Bitcoin has turned it into a “one-way market”. XRP Ledger is based on the idea of a distributed agreement algorithm, which is designed to perform the same basic functions, but without the disadvantages of
The consensus algorithm is to simply establish orderly transactions without any rewards in the cryptocurrency, making the process consistent rather than competitive.

XRP Reviews Gerald March 28, 2021
One of the few that won was ripple. Starting at $0.4652 seven days before, it peaked at $0.5955 on March 22, and was trading at $0.5450 by the evening of Friday March 26. In general, as we predicted, the crypto market turned out
Elon Musk's statement that bitcoins accepted as payment for Tesla cars would no longer be converted into dollars did not help it either. such information could have pushed the market high up not so long ago, but now it has given only a small short-term impulse.

XRP Reviews Philosopher March 26, 2021
Ripple is looking for evidence that the SEC has contributed to the "market confusion" regarding XRP, block-chain24 writes. In a letter to Judge Sarah Netburn, Ripple's lawyers write that the documents related to BTC and ETH are indeed relevant
During the investigation, the blockchain company produced 303,000 pages of documents and is currently reviewing another 75,000 documents requested by the SEC. The regulator agreed to provide only 153 documents requested by Ripple. The blockchain company claims that these documents, which the SEC refuses to provide, are relevant to its protection of "fair notice." Deaton's lawyer argues that the SEC is applying a double standard in the case against Ripple. In his opinion, the Ethereum Foundation's sales of the Ethereum cryptocurrency are much more in line with the sales of unregistered securities than any XRP sales of Ripple that he is aware of.

XRP Reviews TwistedLogiX March 26, 2021
XRP (Ripple) is ready to set new all-time highs, according to the famous trader Kaleo. The token will be able to push for this, for example, the successful resolution of the lawsuit with the SEC. Trader Kaleo claims to be keeping a close eye on the XRP token right now. In his opinion, XRP is preparing to update its all-time high
The expert does not indicate the exact timing of the return to the record level, ripplenews writes. The trader points to the chart of the XRP / BTC pair, where the asset has broken up the downtrend line. "It seems like now is a special time ... I really like this state of affairs," notes Kaleo.

XRP Reviews Terzio February 18, 2021
Theoretically, the XRP token could grow tens of times if it was taken into the global banking system for which it was created. In the meantime, news about lawsuits and the sale of tokens by the company's management has a stronger impact on the prospects than the technical advantages of the project, which are heard
Although growth is also highly likely with a combination of speculation about easing claims or a real agreement with the SEC, plus the overall growth of the altcoin market.

XRP Reviews $uppport&re$1$tance February 15, 2021
Cryptocurrency XRP (Ripple) could rise sharply and surpass Bitcoin, analyst at Credible Crypto said. To do this, the token must rise in price 40 times - up to $ 20. XRP (Ripple) has risen in price last week by almost one and a half times, rising to the level
The fifth cryptocurrency skyrocketed amid speculation that Ripple could negotiate with the SEC, which will allow XRP trading to be reinstated on exchanges. According to crypto lawyer Stephen Pally, Ripple will eventually be able to settle this lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC does not decide to make a decision, including against the owners of XRP in the United States, the lawyer suggests. Analysts believe that further XRP growth depends on the first meeting on the case, which will take place this month. The Credible Crypto trader, which has more than 100 thousand subscribers, announced high chances for the growth of the token, ripplenews writes. XRP may even surpass Bitcoin, the expert said.

XRP Reviews tradewisely February 12, 2021
XRP (Ripple) has added more than 30% since the beginning of the week amid speculation that Ripple will be able to negotiate with the SEC, which will allow XRP to resume trading on exchanges. The token again exceeded the $ 0.50 mark, above which it rose for a short time on February 1 during the pump of
According to the lawyer Stephen Pally, who specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Ripple is interested in quickly resolving disputes with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company will eventually be able to settle this lawsuit, after which the XRP trade on the US bourses will be released.

XRP Reviews tradewisely February 3, 2021
Yesterday's XRP pump action was also very short-lived. Perhaps the sale was initiated not by the participants in the contractual action, but by numerous people wishing to take profit amid XRP's problems with the regulator. However, the coin is now showing a 35% drop per day.

XRP Reviews l00k$_1ntere$1ng February 2, 2021
Cryptocurrency XRP (Ripple) soared above $ 0.75 on Monday, doubling the price since the opening of the day and again moving to third place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies by capitalization. However, the bulls' jubilation was short-lived - the token began to decline rapidly, falling below its open level by the end
Amateur traders who managed to inflate the value of GameStop shares have chosen the cryptocurrency market as their next target. They created a telegram chat called "Buy and Hold XRP on February 1," which had about 200 thousand participants. On February 1 at 16:30 Moscow time, traders from this group promised to arrange a "pump" of the token. However, not all market participants were interested in supporting the XRP pump. Having shown a small gain, XRP plummeted, losing 35% of its value within 10 minutes. In fact, the indicated time turned out to be the moment for the dump, and not for the pump.

XRP Reviews acc0untant February 2, 2021
The XRP coin has become an unexpected hero of the crypto market. XRP has grown by 48% over the past 24 hours. In recent months, the Ripple project has been on the front pages of crypto media. After the news about the claim from the SEC appeared, the coin rate
The current growth is associated with the response of the Ripple management to the allegations. Ripple's willingness to defend its position was seen as a good sign in the community, leading to the recent price hike.

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