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Crypto market participants fear that the outgoing Trump administration could finally tighten regulation of cryptocurrencies. However, in this context, we are constantly in uncharted territory. Democrats also do not guarantee a positive attitude towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We can definitely say that judging by the reaction to Facebook's intention to rebrand Libra and launch a stablecoin called Diem, stable cryptocurrencies may face difficult times. If the stablecoin regulation bill becomes law, it will not only hit Diem. The huge industry around Tether (USDT) will be forced to look for new ways to withdraw cryptocurrencies to fiat and take profits.

l00k$_1ntere$1ng   December 8, 2020  

Another factor in the game in favor of Bitcoin may be the growth in capitalization of the stablecoin Tether (USDT). Over the past month, USDT capitalization has grown by almost $ 2 billion. Although this is not the main support factor, nevertheless, a stable cryptocurrency is often used as a parking space for buying other cryptocurrencies.

RealSatoshi   November 14, 2020  

Once again, the Bitcoin rally has coincided with a significant emission of stablecoin, however, crypto market participants speculate that this may be a coincidence. Statistics show that the trading volume using USDT from 2017 to 2020 increased from 5% to 70%, so any episode of growth or decline in Bitcoin simply cannot do without an increase in Tether's turnover. According to Glassnode, the total volume of transactions on the Tether network has surpassed $ 600 billion. This is all time, but it is very likely that in the next few years we will see Tether grow exponentially. Since the beginning of 2020, USDT's market capitalization has grown 300%, reaching $ 16 billion now.

MelvinD   October 26, 2020  

While crypto market participants are watching Bitcoin and its ability to overcome the $ 12K threshold, the stablecoin Tether (USDT) is becoming the “gray cardinal” of the crypto market. According to Glassnode, the total volume of transactions on the Tether network exceeded $ 600 billion. Although we are talking about the total data for the history of existence, the data for the month is also quite impressive. The average daily volume of transactions in the Tether network is about $ 35 billion. Bitcoin in the context of reduced trading volumes of about $ 20 billion is far behind the leading stable cryptocurrency. The market capitalization of USDT has grown by 300% since the beginning of 2020, reaching $ 16 billion. Of course, this is significantly less than Bitcoin, but at such a pace we will soon see the first stable cryptocurrency reaching new heights.

RealSatoshi   October 19, 2020  

The main difference between the current state of the crypto market and 2017 is that there is now a wide choice. In case of doubt about the prospects of the cryptocurrency market, positions can be closed, and money can be parked in stablecoins. Don't believe in the security of Tether (USD)? - You can choose any other stablecoin. In 2017, all options for the investor were very ultimatum. Nevertheless, this is what made it possible to accumulate funds within the leading cryptocurrencies, since closing a position meant withdrawing to fiat with the prospect of losing money due to intermediaries.

Philosopher   October 8, 2020  

The SEC wants to clarify how banks operate with stablecoins. The Commercial Banking Regulatory Commission (OCC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have presented their guidance that clarifies how national banks interact with stable cryptocurrencies. Regulators want to take the sector out of the “gray zone”, as there is no clear legal basis for the banks to operate so far. If a stablecoin is backed by assets, which is confirmed by a trusted third party, then the operating activity with such assets is in the legal field.

DobbiezSock   September 26, 2020  

Tether surpassed Bitcoin in terms of value transferred in a week. The seven-day moving average of the transferred value in the leading stablecoin was $ 3.55 billion versus $ 2.94 billion for bitcoin. The main factor behind the change of leader in the pair was the growing popularity of DeFi-protocols.

Copernicus8394   August 28, 2020  

Tether has pumped up the cryptocurrency market again with billions of dollars. According to the Messari service, at the end of last week, the capitalization of the largest stablecoin Tether (USDT) exceeded $ 12.7 billion. Another capital inflow became the largest in the history of a stablecoin issuer. Since March 2020, the capitalization of Tether has increased by 2.5 times from $ 5 billion.

TheSmartest   August 18, 2020  

With incentives from central banks and positive dynamics in the stock and precious metals markets, cryptocurrencies are gaining their share of interest. There will probably be speculative targets again when it comes to volatile coins, but there are also stable cryptocurrencies that are attracting more and more demand. They have all the necessary qualities for the purpose of portfolio diversification, and at the same time make it possible to instantly enter and exit volatile coins, affecting the entire market as a whole. Therefore, it is the growth in the capitalization of Tether (USDT) and other stablecoins that can become a really strong driver of the future growth of Bitcoin.

Nilssson   August 6, 2020  

It is highly likely that stablecoins will soon attract the attention of regulators. If bitcoin was a "project in itself", and its price soared to $20K was quite easy to cut at times, then stablecoins are already playing on the territory of central banks and the global money transfer network.

Fromouttaspace   July 30, 2020  

It's very likely that stablecoins will only show growth over time. This scenario will attract close attention of regulators. If bitcoin was a “project in itself”, and its soaring up to $ 20K value was quite easy to cut at times, at the same time pushing tens of thousands of retail investors out of the market, then stablecoins are already playing on the territory of central banks and the global money transfer network. It is likely that integration with the traditional banking sector is possible precisely on the basis of stable cryptocurrencies, although initially they will face resistance.

NIcky J1   July 21, 2020  

Ah, the usual Load the Tether FUD. We experience Tether FUD every single time the market looks bullish, so it comes as no great surprise that suddenly Bitfinex is having troubles with the NY AG. It’s easy when these events happen, you just sell, grab coins at a cheaper price, and then ride them back up- all thanks to Tether. USDT works, and it’s verifiably backed by USD. Banks are not 100% banked by assets, so why should USDT be? It’s just the usual market FUD that’s meant to shake out weak hands.

K1ethus   May 19, 2020  

USDT is my preferred trading coin. I never trade crypto to crypto. I only mess with USDT because its the next best thing to cash. I trade from BTC to USDT because I make sure to take profits asap. If you aren’t trading crypto to USDT, then you’re losing out because theres always fees when moving to other coins that youre eventually going to land in USDT.

Tom   April 14, 2019  

It's really good to see Tether back on their feet. There was a long time that there was a solid amount of doubt hanging over their coin, but it seems after proving that they do in fact have money in their bank accounts they can continue as normal. Their recent partnership with TRX is also another big win, proving their legitimacy and their overall involvement with another huge project. Tether is still better than all the other stablecoins because it is known in the ecosystem, and everything else is just a fad.

Ken   March 25, 2019  

Well, Tether found a new avenue to get hype around it again. Partnering with TRON was a mega move on their part. I can't believe other projects haven't thought about doing this. Tether and TRON are going to moon from this partnership.

Jurg   March 7, 2019  

Like most, I think Tether is holding the market back. It's been tainted by too many controversies and we need a reset. There are many legitimate stablecoins out there and I don't understand why Tether holds so much sway in the market still. Crypto Winter didn't flush Tether away, it actually made it stronger.

johnny   February 24, 2019  

At one time, USDT could have been a great first for the market, and it really helped save money and gave time to think about how to act.

Olson   January 8, 2019  

In the long run, the decline of Tether may positively affect the cryptocurrency market, as this is going to force investors to more closely consider options with Gemini Dollar, Paxos and TrueUSD.

Dennis   October 15, 2018  

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The Tether project was initiated in 2015 by the Bitfinex exchange. The main goal was the exchange of real dollars for digital currency avoiding bureaucratic difficulties in bidding, as well as barriers and bans on converting fiat to cryptocurrency. Then, the "digital dollar" was listed by ...

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