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The VMC project has nice ideas and a plan for their realization, but it would be hard to put them into practice without reaching a consensus with the government since it oversees the infrastructure in the entire country. It is commonly known that bad infrastructure equals bad human mobility, which also has a direct correlation with economic growth. Therefore, my advice to VMC would be to establish a partnership with the Dutch authorities to realize the full potential of their product.

Crypto Pacifi$t   May 1, 2020  

Back when I was living in a rural town in South Wales, I was absolutely unaware of the problem of urban mobility. The only mobility issue we had there happened when someone decided to do drunk driving on a Friday night. But when I moved to London, I was able to fully comprehend the gravity of situation concerning mobility in big cities. So now, I am in full support of what VMC is proposing, but first, I have to figure out what the competition has to offer.

DonnyYork   December 25, 2019  

I have read many studies about human mobility and the challenges that it faces today. Therefore, I feel competent to say that guys from VMC have a full understanding of these problems and seem to have developed a viable solution. There is a lot of work ahead, of course, but I believe that they have a clear plan and a means for executing it. No one can predict whether VMC would become a game-changer, but they certainly have enough potential to achieve their goals.

Hog999   December 9, 2019  

I can see that the concept of human mobility improvement that VMC tries to present is quite raw and under elaborated. The problem is quite evident, but the execution of VMC Core is underwhelming. In my opinion, this startup is rushing too fast to the market, which may result in its underappreciation, thus substantially lower funding than theoretically possible. There are still not that many competitors in this field, so VMC should have taken a few steps back and put more effort into the development of a comprehensible platform.

Burntoast097   November 14, 2019  

I have long been a fan of Stellar blockchain and its accompanying products, so it would be really interesting to see how VMC will turn up. Urban mobility, or rather the obstacles that hinder its development, such as bad roads and traffic jams, is very important for the population of large cities as it is constantly growing. According to the statistics provided by the UN, nearly 70% of the planet's population will live in urban areas by 2050. This means that projects like VMC will become increasingly relevant.

actor   September 12, 2019  

Mobility is a very important factor in our fast-paced society. This is especially relevant for big cities, where authorities are constantly battling the problems of the lack of public transport and traffic jams. And they, as well as we, the inhabitants of the cities, need the help of VMC in that regard. I have neither big financial resources nor vast investment experience, but I will place my trust with VMC because they have a proper vision and a technology to put in into practice.

Teresa   August 6, 2019  

When someone says that he knows how to resolve the nagging problem of traffic jams in big cities, I am always willing to listen - and maybe even invest. The government obviously can’t deal with this problem for various reasons, which are mostly corruption and stupidity, so it is probably up to the tech projects like VMC to take the matter into their own hands. I have read their whitepaper and got acquainted with the team members, all of which caught my fancy. Also, the availability of an MVP is a very important factor for me, so I have downloaded their app from the AppStore and gave it a try - everything works fine, not without a few bugs, of course, but still, it is a good product.

Mike   July 21, 2019  

That is so bizarre, just a few days ago, I have been discussing a similar concept with my tech buddies, and now I stumble upon VMC, the project that realizes most of what we have talked about. I think that is a sign that I need to get a hold of some VMC tokens. Obviously, the team is doing a fantastic job, especially when it comes to resolving one of the most acute problems of contemporary metropolitan areas, which is the traffic jam. The decision to opt for the Stellar blockchain is also understandable, especially if VMC plans to establish an effective payment gateway. To summarize, VMC has great prospects, mainly because they are virtually the first ones who had taken upon the task of resolving the mobility issues.

Ivonne   July 13, 2019  

The problem of mobility, especially in large urban areas, is probably the most persistent of all. I mean traffic jams. All those who live in large metropolitan areas know that this conundrum is getting worse by the year. So, there was no better time for VMC to come up with their solution than now. The project team is sufficiently experienced and the tech solution seems to be valid, so I think they will do well.

Jacob   July 8, 2019  

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