Vectorium Plus (Vectorium Plus) Review

Vectorium: Waste Processing for Mining Purposes

Environmental security remains a great source of concern for governments, activists, and some members of the global crypto mining community. One of such members is Vectorium, an eco-conscious blockchain project registered in Tallinn, Estonia. They have formulated an interesting concept called Waste-to-Coin, which provides for mining the project’s coin named Vectorium Flash from the industrial, municipal, and other forms of wastes, at the special locations dubbed the Vectorium Islands. The project offers another currency unit - Vectorium Plus (VCPT), which is a convertible coin that with time will become a basis for receiving dividends from revenue obtained from the successful functioning of the ecosystem of Vectorium Islands.     

Converting waste to crypto

The essence of the Waste-to-Coin (WtC) process lies in establishing a worldwide network of secluded locations equipped specifically for producing green energy from various sources, but with a special focus on waste treatment.

The project will be focused on the collection and subsequent processing of municipal solid wastes, which would simultaneously resolve the problem of overfilled dumpsites and the uncontrolled emission of a toxic landfill gas.

Along with that, Vectorium Islands, also named Vectorium Consortiums, will accept further sources of energy, such as agricultural residues, animal, wood processing, and industrial wastes. All these materials will be carefully processed, sublimated, and then converted to either electricity, gas, or fuel for internal combustion engines. Evidently, the produced electricity will be used mainly for the purposes of Vectorium Flash mining.

As of now, the Islands exist only in the form of 3D models, though the project states in its roadmap that they have definitive plans for launching the first such Consortium this August. The next four Islands will be delivered by September 2020. Vectorium already began accepting applications from interested parties with regard to possible locations of other Islands.       

The team

  • Enea Benedetto. The founder and CEO. After a successful career in the field of professional training & coaching, Benedetto decided to devote his energies to the crypto sphere, having gathered a team of blockchain professionals.
  • Michele Sburlino. The CTO and the Head of Project Development. Before joining Vectrum, he worked as a software integrator at Teorema and business analyst at OverIT.  

Pre-sale details

As already mentioned, Vectorium is conducting the pre-sale of VCPT that will end on June 30. After that, the project will initiate several more stages of ICO, which are due to end on October 31. Vectorium has already gathered more than $600 thousand in contribution, which is almost half of the softcap. The hardcap is $300 million. The pre-sale price of VCPT is $0.7 per token. The project accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, WAVES, XRP, ETC, and USDT. There are no restrictions being imposed with regard to participation in the token sale.

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • Vectorium Flash. Vectorium Flash is a mineable coin based on the Proof-of-Work algorithm (an Equihash algorithm with 192.7 algo adaptation), Zero-Knowledge-Proof (zk-Snarks) protocol, inherent to such cryptocurrencies as Zcash, as well as Sapling and Overwinter. The use of these technological solutions will afford ground for withstanding competition from big ASIC farms and eliminate the problem of pool hoppers. In addition, it will provide for ultra-fast transactions (<0.12 ms), totally eco-friendly mining, the option of solo mining even in the pools, and the possibility of converting coin to pure electricity.      
  • Vectorium Plus. This coin is based on the Proof-of-Stake principle and the X13 hashing algorithm. The holders of this coin are entitled to certain benefits, such as the Wallet Bonus, which is basically a stake interest of up to 20%, and acquiring a share in the company once Vectorium becomes a corporate entity. This coin can be purchased now as Vectorium currently conducts a presale. 
Pre-Ico Start dateMarch 1, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateMay 31, 2019
PlatformSeparate blockchain
  • Enea Benedetto. CEO & Founder
  • Andres Palacio Restrepo. Energy-technology leader
  • Michele Sburlino. CTO and Head of Project Development
  • Mario Apra’. Blockchain Intellectual Property
  • Monica Milone. Chief Energy Strategy
  • ⁨Lorenzo Anania. Chief Energy Engineering
  • Cleo Rea. Customer Advisor Specialist
  • Pietro Farese. Chief Financial Officer
  • Flavio Gioia. Legal Advisor
  • Gerjon Hodaj. Social Media Manager
  • September 2018. Vectorium Idea.
  • November 2018. KickStart.
  • December 2018. Analysis and Coding.
  • January 2019. Patents and WhitePaper.
  • February 2019. Miner Containers Design.
  • February 2019. Team Completed.
  • February 2019. 3D Model Vector Islands.
  • March 2019. Institutional Meetings.
  • March 2010. Vectorium Consortium (3+). Blockchain Finalized.
  • April 2019. Wallet, Web and Miners. 
  • May 2019. Fundraising.
  • July 2019. Vectorium listed on Exchanges.
  • August 2019. First Vectorium Island Project Delivered.
  • September 2019. Vectorium Consortium Set Up.
  • December 2019. First Vectorium Ecosystem.
  • March 2020. First 5 Vectorium Islands Initialized.
  • June 2020. Capitalization of Vectorium Equities structure.
  • September 2020. First 5 Islands Completed.
  • December 2020. First 15 Islands Completed.
  • 2022. 100 Vectorium Islands Completed.
  • 2024. 300 Vectorium Islands Completed.
Vectorium Plus
StartSeptember 1, 2019
EndOctober 31, 2019
74 days left
Soft cap$750 000
Hard cap$300 000 000
Minimum investment1 VCTP
Tokens for sale330000000

There are shitcoins, and now we’ll have the garbage coins. I’m just kidding, Vectorium Plus offers an immensely promising concept which, if realized properly, would be of benefit for both the environment and crypto mining. I don’t agree that they will face bureaucratic pressure, because the problem of unrecycled waste is an eyesore for most governments, especially the ones in the developing countries. It looks feasible to me, so I will keep an eye on Vectorium Plus.

Joe   July 11, 2019  

Vectorium is a utopian project that has a very good and noble idea at its core, which is almost impossible to implement into practice. The reason for that being not the Vectorium’s inability to properly organize the processing of waste to energy with the subsequent crypto mining. That would have been easy, and I am sure that they’ll raise more than enough funds. But let me assure you, that Vectorium will face a ferocious bureaucratic opposition every little step of the way. From land renting/purchasing to compliance with regulations concerning crypto mining, the authorities won’t give them a breathing space. Eventually, Vectorium will fold, which would be a pity.

David   June 23, 2019  

I am in full support of any initiative that offers the possibility of saving our environment. Vectorium has a solid overall concept, and the tech background of both their coins is good. Vectorium Flash presents an interesting option for miners who aren’t ignorant of the issues that concern the environment. But while it all looks good on paper, I am a bit concerned about the practical aspects of realization of Vectorium Islands. The whitepaper didn’t specify how they are going to approach such aspects as logistics and regulatory norm regarding waste processing. This information needs to be made known to potential investors.

Kelly   June 21, 2019  

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