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Blockchain technology already touched and impacted numerous industries, with finances, of course, being the main one. After all, this is the very industry for which the blockchain was originally invented. Even so, this technology quickly went beyond simply being used for supporting digital currencies.

These days, it holds massive potential, and while many of its use cases are still only theoretical — it already started establishing itself in quite a few industries. However, one specific industry opened itself up to blockchain more than any other, apart from the crypto industry itself. That is, of course, the gaming industry.

Gaming has become huge in the last two decades, with billions of people around the world being tightly connected to it these days. It did not only expand, but it also evolved, making massive steps towards moving online. It focuses on inclusion, collaboration, and alike, which makes it easy to see how it is a perfect match for blockchain. The two just clicked, and blockchain became a perfect way of allowing microtransactions, while gaming brought millions of users to it.

Now, the two continue to evolve together, and projects like Ultra are helping them grow bigger, better, and closer together.

About Ultra

Ultra is a project that is trying to bring the blockchain revolution to the gaming industry, and create a fair ecosystem for game distribution. Ultra uses advanced, cutting-edge technology with which it wishes to shake up the gaming industry.

Thanks to the power of decentralization, Ultra's goal is to bring the power back to players and developers. Meanwhile, it is also creating a massive ecosystem which will allow it to become a first-class game publishing platform.

The project wishes to put an end to the current game distribution monopoly, and it does it in the spirit of blockchain, decentralization, trust, and transparency. It is a next-gen game distribution platform that offers solutions to gamers and developers alike. It also uses staged software download technology which has already made over 100 million downloads possible. Of course, as a platform, it will also require its own cryptocurrency, which is something that the project is working on right now.

Ultra ICO details

Ultra's token sale was announced quite recently, but the ICO date has yet to be revealed. In truth, this will not exactly be a traditional ICO, but an IEO, as the token sale will be held on Bitfinex Launchpad. This brings a much higher level of safety for the investors, as they know that the Bitfinex platform researched the project, and has confirmed that it is a legitimate one.

The token itself is a utility known as UTA, and it was developed on the EOS platform. Its price during the ICO will be at $0.1 per token, and investors will be able to purchase it in exchange for fiat currencies, EOS, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. However, the minimum investment will be quite high, sitting at $100,000. The project has set up a soft cap at $5 million, and a hard cap at $32 million.

It was registered in Estonia, and anyone will be able to participate, provided that they are not located in Singapore, China, and the US. Of course, these are the restrictions that the project itself has set. But, considering the fact that this is an IEO, only the exchange's registered customers will be able to participate, meaning that those who cannot access the exchange itself will not be able to buy the tokens, even if they are in an area supported by the project itself.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartJuly 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019

Ultra is the much-needed solution for the gaming industry. It may sound a bit cheesy, but it is time to give creative and financial power into the hands of developers and gamers. Away with the tyranny of development studios, Ultra and blockchain will give us the freedom to create, earn crypto, and play. Can't even begin to describe how excited I am about Ultra as it will give me a chance to capitalize on my gaming skills.

tr1angle   September 10, 2019  

I met with Ultra’s two chief executives, David Hanson and Nicolas Gilot, at one of the cyber sports conferences here in the UK. It was back in 2017, when they were only formulating the idea regarding Ultra in their minds, and shared it with the interlocutors, including me. Truth be told, I got super excited about it right off the bat, so here I am, signing in as a developer on the platform. Let me tell you that for Hanson and Gilot, gaming is a vocation. So, you can rest assured that Ultra will keep on progressing and thriving.  

Kim   August 6, 2019  

It is evident that the gaming industry has been yearning for a project like Ultra for a long time. I am a semi-professional esports athlete, and I approve the message from Ultra that it is necessary to break the market monopoly and provide both gamers and developers with more freedom and with the opportunity to make more money, to get better working (and playing conditions), and to grow as a cooperative, yet decentralized community. Needless to say that I plan to become a devoted user of Ultra and help them evolve by any means possible.

Keith   July 19, 2019  

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