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Sessia: Social Marketplace With Interesting Perks

Sessia in an international blockchain project that came into existence in 2016 in Moscow with the company of the same name being simultaneously launched in Hong Kong. Since that time, Sessia has broadened its global reach through opening a representative office in New York in 2018. The blockchain marketplace based on the interesting concept of receiving cashback and the so-called ‘kickbacks’ for social sharing in the Sessia’s native mobile application is the company’s staple digital product. 

As of now, Sessia holds the pre-sale of its token - KICKS, an intra-platform digital currency that serves as a mean for paying out cashback and other bonuses.

The concept of Sessia

Sessia is a mobile application developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain and adapted to Android and iOS. The app’s main differential peculiarity is that it comes as a synergistic combination of a peer-to-peer marketing platform, a marketplace absent of intermediaries, and a social network that allows users to share their experiences about shops, restaurants, food joints, and other retail stores.

Judging from the economic forecasts, which say that the global revenue from online retail will surpass the $4 billion mark by 2020, with the total number of Internet shoppers rising to 2 billion, it is safe to say that Sessia has the potential of becoming a notable player in that particular sector because it combines a fresh approach with the innovative technology and also provides vast benefits to both sellers and buyers. 

Advantages for buyers

Unlike similar platforms that offer buyers cashback only for purchasing commodities, Sessia also allows for receiving bonuses by the virtue of making recommendations, posting receipts, publishing reviews, and referring friends. Moreover, users are also entitled to receiving a special kind of bonuses called ‘kickbacks’ which are awarded by the seller if the user’s friend makes the same purchase at the same store. The app provides users with a list of affiliated stores that allocate kickbacks for making purchases and then scanning the QR code which automatically generates feedback in the Sessia newsfeed visible to all users. 

Advantages for retailers

In essence, the retailers will get a chance to join the progressive platform, create an online store or connect the brick-and-mortar shop to the Sessia network by becoming an affiliate. The platform features a free store builder which allows the offline store to takes their business online and establish a connection with a new pool of customers in a matter of minutes. Sessia doesn’t force businesses to use their intra-app payment system (SessiaPay) as the only possible gateway. Moreover, Sessia offers a tool for logistics management (SessiaLogistics) as well as the CRM software (SessiaCRM) to facilitate the sustainable development of affiliate stores.

The KICKS token and IEO details

The ERC-20 tokens - KICKS are used for making direct purchases via the Sessia app and awarding bonuses (cashback, kickback). In contrast to other cashback schemes, Sessia’s bonuses in KICKs are credited to user’s wallet almost instantly. The accumulated tokens can be easily exchanged to other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. 

As of now, Sessia is pre-selling the KICKS token through the special offer that will end on July 31. The official website also has it that Sessia will organize the IEO on two cryptocurrency exchanges: Coindeal and BitForex. The price of 1 KICKS is $1.5 with the minimum purchase - 100 KICKS. Citizens of the United States won’t be able to invest in this project due to the imposed restrictions.

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  • Refill the cashback wallet in sessia. To pay cashback and kickbacks, you need to refill your company's internal wallet in the Sessia for Business app
  • Scan qr-code​. With the Sessia smart-scanner, you can register new clients immediately and pay them cashback depending on the settings of your loyalty program. All payments are made automatically, and only from the internal Sessia wallet.
  • Create your own e-shop. A convenient and free builder allows you to set up a mobile e-shop and manage it in the Sessia ecosystem on all available platforms. Even inexperienced users can easily manage goods, services and control orders. Sessia makes business smart. Gives opportunity to upload photos of a product, enter descriptions, set prices, manage the contents of an e-shop after it's been set up. Businesses can sell their products in e-shops, using not only standard payment systemns, but also kicks.
  • Spread the word in the marketplace. Here clients can find product catalogs and news feed, where companies can publish previews of their promotions and ads. In the marketplace, clients can find your business by searching or by choosing the right section. Companies can sell their products directly via Sessia, using Sessia's payment methods or their own.
  • Business reports. The Reports tab has detailed information about sales, history of purchases and client base by levels (tree). Companies can send their customers different notifications, and offer special discounts to individual clients or groups.
  • Follow your clients on the feed​. Sessia's internal social network is an innovative advertising platform, where companies can put ads, products or service cards, and customers can have direct access to products and services without using external links.As soon as a client makes a purchase, his followers receive notification, including the scanned receipt. Each post can be liked, discussed, recommended or even used as a direct link to the shop.
  • Get feedback​. Sessia's internal chat is a unique multi-purpose messenger, where you have all you need to communicate with clients. You can exchange text and voice messages, stickers and pictures. Or even create a customer support service that can handle customers' questions quickly and efficiently.
  • Let your clients know about discounts and promotions​. With Sessia Calendar, you can notify your customers about special offers, invite them to limited-time promotions, or offer booking services (tickets, beauty shops, restaurants, etc).
Pre-Ico Start dateMay 16, 2018
Pre-Ico End dateSeptember 30, 2018
IndustrySocial network
  • Narek Sirakanyan. The founder and president of Sessia
  • Denis Kapralov. Executive Director
  • Vlad Serdyuk. Project manager
  • Dmitriy Lastov. Senior programmer
  • Alexandra Komissarova. Voice of Sessia
  • Alexandr Sotnikov. Lead programmer
  • Denis Berezin. Mobile app development manager
  • Roman Smirnov. Mobile app programmer
  • Igor Zolotarev. Head of the QA department
  • Alexandr Parinov. Lead programmer
  • Andrey Zubarev. IOS-programmer
  • Andrey Neplyuev. Head of support service
  • Nataliia Dybina. Head of Kickvard's PR-department
  • Dmitriy Molodckih. Project manager
  • Andrey Eliseev. Chief editor
  • Pyotr Klyuev. Project manager
  • Mikhail Gerasimov. Head of blockchain development
  • Aleksey Muhin. PHP-programmer
  • Q4 2018. Moscow. launch the 1st client.
  • Q1 2019. New York: launch the 1st client. moscow: version 1.0 for clients&mvp for business.
  • Q2 2019. Taiwan: launch the 1st client. new york: version 1.0 for clients&mvp for business. moscow: version 1.0 for for business.
  • Q3 2019. New York: version 1.0 for for business. taiwan: version 1.0 for clients&mvp for business.
  • Q4 2019. Taiwan: version 1.0 for for business.

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StartMarch 18, 2019
EndJuly 30, 2019
Soft cap$5 000 000
Hard cap$50 000 000
Tokens for sale94684513

As if there are not enough people on Instagram who flood the feed line with photos of food, clothing, and other such nonsense. I understand the inherent desire to boast about things you like, but now these people have come with a way to monetize it. Sessia may indeed help someone to make a better purchase or find out about some cool coffee joint or something, but to a larger extent, this app will turn into just another avalanche of useless information.

Steve   July 18, 2019  

Social media influencers can really benefit from using Sessia because a lot of people are simply copy-cats. I mean that the followers of some well-known bloggers would be willing to go above and beyond to purchase or taste the same thing/dish their fondling had posted about. I can’t even begin to imagine how many KICKS the guys like Pewdiepie or Gary Vaynerchuk would have gotten in just one day! I am also a wannabe blogger and influencer, so I will definitely give Sessia a shot.

Edgar   July 1, 2019  

Sessia offers a great incentive to the consumers who like receiving cashback on their purchases. The Kickback scheme they come up with is also very interesting, a sort of word-to-mouth marketing based on a blockchain. Given that I have a lot of friends who like to go out for shopping and such, I think that I could make a decent amount of KICKS on a regular basis. The minimum purchase limit is not that high, so I think I’ll go for Sessia.

Eve   June 21, 2019  

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