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As if there are not enough people on Instagram who flood the feed line with photos of food, clothing, and other such nonsense. I understand the inherent desire to boast about things you like, but now these people have come with a way to monetize it. Sessia may indeed help someone to make a better purchase or find out about some cool coffee joint or something, but to a larger extent, this app will turn into just another avalanche of useless information.

Steve   July 18, 2019  

Social media influencers can really benefit from using Sessia because a lot of people are simply copy-cats. I mean that the followers of some well-known bloggers would be willing to go above and beyond to purchase or taste the same thing/dish their fondling had posted about. I can’t even begin to imagine how many KICKS the guys like Pewdiepie or Gary Vaynerchuk would have gotten in just one day! I am also a wannabe blogger and influencer, so I will definitely give Sessia a shot.

Edgar   July 1, 2019  

Sessia offers a great incentive to the consumers who like receiving cashback on their purchases. The Kickback scheme they come up with is also very interesting, a sort of word-to-mouth marketing based on a blockchain. Given that I have a lot of friends who like to go out for shopping and such, I think that I could make a decent amount of KICKS on a regular basis. The minimum purchase limit is not that high, so I think I’ll go for Sessia.

Eve   June 21, 2019  

I am really excited about Sessia’s application because I am the kind of person that always reads reviews before buying something. You can’t even imagine how frustrating it was for me sometimes to realize that most reviews are fake or paid for. Hopefully, with Sessia, I will rest assured of the quality of some good or service because a friend recommended it. The cashback and kickback programs get me even more willing to buy at least the minimum amount of KICKS, just to be a part of this project.

Oliver   June 12, 2019  

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Sessia: Social Marketplace With Interesting Perks Sessia in an international blockchain project that came into existence in 2016 in Moscow with the company of the same name being simultaneously launched in Hong Kong. Since that time, Sessia has broadened its global reach through opening a repre...

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