Robonomics (Robonomics) Review

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been around for over 10 years now, and while they have a long way to go before reaching mass adoption — it is undeniable that they are making significant progress. Both crypto and blockchain have already entered most industries or at least made steps towards doing so. A lot of these projects hold great potential to improve and revolutionize countless areas of modern industry.

Among the most popular projects in 2019, however, we have some which aim to further connect blockchain, crypto, and robotics. Some of these projects have received a significant amount of attention. The possibilities continue to grow with each new idea that enters the circulation, and there are already many projects that might impact robotics. Just as IOTA can connect the IoT, so can other networks connect large quantities of robots, and monitor their performance, recording all data in a safe, secure, and still transparent way.

One such project is Robonomics Network, which has yet to hold its token sale.

About Robonomics Network

Robonomics Network is a project that has developed a protocol that allows numerous different robots to establish a connection with the market of robots' liabilities, existing on Ethereum's network. This would allow gaining access to the direct sale of data gathered by robot sensors. Further, it would also make it possible to order logistics services, as well as organization ordering of personalized products from fully automated companies.

There were already several ideas that included combining blockchain technology with robotic sensors that would store data. The aim of these projects is mostly to improve urban life and allow people and companies to cope with the increasing complexity of supply chains, which is what Robonomics Network also aims to achieve.

The most sustainable option, according to the project, would be to arrange the collaboration of autonomous cyber-physical systems and allow them to work as part of a network.

Robonomics Network ICO details

As mentioned, Robonomics Network has yet to hold its ICO, or even announce its date. However, there are a few other details regarding the projects that are already known. The name of the token, for example, is XRT, and it is a utility designed on Ethereum network. This makes it an ERC-20 token, which would be used for fueling the platform and processes done on top of it.

It is also known that the project is based in Switzerland and that investors can purchase XRT coins in exchange for Ether (ETH). However, the project has raised a red flag with many as it does not have KYC or Whitelist procedures at this time. It does have a white paper, however, so investors interested in participating in this ICO should study it in detail before doing so.

No other information is currently available regarding the token or the ICO. The lack of information may imply that the ICO is still not ready to be held.

Author: Ali Raza for

StartJune 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019
102 days left

As mentioned, the project is not exactly unique, and the idea to use blockchain for the purpose of managing data collected by robots has been around for a while. The vision is certainly something that should be strived for, as the idea is a valid one. However, the lack of information, as well as the fact that half of the project's team did not connect their LinkedIn accounts does raise some red flags.

Connor   June 9, 2019  

It is entirely possible that the project is simply not great at representing itself, but if these things are not resolved - and KYC announced - it is likely not going to see much initial success.

Copland   April 23, 2019  

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