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One day, when I was just flipping through TV channels, I've come across a news bit about the Russian tech achievements, and there was a military robot which has been showcased to Vladimir Putin. It looked really hideous and functioned as if it was taken out of some movie from the 80s. I wonder if the guys from Robonomics cook up something similar in their engineering labs. Let's be honest, we haven't seen any significant tech solutions coming out of Russia lately, if ever, so why would this project be any different.

Blockchain Ambassador   September 29, 2019  

I have taken a real interest in Robonomics at first, but then it turned out that this startup is likely to be operating in Russia. No offense, but I think that Russia is hardly the best country for the high-tech project, it is just too regulated, conservative, and corrupt. If Robonomics hits it big, there is a high probability that the government will start putting grits in the bearing, especially given the project's blockchain nature.

Paul   August 12, 2019  

If you are not an empty-headed profiteer, but a wise long-term investor, then you should definitely take a closer look at Robonomics. Indeed, this startup might not reap immediate financial benefits, but who cares about that, if these guys offer a chance to partake, at least as an investor, in a real technological revolution. It might take a long time, but the robotization of our society, and nearly all industries, is inevitable, so you are either taking an active part in that process or remain on the sidelines and miss out on superb opportunities. I choose to be at the spearhead of technological progress, together with Robonomics.

Milly   July 26, 2019  

Robonomics is surely a great project when it comes to finding ways to incorporate robotics in smart cities and so on, but I think it is way too complicated for an average investor who wants to get in, scoop some money, and cash out. These guys would be much better off looking for government or corporate funding. In other words, a sophisticated investor who would help see their ideas through. And even in that case, the profit may not come in years. Cool project, but it's a poor investment opportunity.

Noah   July 7, 2019  

After reading the project’s whitepaper I arrived at the conclusion that from a technical standpoint, Robonomics is awesome, to say the least. But the problem is that their concepts are way ahead of time, so they are unlikely to find broad application in the near future. It is worth investing in Robonomics if you are a tech geek, in a good sense, but if you are looking for quick returns on the investment, then it would be better to look elsewhere. On a side note, when I’ve been reading the whitepaper, the scenes from the Terminator movie kept surfacing from my memory...not really sure why :)

Mason   June 18, 2019  

As mentioned, the project is not exactly unique, and the idea to use blockchain for the purpose of managing data collected by robots has been around for a while. The vision is certainly something that should be strived for, as the idea is a valid one. However, the lack of information, as well as the fact that half of the project's team did not connect their LinkedIn accounts does raise some red flags.

Connor   June 9, 2019  

It is entirely possible that the project is simply not great at representing itself, but if these things are not resolved - and KYC announced - it is likely not going to see much initial success.

Copland   April 23, 2019  

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