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Nodis Helps Businesses Establish Online Presence

Many politicians like to reiterate the notion about the importance of small and mid-scale businesses to the economy of any given country. But, in reality, they hardly lift a finger to help entrepreneurs in their pursuit of customer satisfaction and prosperity. When the elites remain unwilling to offer any help, it's the tech people, like the ones from Nodis, who take matters into their own hands.

Nodis is a Canadian blockchain startup run by a team of aspiring businessmen, software engineers, and marketing aficionados. They came up with an idea to develop a social marketing platform focused specifically on heeding the needs of moderate-sized local retailers which concerns both online and offline presence.

The concept of Nodis

It is commonly known that the land-based retail stores are at a low ebb, mainly because they are facing a vehement competition for the e-commerce platforms that have an abundance of tricks up their sleeve, which help them obtain massive exposure and engage with prospective customers.

Nodis decided to take the side of the brick-and-mortar stores and help them resolve three major marketing challenges: lead generation, exposure of businesses, and customer engagement. For this purpose, they have elaborated a quite simple, but potentially really efficient, challenge system.

The idea is the following: the owner of the shop, or the head of the marketing department, posts a challenge, along with its completion criteria, on the Nodis network. It may involve making a quick selfie in front of a store, holding certain merchandise, or posting a review - the shop owners are free to use their imagination.

The user gets notified through the Nodis dApp. He can either sign up for it, thus accept its conditions, or ignore the challenge. Once the signee completes the task, he has to post a visual proof on the Nodis network.

Now, it is up for the community to ensure that the challenge has been carried out in concordance with the criteria. To achieve that, each community member votes for either approving or declining the submission. Once the community confirms that the challenge has been completed in full, both the user and the voting majority get rewarded in the form of the NODIS tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase gift certificates, online coupons, and vouchers on, which then can be used at the holder’s discretion. The project itself will generate revenue from selling subscriptions and organizing marketing campaigns.  

The use of NEO blockchain

The Nodis network was built entirely on the NEO blockchain. The team explains its decision to opt for NEO by the fact that it is tooled for the smart economy. In particular, this blockchain provides for a superior transaction speed with virtually no fees. Moreover, it utilizes the dBFT consensus mechanism for faster validations and the well-functioning smart contracts.

The team

Will Chen. The founder and CEO who has vast experience in marketing, obtained over the period of cooperation with Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Nathan Mukena. The co-founder and co-CEO. The talented web developer who stood behind the creation of the architecture of Nodis.

ICO details

Nodis is currently having a Series A token sale that will last until July 6. The project has set a modest hardcap of $880 thousand dollars. The price of 1 NODIS is $0.39. Nodis accepts only GAS, the native NEO currency, and has a minimum investment requirement of 50 GAS. Investors from  China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, United States of America, and Canada won’t be able to buy these tokens.

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StartApril 4, 2019
EndJuly 6, 2019

I don’t understand why people are so skeptical of Nodis. Indeed, they have taken up a really tough challenge of helping the land-based retail stores, but it doesn’t mean that it is not feasible. People still go to the shops - just check out how crowded the shopping malls are during the weekends. Personally, I find their challenge system quite interesting. Not mind-blowing, of course, but still amusing enough for me to partake in a few of such initiatives. It won’t require plenty of effort from me to do a selfie or something, given that it might help some business.

Simon   July 1, 2019  

Trying to help the land-based retail stores is like saving dinosaurs at the time of the K-Pg extinction event - it’s just hopeless. The guys have come up with an interesting idea, but they should have realized that once the online platforms figure out how to have buyers try on the merchandise before buying, the brick-and-mortar stores are done with. I think some online platforms are already providing sensor costumes which feed data about body measurements. Sorry, Nodis, but your selfie challenges won’t be of any help. Try to apply your talents elsewhere.

Arnold   June 23, 2019  

I find their idea to be quite simplistic, but you know what they say, “The secret to genius is not complexity, its simplicity.” I am not implying that Nodis would cause a breakthrough or a revolution, but it will certainly find its fair share of users. Although I am not really fond of the fact that NODIS can only be used to purchase some certificates. That is a really limited scope of application for a token.

Lucas   June 21, 2019  

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