Monart (Monart) Review

Monart Reimagines the Art Industry

Works of art have traditionally been perceived not only as a source of aesthetic pleasure but also as a store of value. This made art one of the biggest markets in the world with the estimated sales volume of $67.4 billion, as per this year’s report published by Art Basel. Despite showing such bloomy figures, the industry of art is still tormented by numerous problems, resolving which requires a fresh approach, such as the one displayed by the international project Monart, which is registered in Malta. Monart creates a global community of art lovers and a blockchain ecosystem, powered by the ERC-20 compliant MART token, that will facilitate the promotion, sales, and the overall appreciation of creative products.

Key elements of the ecosystem

Apart from gathering the artists and art lovers under its banners, Monart plans to establish a comprehensive ecosystem that will heed the financial, promotional, and educational needs of its members. The project will present a blockchain-enabled marketplace where all aspiring and established creators will be able to exhibit their works for sale. Naturally, all sale/purchase operations are to be made in MART.

Monart will also launch an online art channel, allowing users to learn about new trends in art and also showcase their best works. The project also has the ambition to open two galleries, in Paris in New York, in addition to the proprietary 2200 m² art center located in Beijing.

Lastly, Monart launches the Art Accelerator Initiative with the purpose of helping the underappreciated artists to get into the limelight of the industry. A part of the funds obtained through STO will be allocated specifically for the development of the Accelerator.

Token economics

MART comes in the form of a security token that supports the two revenue streams created by Monart for the token holders. The MART holders are entitled to receiving payments formed on the basis of gross profits obtained by selling items from the project’s unique art collection. By the way, half of the money obtained during the STO will be used to purchase the artworks to supplement the collection. Such profits are to be paid to the holders in full, void of any commissions. Additionally, the holders will receive 10% from all transactions that occur on the marketplace.

The token holders are also entitled to receiving other perks, for instance, discounts on exclusive works of arts, admission to private sales, and invitations to participate in various events across the globe. There will be three groups of holders: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The placement in each group will depend on the amount of MART, equivalent to Euro, held in the user’s digital wallet since the closure of STO or for the duration of one year. 10 thousand Euro worth of MART will place the user in the Silver Group, 100 thousand - Gold, half a million - Platinum.   

STO details

The pre-sale of Monart’s security tokens is due to begin on July 1 and last for two months, until August 31. The pre-STO price of MART is 0.04 EUR per token, though the purchases can be made only in ETH. The interested investors can submit their details for whitelisting on the official website. It appears that Monart will pass the softcap in flying colors since it is quite low - 1 million EUR, whilst the hardcap is 20 times higher. The list of restricted areas is rather extensive and includes the Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe, and Somalia.

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  • monart is Business. The Art Bank, Asset Manager & Marketplace. The Global Art Market is 63 Billion $ / year* but 99,9% of the population has no access to it yet!
  • monart is Creative. The innovative worldwide Art Community and Ecosystem open to all art lovers, artists, creators, galleries, curators…  over the world from China, Europe, USA…
  • monart brings Art to a new Era. Enter the Art Market Your Way, become a Player !
Pre-Ico Start dateJuly 1, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateMay 30, 2019
  • Malo GIROD DE L'AIN. Co-founder & president
  • Pauline HOUL. Co-founder & CEO
  • Bertrand SCACHE. Co-founder & CTO - Chief Technology Officer
  • Aden KIM CBO. Asia - Chief Business Development Officer Asia
  • Christian BRUGERON. Co-founder & CCO - Chief Cryptography Officer
  • Laurent HENTZ. Co-founder & Web developer and SEO
  • Arnaud WEBER. Web graphic designer
  • Adria STAUBER. Editorial Consultant
  • Q2 2019. Management of monart tokens. AR artwork vision. 3D exhibitions. Enhanced artist & artworks presentations. Enhanced auctions & sales of shares of artworks. Payment options with monart tokens. Purchase within 3D gallery
  • Q4 2019. Enhanced Beta version. Additional community functions. Enhanced options for artists and artworks presentations. Enhanced trading options. Enhanced 3D, AR & VR environments
  • Q2 2020. Enhanced and stable version. Dedicated mobile iOS and Android versions
  • Q4 2020. Enhanced version.
StartSeptember 1, 2019
EndOctober 31, 2019
45 days left
Soft cap$1 000 000
Hard cap$20 000 000
Tokens for sale1000000000

I can't say anything negative about Monart at the moment. This startup has a vibrant team staffed with experts in the respective fields; the concept is fresh and viable and the market for its realization is huge. One thing that bothers me, though, is that Monart may have bitten on a piece it wouldn't be able to chew. I mean that they are planning to maintain too many components of the ecosystem at once: the community, the marketplace, the galleries, and so on. In my opinion, it would have been better for them to start with a marketplace, bring it to perfection and then move forward.

charle$ticken$   August 26, 2019  

To tell you the truth, I don’t really understand the idea of buying works of art online. Personally, I wouldn’t pay a hefty sum of money for a painting or a sculpture without seeing it first with my own eyes. That concerns only fledgling artists, of course, like the majority of those which Monart wants to promote. Nevertheless, I do recognize the potential that this blockchain platform has as a place where young talented people could showcase their works and share their experiences. But not so much as the marketplace, that would be way too risky.

Jermaine   July 29, 2019  

From what I see, Monart has a large social media following, which is a good indicator that the project is capable of sparking interest. I have a few friends among artists whom I’ve asked to check out Monart for the purpose of determining the social value it might bring, as well as whether or not it is investment worthy. They all said in unison that Monart definitely has a bright future and that it may become the Klondike for the creative kind.

Zack   July 9, 2019  

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