iCasting (iCasting) Review

iCasting: Blockchain Platform for Talents

iCasting is a talent accelerator platform that was built by the Dutch team of the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. The founders try to address the problems that are inherent to the casting industry, such as a sluggish and overly centralized job market, the lack of opportunities for the aspiring semi-professional and amateur talents to obtain the necessary experience; the tardiness and the expensiveness of the casting process which is hampered by numerous unnecessary regulations, casting fees, and the indecisiveness of the companies that hire casting agencies. And, as always, there is a persistent problem that concerns the security of company data and personal information of casting candidates.

To resolve all these issues, iCasting developed a one-stop-shop talent ecosystem capable of heeding the needs of the European, and potentially global, talent industry through a single all-inclusive blockchain platform.

Company information

The project operates under the auspices of a private limited liability company iCasting B.V., located in Zwolle, Netherlands. It is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and operates in full compliance with state blockchain laws and regulations. The company’s registration number is indicated in the iCasting whitepaper and checks against the company registry of the Netherlands.

iCasting’s technology stack and platform features

As already mentioned, iCasting is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes its smart contracts and the ERC20 standard for the creation of the TLNT token, which is going to be offered for purchase at the upcoming ICO.

Apart from that, iCasting uses the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) for the safe and convenient storage of data; Amazon S3 for hosting purposes as it provides superior scalability; the Whisper, the P2P communication protocol, for secure interactions between the network users.

The main achievement of iCasting is that it totally excludes the casting agencies and agents, thus making that process of talent recruiting faster, more transparent and cost-effective.

In essence, iCasting brings together the employers and the talented people who can freely negotiate, conclude smart contracts, and contribute to the overall development of the ecosystem. The matching process is simple: the customer posts a job to which the available talents respond and enter the negotiations. All job terms and conditions are being recorded in a smart contract, which also acts as an escrow. Once the job is completed successfully, the payment is released to the in-built Ethereum wallet.

The iCasting platform also has a rating program that provides means for creating a totally traceable and immutable reputation for both employers and talents, which is a cornerstone for the establishment of efficient and transparent relationships. All financial interactions between the participants and the platform are conducted using the TLNT token, which can be consequently converted to other currencies on the partner crypto exchanges.

The iCasting team

Erwin Arkema. The founder and CEO. A life-long entrepreneur with a degree in Media Design. Before founding iCasting in 2013, Arkema worked as a creative director for several Dutch production companies.

Bob Breeman. The co-founder and COO. Holds a Technical Media Degree from one of the universities in the Netherlands. Together with Arkema, he founded IQ-Media, a reputable advertising agency.

ICO details

The official website says the iCasting is preparing the ICO, which is due to happen in the Q4 of 2019. 192 million TLNT tokens will be allocated for sale, with the hardcap established at 13.75 EUR, which is quite reasonable for a project of this scale. The price of 1 TLNT is set at 0.07 EUR. iCasting will only accept Ethereum. There is no information yet about the restricted regions.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

Pre-Ico Start dateSeptember 12, 2019
StartDecember 6, 2019
EndDecember 27, 2019
Soft cap$2 000 000
Hard cap$13 750 000
Minimum investment1 TLNT
Tokens for sale350000000

I hate to say it, but iCasting is most likely to get lost in the myriad of similar projects that already have a strong user base, as well as global recognition. The only thing that could make iCasting rise head and shoulders above the competition is the ultra-low fees that are inherent to the blockchain platforms that feature the gateway for money transfers. But even then, it would be super hard to lure the talents and employers from other platforms.

Ether Outlaw   February 19, 2020  

Freelancers, or Talents, as iCasting calls it, shouldn't expect much from this platform, at least not in the next five years. People in general, and employers, in particular, are still largely unaware of benefits that tokenization brings, or they treat this method of hiring with a great deal of suspicion. I have been registered on a similar platform, where all payments were carried out strictly in ETH. Not much went on there, to be frank. The same could happen to iCasting.

Nilssson   November 22, 2019  

I assume, we all have figured out that iCasting is just another freelancer platform with a fancy name. Nothing bad about that, but this space is already oversaturated with similar platforms. I could probably name a dozen such startups off the top of my head, though I didn't see any of them getting significant traction. I reckon that the same scenario will apply for iCasting. The reason being that they have a weak marketing strategy that would make them unable to build a solid community of talents seeking jobs.

Pumper Stomper   November 4, 2019  

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