HEROIC: Next-Gen Cyber Threat Prevention

HEROIC is another project that has taken up the task of combining the blockchain technology with artificial intelligence to create a solution for protection against numerous cyber threats. However, HEROIC tries to distinguish themselves from competitors in the same field by promising to deliver a high-end tech product that would be distributed at a rate that is affordable to the general population, not only to the resource-rich corporations. In addition, the symbiosis of two progressive technologies should eliminate the problems, inherent to the contemporary anti-cyber attack protection methods.

HEROIC Arc and other platform features

HEROIC envisage their solution as a decentralized peer-to-peer threat prevention network, built on the foundation of the Ethereum platform. The HEROIC ecosystem will run on three protocols: Threat Mining, Cyberlitics, and the Proof-of-Threat. The expected scope of application amounts to a massive number of use cases. By incorporating the blockchain technology, the team wants to provide an unparalleled cost-efficiency of their product, thanks to the elimination of intermediaries who often jack up the prices of their cyber protection solutions to collect better profits from huge corporations that handle billions of dollars.

But the accessibility of HEROIC would also be accompanied by the superior quality of their platform, as it’s supposed to shield the users not only from the existing cyber threat, but also from the so-called next-generation ones. The platform itself will bear the name HEROIC Arc Reactor that will operate on the principle of intelligence exchange between all actors. It will combine an open repository and a cutting-edge marketplace for data related to the detected, as well as the predicted, cyber threats and attack strategies. 

The second component would be HEROIC Garden, a state-of-the-art consolidated system for managing cyber menaces. Basically, it is a cloud-based think tank where software developers and the corresponding companies can work conjointly on the development of improved solutions, being rewarded for their efforts with the platform’s native token HRO that is currently purchasable at the pre-sale event.

There would also be the Research & Development facility where the developers and company representatives can co-work in real-time on the ways to reinforce the bulwark that protects against modern threats and create means for preventing the emerging ones.

Apart from general users and developers, the HEROIC ecosystem would also feature Threat Miners, the participants who mine HRO by lending their computational resources and sharing an anonymized historical threat data.

The HEROIC team

  • Chad Bennet. The founder and CEO. A seasoned IT security engineer who laid the bedrock of what is now HEROIC Cybersecurity in November 2015. Before that, Chad was involved with several investment firms and IT companies, for instance, Lancera and Vested Group.
  • Joseph Hall. CISO. An expert security engineer who had previously worked at Dell, American Express, Sophos.

ICO details

As already mentioned, HEROIC is carrying out the preliminary sale of HRO tokens, aiming to reach the hardcap of $15 million. The current price of one HRO token is $0.1125, but early investors can expect to get more tokens via the available bonus program. There is a minimum investment threshold that stands at $1000. HRO tokens can be purchased with BTC or ETH. HEROIC chose not to restrict any investors from buying their tokens.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

StartDecember 15, 2019
EndDecember 31, 2019
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I find everything about Heroic to be very appealing: the declared goals are comprehensible and feasible, the product suite holds a lot of promise, and the team appears to be knowledgeable and motivated. The "cybersecurity solution for people" would be a wonderful marketing message that should attract users en masse. Although I wonder how they plan to ensure the profitability of their endeavor since the team assures that the top-notch cybersecurity solution would be distributed at a very affordable price. In that case, I would like to know how they calculate the profit margin.

Fabi0   November 4, 2019  

What's great about Heroic is that they are working on a solution that would be affordable to ordinary users. Indeed, large corporations are enjoying all the benefits of cutting-edge cyber protection while the average Joe has to suffer from WannaCry and other extortionary malware. In digital democracy, so to speak, everyone is entitled to sufficient protection from cyber threats. The usual anti-viruses are no longer cutting it, obviously, so the solution from Heroic should be in high demand.

$tanley   October 15, 2019  

HEROIC is one of the few projects in this space that has the potential to make an exemplary use case for blockchain that will significantly benefit the industry. Their team appears to be reliable and competent, the CEO has his skin in the game, so he must have a clear vision of how the HEROIC platform should operate, and how their ideas can be monetized for the investors’ benefit.

Brun0   October 10, 2019  

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