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Before even considering an investment in ICO, I always visit the section of the startup's official website that includes information about fund allocation. The overwhelming majority of nascent crypto projects aren't concealing their intention to allocate sometimes more than half of raised funds for marketing needs, which is a strong indicator for me that they are more focused on hype than product development. The situation with HEROIC is different: these guys promise to allocate 64% of the money for development and operations, which is the right thing to do.

Crypto Daddy   February 10, 2020  

As much as I want to think of Heroic as of a blockchain project that holds immense potential, I can't help but wonder whether the offered technology would be fully viable at first. And if not, how long would it take HEROIC to turn it into a seamlessly operating system. Judging from my experience, the entire path from ICO to public recognition would take approximately two to three years, so don't expect quick returns on your investment.

Proto_Plasma   December 23, 2019  

The tales about the altruistic goals of creating a cybersecurity ecosystem that would be affordable for average Joes is very endearing, but when I dug a bit deeper, HEROIC Cybersecurity turned out to be just another project that talks that talk but can't walk the walk. I am following HEROIC on Twitter in order to stay informed on their development. But what I see are some random cybersecurity-related articles appearing constantly in their feed, while I want to see some news about the product!

Queen of Crypto   November 23, 2019  

I find everything about Heroic to be very appealing: the declared goals are comprehensible and feasible, the product suite holds a lot of promise, and the team appears to be knowledgeable and motivated. The "cybersecurity solution for people" would be a wonderful marketing message that should attract users en masse. Although I wonder how they plan to ensure the profitability of their endeavor since the team assures that the top-notch cybersecurity solution would be distributed at a very affordable price. In that case, I would like to know how they calculate the profit margin.

Fabi0   November 4, 2019  

What's great about Heroic is that they are working on a solution that would be affordable to ordinary users. Indeed, large corporations are enjoying all the benefits of cutting-edge cyber protection while the average Joe has to suffer from WannaCry and other extortionary malware. In digital democracy, so to speak, everyone is entitled to sufficient protection from cyber threats. The usual anti-viruses are no longer cutting it, obviously, so the solution from Heroic should be in high demand.

$tanley   October 15, 2019  

HEROIC is one of the few projects in this space that has the potential to make an exemplary use case for blockchain that will significantly benefit the industry. Their team appears to be reliable and competent, the CEO has his skin in the game, so he must have a clear vision of how the HEROIC platform should operate, and how their ideas can be monetized for the investors’ benefit.

Brun0   October 10, 2019  

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