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The cryptocurrency industry has made multiple advancements in the past ten years of its existence, and especially in the past few years. While the ICO craze from 2017 resulted in a failure of many projects and a general crash of the crypto prices due to crypto winter, it did show us just how many ideas and different projects developers around the world can come up with.

The crypto and blockchain technologies had also shown that they could impact pretty much every industry out there. Some of the changes that the crypto/blockchain can bring are still purely theoretical, while some of the others have already been implemented.

Naturally, when we say 'every industry,' we really do mean pretty much all of them. In other words, everything you can think of — someone already thought of it, and it is quite possible that more than one person in the world did.

With that in mind, it is hardly surprising that there are even projects that have created a booking platform for prostitution using blockchain technology and its features, such as smart contracts. One project stands out among the rest, and its name is Gingr.

About Gingr

As mentioned, Gingr is a direct, end-to-end booking platform for prostitution that was developed on top of blockchain technology and its features, including crypto and smart contracts. The platform is actually quite modern, and it provides users with a humorous, user-friendly way to book and pay for sex-worker services.

Of course, the platform is also fully legal, possibly even the first fully legal ICO in Switzerland. Its goal is to disrupt the prostitution market, which holds an estimated worth of $186 billion.

Gingr claims to be the first blockchain-based platform of this type in the world, It represents a new global ecosystem, and it came to an idea to develop its own currency, which would provide users with anonymity and security. This also revolutionizes the way in which transactions are being made in this massive industry,

The project claims that Gingr's coin has grounds to keep its value on the rise, and they claim that their technologies are state of the art. The company also sees itself as a pioneer whose concepts have already been accepted by customers around the world. All that remained is for them to launch their own coin.

Gingr ICO details

Gingr has developed a token called GG coin, or GGC. The token is a utility, developed on Ethereum's network, and each token will be worth around 0.12 EUR ($0.10) once the ICO starts. The project is currently in its pre-ICO stage, which started on October 1st, and it will last for about a week more, ending on October 31st.

The ICO would then start on November 1st, and last until November 30th of this year. The project will be accepting BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC, and it set up a soft cap of 1 million EUR, as well as a hard cap of 20,450,000 EUR. The project will offer 500 million tokens for sale.

Gingr was registered in Switzerland, and the project is fully legal. However, it will have quite a few restricted places, including the US, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Korea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu, Tunisia, Trinidad and Tobago, China, Yemen, Cuba, and Singapore.

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StartNovember 1, 2019
EndNovember 30, 2019

The project has an interesting idea and a unique approach, and it is interesting to a lot of investors. However, its website is unavailable, and much of its team remains unverified. There are definitely some red flags about the project, although those might only be difficulties and technical issues, rather than signs of a scam.

l00k$_1ntere$1ng   January 16, 2021  

Hookers on blockchain, that's a very hilarious yet promising concept. If we, the members of blockchain community, intend to "blockchainize" everything, then we can't ignore the prostitution industry since it's one of the oldest and the biggest of all. The so-called "moral authorities" might frown upon Gingr, but I think that there's no shame in tokenizing what can be tokenized, as long as it's legal and doesn't ruin anyone's life. Personally, I won't invest in Gingr simply because I would never use such a service, but I can recognize the potential that Gingr holds.

TalonBraXxx   November 8, 2019  

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