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Distichain is yet another crypto startup that comes from Singapore, the tech Mecca of today. Established by a team of crypto enthusiasts from the United Arab Emirates, Distichain aims to disrupt the area of e-commerce that serves the B2B sector. The realization of the primary goal should be achieved, in no small way, through the incorporation of a utility token named Disticoin, which will be offered to the public through ICO that is due to commence in several hours.

The features of the Distichain ecosystem

Distichain will try to establish its presence in one of the most underrated fields of e-commerce that involves Business-to-Business transactions. The B2B sector has tremendous potential for growth, even though it presents significant challenges for the participants. According to some forecasts, the total capitalization of B2B market would surpass the $6 trillion mark by the end of next year.

Distichain Made for B2B E-Commerce

Evidently, Distichain sees it as an opportunity to enter the space armed with innovative technology that is blockchain. Similar to many other e-commerce startups, the Distichain team began building the ecosystem on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, thus making its native token Disticoin compliant with the ERC-20 standard.

At the core of the Disticoin network lies the combination of blockchain capabilities with the ones of artificial intelligence. Through this system, the team wants to offer a meeting point for all interested parties, such as buyers and sellers, insurance providers, partners in logistics, as well as traditional banking institutions. By employing the blockchain technology, the project wants to offer a fully secure environment for peer-to-peer transactions, which would be incomparably more cost-effective due to almost negligible network fees, made affordable through the use of Disticoin.

Moreover, should the Distichain platform operate seamlessly, the businesses involved in the B2B trading space could immensely expedite the time for payment processing and allocation, thus making their operations far more efficient. All transactions and dealings that take place in the ecosystem are fully compliant with the AML requirements, while the participants are duly verified via KYC.

The Distichain team

  • Haisam Jamal. The founder and CEO. Jamal is an experienced business manager who has been involved in this space since 1998. His professional experience accounts for many years as general manager at companies like Nokia, Tawaih, and Chalhoub Group.   
  • Wassim Merheby. The co-founder and COO. Mehreby is also a seasoned business manager who devoted more than a decade to such companies as Kraft Foods, Nokia, and Fast Telecom.  
  • Smrithi Raj. Solutions manager. A certified software engineer who has worked as a developer at UST Global for two years before joining Distichain.

The ICO details

The public sale of Disticoin tokens starts on October 31; it is scheduled to last through a month until November 30. The utility tokens will go at a price of $0,01 per unit with no token bonuses or other perks mentioned in the official papers. Distichain wants to raise at least $5 million in order to continue the development of the ecosystem. The maximum funding goal is set at $10 million. All investors, with the exception of those who reside in the U.S., can buy Disticoin with BTC, ETH, and USDT.  

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartDecember 1, 2019
EndDecember 31, 2019
Soft cap$5 000 000
Hard cap$10 000 000
Minimum investment1 Disticoin
AcceptingUSDT, BTC, ETH

No MVP means no investment from me - that's the rule of thumb that I apply virtually to any emerging blockchain project that appears on my radar. The time of gullible investors, who believed in empty promises and vaguely formulated concepts are gone. Nowadays, we want to see real products before contributing a single satoshi for their cause. Distichain failed to present an MVP before the beginning of the token sale, which puts them into the category of inconsiderable.

Armin van Dijk   September 17, 2020  

The B2B market is a tough one because it is much harder to sell products to sophisticated buyers, which most business people are, then selling to a wide audience. This requires the solution offered by Distichain to be refined, efficient, and, ideally, close to being ready for the market rollout. Since their product is still non-existent, the team will surely have a hard time selling only promises of future usefulness. Besides, I didn't find any strong software engineers and blockchain experts on their team, which is worrisome.

Chow Artist   July 4, 2020  

I always say that the best way to develop a business - whether it is a blockchain-based B2B solution or some other IT product - is to find a specific niche and work your way towards the relative domination. Distichain has all the necessary prerequisites to become a serious player in the field of B2B e-commerce. Once they build the promised infrastructure, there will be no stopping for Distichain.

Cryptopath   February 4, 2020  

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