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Cresio: The Cutting-Edge Trading Platfrom

Cresio is an all-in-one cryptocurrency trading terminal that provides for simultaneous access to several exchanges and offers a host of other features related to crypto trading aimed at satisfying the needs of fledgling as well as seasoned traders and token holders. The platform was built on the Ethereum blockchain and incorporates the ERC-20 token also named CRESIO (trading ticker CRES) that has a wide scope of application.  

Problem statement

The majority of cryptocurrency exchanges offer platforms that are substantially lagging behind the traditional trading terminals, like MetaTrader 4 for Forex trading, Takion for trading NYSE and a plethora of other, in terms of technical capabilities and the affluence of features and instruments.

For example, acquiring access to several exchanges at the same time could pose a lot of difficulties for a trader with regard to tedious authentication procedures, the variety and velocity of information, and the tardiness of response when placing or executing an order.

Oftentimes, the crypto trading platforms offer scarce information about functional capabilities, let alone provide tutorials even about the trading basics.

In addition, only a handful of crypto exchanges provide timely alerts of new token listings, airdrop programs, and notification about the status of transactions between different wallets.

Cresio arrives with a complete solution

The key advantage of Cresio is that it provides concurrent access to multiple exchanges along with ensuring the exhaustiveness of information about all important occurrences on the cryptocurrency market.

Instead of trying to figure out the subtleties of each given exchange, the user only has to adapt to the Cresio interface, which is quite intuitive with all switches between exchanges and currencies made in a couple of clicks, and then master the trading skills. To aid the learning process, Cresio adds an extensive knowledge base, which can be accessed through the info panel, as well as an insightful video tutorial.

Cresio provides the entirety of information about all cryptocurrencies listed on all exchanges as well as the ongoing and expected ICOs and airdrop programs. Another unique feature of this platform is that it grants the possibility of exporting all records about individual operations, along with balances, thus providing means for a thorough analysis of trading strategy. Such an analysis is facilitated by the availability of an automated calculator that offers a precise accounting of profits and losses on each of the exchanges.

Users can create personalized alerts concerning cryptocurrency prices, trading volumes, changes in trends, listings, etc. Moreover, they can opt for receiving trading signals and maintaining control over mining rigs.

The CRES token

CRES is the ERC-20 compliant utility token that is used to purchase subscriptions to the platform. There are two types of subscriptions: 40 and 35, which imply either paying 40 euro in BTC or other cryptos, or 5 euro is CRES and additional 35 in BTC. CRES can also be turned into a source of a passive income which stipulates for the distribution of financial dividends among the first 850 users who accumulate 500 thousand CRES in their digital wallets.

ICO details

Right now, Cres holds the first round of ICO that will end on June 15. The price of 1 CRES is set at $0.01 with the minimum investment threshold of $50. The total of 540 million tokens was allocated for sale. The project offers up to 35% launch bonus, depending on the amount of purchased tokens. Investors can also take advantage of the airdrop and bounty programs.

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Pre-Ico Start dateJuly 21, 2019

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StartMay 1, 2019
EndAugust 1, 2019
Tokens for sale540000000
AcceptingETH, BTC, FIAT

Personally, I try to stay away from big trading platforms like Binance or Poloniex because, in my mind, they are too defenseless against sophisticated hackers. I am not saying that Cresio will be capable of withstanding a cyberattack, but they are too small and insignificant to get noticed. That’s is why I prefer to trade on such exchanges. Also, I think that Cresio has a great set of trading tools, so I will definitely give it a try.

Ignacio   July 18, 2019  

Certainly, there are many services similar to Cresio, but that is an absolutely natural thing - it is called competition and the provision of diversity. As for Cresio, they are really trying to create a comprehensible product that will meet all traders’ needs. I must say that I really like their system of notifications and alerts. Should they work properly, this feat would relieve me of the hassle of constantly checking the situation on the market, which could be really stressful, and just let me get on with my other businesses that generate profit. I think that I will give Cresio a go and see how it turns out.

Earl   July 3, 2019  

I can’t say that Cresio offers something totally unique. There are many similar platforms, for example, Coinigy, Aurox, Kattana, which offer exactly the same feature - simultaneous access to multiple trading platforms. Perhaps the only thing that I find very interesting is the option for monitoring the state of mining rigs. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Cresio is not worthy of investing or using. The product is okay but definitely not a groundbreaking one. As for the CRES tokens, I may even purchase some just to less a bit later at a higher price.

Joshua   June 12, 2019  

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