Brikcoin (Brikcoin) Review

BRIKCOIN: Solving the UK Housing Crisis

As strange as it sounds, but owning a house or an apartment is as much of a privilege for people in the developed countries as it is in the emerging ones. Even the United Kingdom, which is among the most prosperous states in the world, is currently experiencing a massive shortage of affordable and key worker housing on the background of an ever-increasing urban population.

The government authorities are trying to find a way out of the housing crisis, mostly by subsidizing the construction industry and initiating numerous social programs, but to no avail. The percentage of affordable housing remains disproportionately low whilst the cost of rent is gradually nearing the market indexes.

BRIKCOIN is a British project that has set out to resolve this acute economic and social problems by becoming a blockchain-enabled outlet for investment in affordable and key worker housing. 

The operational concept of BRIKCOIN

The primary goal of this project is to increase the liquidity of the investment in affordable housing, as well as the transparency of all processes that occur on the network. This is achieved through the comprehensive implementation of the Ethereum blockchain and the all-encompassing use of the ERC-20 compliant token BRIK.

Broadly speaking, the BRIK platform will grant the opportunity for token holders from all over the world to invest in the items of real estate built on the British soil and made available for rent. Once the investor picks the appropriate piece of property to invest in, using BRIK tokens, he can keep track of the related key performance indicators through the analytical dashboard provided on the platform, endowed with state-of-the-art real estate asset management system. The return on the investment comes in the form of profit share from property sale and rent payments.

Team members

  • James Hare. The founder of Brickcoin who was involved firsthand in operations with retail property all over the globe with the overall worth of nearly $2 billion. After more than 20 years of diligent work in this field, he decided to reinvent the industry of affordable housing by merging it with the blockchain technology.
  • Mark Gathercole. The co-founder of BRIKCOIN who has built his own construction company Grosvenor from the ground up. Apparently, he is the one responsible for overseeing construction works, given his vast experience in that area.
  • Nick Way. The Head of the Property Management Department. An overly successful property manager with more than 20 years of experience in property markets of the UK and the Middle East. He began developing residential properties in the 90s and since then has built several efficiently-run companies.

Social media presence

BRIKCOIN handles a standard set of social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and LinkedIn, with different levels of engagement. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the project is producing the content quite actively, centering it mostly around the founder James Hare, but also makes sure to inform the public about developments related to the project. 

BRIKCOIN has the most active community on Telegram with more than 4500 members, followed by LinkedIn (229 people), and Facebook (113 followers). Twitter is the platform where Brickcoin displays the lowest engagement, having only 88 followers. 

ICO details

BRIKCOIN is currently holding the crowd sale of BRIK tokens, aiming at the modest hardcap of $6.3 million. The project provided 600 million tokens for sale with the price of 1 BRIK being established at $0.012, a discount of up to 10% applies. The minimum purchase amount is 6.33 BRIK. The ICO will last until August 30. Citizens of China will not be admitted to the ICO. 

StartJune 1, 2019
EndAugust 30, 2019
5 days left

Brikcoin has a well-elaborated development strategy, and they certainly address a very acute problem, which is inherent not only to Britain but to almost all developed countries. One thing that worries me, though, is the amount of money Brikcoin wants to raise through the token sale. In my opinion, it is not sufficient for an ambitious construction project. $7 million raised from the public sale isn't enough to build a decent apartment block. Brickcoin needs to attract way more capital to establish the foothold in this niche.

Gareth   August 6, 2019  

I can’t really make up my mind about Brikcoin. On one hand, I fully understand the gravity of the situation with regard to affordable housing in Britain. I mean, when was the last time you checked the rent rates in London? They are high beyond belief. But on the other hand, the crisis of 2008 taught me not to put trust into initiatives that provide for cheap homes to vast masses of people. All in all, I have to research this project a bit deeper before making up my mind about investing.

Bruce   July 18, 2019  

Being an investor in Brikcoin I think is a brilliant concept because it's a descentralised blockchain System that allows everyone to part of the UK affordable home development which is a major problem in the UK.

Rene Tayim   July 17, 2019  

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