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Brave New Coin is a company registered in New Zealand that operates in the area of research, data collection, and analysis. For the last five years, the project has been working on the cryptocurrency data engine labeled BNC Pro, which should provide users with access to one of the most advanced suite of tracking and analytical instruments, the capability of which can be compared to the ones used by the institutional investors. 

BNC Pro: Innovative Market Analytical Suite

The suite will be powered by the utility token named BNC, which will be sold to the interested parties through IEO on the Liquid Launchpad.

The idea behind BNC Pro

After years of tireless research and development, Brave New Coin presents BNC Pro, a collection of top-notch applications and instruments for the swift collection of all-encompassing data related to the cryptocurrency markets with further in-depth analysis. The overall quality and functional capability of these tools are said to be comparable to those used by the financial powerhouses such as NASDAQ and Bloomberg.

Through the use of BNC Pro, even the fledgling financiers would be given a chance to make weighted and well-considered investment decisions. The platform’s native BNC token will have a broad scope of use, but the primary function of this token consists of granting access to a host of applications, data packages, and unique platform features. In addition, users would pay BNC for using the APIs for market data processing; the tokens would serve as a means for rewarding active consumers for contributing and verifying data related to various cryptographic assets.

The chief purpose of BNC Pro, and its accompanying ERC-20 token, is to become a one-stop source of comprehensive information, in contrast to similar solutions that provide only the fractured market data. The offered analytical suite will have such features as a portfolio manager with in-built digital wallets, the screener that gathers all valuable data concerning cryptocurrencies and provides for the preliminary technical analysis, along with the analysis of fundamentals and crowd sentiments. There would also be a unique charting tool that combines the functional prowess of TradingView with an array of data collected by BNC Pro.

The Brave New Coin team

  • Fran Strajnar. Founder and Chairman. Strajnar holds a degree in business administration from the University of Otago. Starting from 2013, he began establishing tech companies, such as Dasset, Blockchainlabs, and Techemy. In January 2018, Strainar co-founded Brave New Coin Limited.    
  • Yve Bourke. Head of Operations. Bourke has more than 16 years of experience as a senior manager, having worked at Entertainment UK, Telecom New Zealand, and Spark New Zealand before landing the position as the head of BNC Pro in June 2018.

IEO details

As already mentioned, the sale of BNC tokens takes place on the Liquid Launchpad in three phases. The project currently holds a private sale that is due to last until November 4. The minimum investment threshold at this stage amounts to $10,000, though it also provides for a 75% token bonus. The next phase will be held in the period from November 4 till November 7. During public sale, BNC will be offered at a price of $1 per coin. Phase 1 of public sale also stipulates a 50% token bonus, while the third and final stage (November 7 - November 8) will have a 40% bonus. Brave New Coin accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD. The list of restricted areas is very extensive and includes the United States, Japan, Cuba, North Korea, and more than a dozen other countries.

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Brave New Coin
StartNovember 1, 2019
EndDecember 31, 2019

I reckon that solutions like Brave New Coin are needed badly by the crypto community, especially since the everyday flow of information could be overwhelming at times. However, because of the fact that there is not much historical data to go around in the case of the crypto market, since it is in the early stage of development, the predictions and analysis would be mostly inaccurate as the rules of the traditional stock market don't apply here.

Stevi000   November 30, 2020  

I found out about Brave New Coin and its suite of analytical tools a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a trial run. To cut the story short, I reckon that BNC is probably one of the best solutions for ardent crypto enthusiasts like me. BNC Pro has everything one needs to keep his hand on the pulse of the crypto industry. Brave New Coin is my new favorite when it comes to providing market insights, and I hope that they would come up with more cool options for crypto analysis.

Zelda   October 10, 2020  

Despite the fact that the contemporary cryptocurrency market represents only a tiny fraction of that of gold or traditional fiat currencies, no one seems to be able to provide a usable solution for data gathering & processing. Maybe Brave New Coin would be capable of finally giving us a set of comprehensive tools upon which we can rely on to be more successful at crypto trading. But we should wait for the final product in order to be able to tell whether BNC is a real deal or a hoax.

Voodoo_cat   October 5, 2020  

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