BrandProtect (BrandProtect) Review

BrandProtect: Crypto Markers for Brand Protection

Brandprotect is the Ukrainian blockchain project that presents the solution for the problem that concerns the protection of property rights on intellectual products and prevention of counterfeiting. Their ultimate goal is to establish the ecosystem tailored for the cross-chain and cross-platform generation of quality assurance certificates through the use of individual crypto markers.

In order to be able to keep the process of platform development on, the team has launched the sale of BRAND tokens, which is going to be used as a means of settlement and payment for the services of BrandProtect.

Company information    

BrandProtect was founded in 2018 as a partnership company. The project doesn’t provide clear information about the place of its registration or compliance with the regulatory framework. Judging from the available information, BrandProtect is an IT startup that operates in Ukraine, which means that the project’s activity is not regulated since there is no crypto-specific legislation.

The concept behind BrandProtect

BrandProtect was developed to satisfy the needs of all actors on the consumer market, but with a specific emphasis on B2B and B2C activities. On this platform, users will achieve access to a set of tools for labeling of digital and physical products, as well as the generation of compliance and quality certificates, special crypto markers, embedded in QR code, and carrying out transactions across the network of dApps.  

Each newly registered brand is to receive a private key that will allow them access to the mentioned services. Every key is secured by the KECCAK-256 protocol. After that, the user can easily create digital certificates of authenticity and begin marking products with QR code or RFID tag. 

The BrandProtect team

Serg Vorobyov. The founder and CEO. He is a seasoned developer of automatic control systems and a blockchain engineer. Vorobyov also founded another blockchain company called ICO Development Service which, apparently, didn’t succeed.

Max Robotko. The Leading Web Designer. For several years, Max made living as a graphic designer for SilverSly Design and Ukrainian Advanced Technologies. After making the switch to web development, he worked at RedBox before joining BrandProtect.

IEO details

BrandProtect currently holds a pre-sale of BRAND tokens. This event will last until February 23, 2020, followed by the IEO on a partnered cryptocurrency exchange. The IEO will last for a month in the following time frame: April 24 - May 24, 2020.

The pre-sale softcap is very modest, standing at only $525,000. All early investors can count on receiving a 33% token bonus. The IEO hardcap is set at $1,365 million which can also be called feasible. BrandProtect allocated 15 million BRAND for sale at a price of $0.5 per token. There are two minimum investment thresholds: one in fiat, established at $50, and the other one in cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX) is the equivalent of $10. There are no area restrictions and no requirements to pass KYC.

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • Brandprotect is a platform for protection of goods against a counterfeit on the basis of cryptography and blockchain technology.
  • The platform is Brandprotect is a platform for protection of goods against a counterfeit on the basis of cryptography and blockchain technology.
  • The platform is designed and ready for implementation,for protection of any product having problems with a counterfeit.
  • Use of blockchain technology, makes it possible to create a product with the minimum cost of protection of a commodity unit, allowing to use platform Brendprotect, for protection of mass, not expensive goods such as bottle of wine or denim.
  • Each manufacturer of goods, can create cryptographically protected certificates in a few minutes.
  • The work of the Brandprotect application ensures their storage and transportation from the seller to the buyer.
Pre-Ico Start dateJune 28, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateJuly 23, 2020
  • Serg Vorobyov. CEO, Founder
  • Max Robotko. Web Designer
  • Hanna Iv. Content manager
  • Vlad Shchelco. Backend developer
  • Maxim Chzhen. Advisor,CEO at Intellectus studio
  • Victor Ten. Advisor. CEO and Founder in QUEENSLAND Lighting Designe
  • Marta Yazvinska. marketing
  • Shehzad Khan. Advisor
  • Hamza Khan
  • Q3 2017. Formation of the idea and its implementation methods. Development of a mathematical model of the platform functioning.
  • Q4 2017. Getting started on the server side of the BrandProtect platform
  • Q1 2018. lightpaper creation.
  • Q2 2018. Platform Testing, V.2 Launch.
  • Q3 2018. site creation. Beginning of BrandProtect application for smartphones development.
  • Q4 2018. Launch application BrandProtect for smartphones.Prototype laser marking machine.
  • Q1 2019. Participation in the program are among the winners!
  • Q2 2019. Updated BrandProtect platform. New features are now available to users. V.3.1 launch.
  • Q3 2019. Launching Pre Sale 7% BRAND coin.Complex marketing and legal events.
  • Q4 2019. Creating and adding to the platform a generator of applications for smartphones .Creating a white paper.
  • Q1 2020. launch of the blockchain network BrendProtect.Swap all previously sold tokens to the network BrandProtect.
  • Q2 2020. Start IEO.Pull account for 14% of coins.Preparations for the serial production of marking equipment. Implementation of the BrandProtect platform to payment services Q3 2020. Implementation of the BrandProtect platform to payment services
  • Q1 2021. Creation of the first in the world payment system with confirmation of ownership of goods.
StartApril 27, 2020
EndMay 31, 2020
54 days left
Soft cap$520 000
Hard cap$1 365 000
Minimum investment10 USD
Tokens for sale15000000

The tech solution offered by BrandProtect is probably the one that would be most welcome in the business community worldwide. The reason is that the anti-counterfeit mechanism on the basis of blockchain is useful and practical, and it won't entail any legal issues with the authorities because in that case, blockchain is used more like a verification service than a payment vehicle.

Iron Moustache   February 12, 2020  

If BrandProtect successfully finalizes its ICO, the team would enter a very competitive niche because there are at least a dozen decent startups that present a similar solution. Most of them operate in the area of logistics, though this very concept is spreading to other sectors, including B2B. Therefore, BrandProtect needs to come up with an aggressive and convincing marketing campaign to attract that should place emphasis on the importance of blockchain.

Couch_Potato   January 2, 2020  

Although the idea presented by BrandProtect might seem dull and boring to some people, especially those who are managing any businesses or producing intellectual content. However, the thing that BrandProtect has in store could become a great solution for small and mid-sized businesses for which it is always important to optimize as many processes as possible. The hardcap of slightly more than a million Dollars is somewhat modest, but it is sufficient to properly maintain the development of such projects as BrandProtect.

Terzio   November 24, 2019  

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