BitcoinCorner (BitcoinCorner) Review

BitcoinCorner: Educating People About Cryptocurrencies

BitcoinCorner is a German fintech startup that is registered in the jurisdiction of Malta. The project’s primary mission is to raise awareness of the global population about the blockchain technology in general, and Bitcoin in particular, in order to afford them an opportunity to operate freely and knowledgeably with these currencies, thus increasing the chances of obtaining the financial wellbeing.

Apart from becoming the globally recognized knowledge broker, BitcoinCorner plans to establish a network of the so-called BitcoinCorner Stores, where users will be able to buy goods and services using the information and the skills acquired thanks to this project.

Naturally, this project has its own token called the Corner Coin which will serve as a means of payment within the platform and in the BitcoinCorner Stores, and also will be used for the P2P trading.

The BitcoinCorner ecosystem

Although Bitcoin has emerged more than ten years ago, the majority of people around the world remain unaware of the possibilities that this digital asset offers, let alone its technical specifications. As you know, ignorance breeds suspicions and phobias, which is probably why cryptocurrencies are still perceived by many as a form of a scam.

BitcoinCorner creates a comprehensive education and financial ecosystem with the sole purpose of promoting the universal use of cryptocurrencies. The system has the following constituents:

The Corner Coin (CoCo) is the ERC-20 utility token, the purpose of which is to provide access to the entire set of platform features and act as a financial transfer facility. The token is currently being offered to keen investors through the ICO.

The BitcoinCorner App exercises the function of the payment outlet and the crypto exchange to facilitate seamless interaction between users and retailers. To put it simply, a user makes a payment in CoCo which is subsequently converted to fiat which a seller receives on his account. The app is an integral part of the BitcoinCorner payment vehicle which is supplemented by the eponymous ATMs, digital wallet, and debit card.

The BitcoinCorner Bank will be the first virtual bank in Europe licensed for operations by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) of Germany. An account in the Bank will grant its holder an opportunity to store and spend fiat currencies obtained from the operations with crypto.

Members of the BitcoinCorner team

  • Alexander Bar. The Head of Education at BitcoinCorner. A reputable blockchain expert who has developed a unique scheme for crypto education.
  • Alexander Mardian. The Visionary Director. The seasoned sales manager who conveyed his expertise into a vision that should bring crypto to a new level of recognizability.

Social media presence

BitcoinCorner has the largest presence on Telegram with 35,097 members in their “BC Recruitment” group; the number of readers on Twitter is respectful - 8,205, while the Facebook audience is much smaller, yet decent - 1,374 followers. The project published content in both English and German languages.

ICO details

BitcoinCorner is conducting the ICO which will run until August 14. The project tries to hit the hardcap of 30.3 million EUR. The price of 1 CoCo is 0.1 EUR with the minimum investment threshold of 100 CoCo. The tokens can be purchased only with Bitcoin or Ethereum. All investors must pass KYC.

Author: Alex Paulson for

StartAugust 14, 2018
EndAugust 14, 2019

The concept behind BitcoinCorner does seem a bit strange: on the one hand, they are trying to develop a network of crypto payments in cooperation with traditional banks; on the other hand, the project wants to establish an educational channel. But if you think about, there might be logic behind it. What if they want to take people who don't have any knowledge of crypto and turn them into loyal customers through education. Who knows, that might work out beautifully.

Dustin   August 13, 2019  

What I like the most about BitcoinCorner is their logo, it is really stylish. Everything else can be characterized as mediocre. It seems to me that a lot of emerging blockchain startups have some sort of fixation on physical debit cards. Like it’s going to make them more reputable, more bank-like, if they issue such a card. That’s beyond my understanding. Apart from that, I think that the overall concept of BitcoinCorner is confusing. So, do you want to educate people about crypto, or operate as a payment platform? Please, make up your mind.

Arthur   July 28, 2019  

Although the idea promoted by BitcoinCorner is really appealing, there is a thing that concerns me, and it is their team roster. The profiles of team members are too vague - they don’t fully convince me that these people are really capable of achieving such ambitious goals. This really hampers the project’s credibility. Other than that, BitcoinCorner presents a wholesome concept that would do a world of good for cryptocurrencies.

Jed   July 19, 2019  

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