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The concept behind BitcoinCorner does seem a bit strange: on the one hand, they are trying to develop a network of crypto payments in cooperation with traditional banks; on the other hand, the project wants to establish an educational channel. But if you think about, there might be logic behind it. What if they want to take people who don't have any knowledge of crypto and turn them into loyal customers through education. Who knows, that might work out beautifully.

Dustin   August 13, 2019  

What I like the most about BitcoinCorner is their logo, it is really stylish. Everything else can be characterized as mediocre. It seems to me that a lot of emerging blockchain startups have some sort of fixation on physical debit cards. Like it’s going to make them more reputable, more bank-like, if they issue such a card. That’s beyond my understanding. Apart from that, I think that the overall concept of BitcoinCorner is confusing. So, do you want to educate people about crypto, or operate as a payment platform? Please, make up your mind.

Arthur   July 28, 2019  

Although the idea promoted by BitcoinCorner is really appealing, there is a thing that concerns me, and it is their team roster. The profiles of team members are too vague - they don’t fully convince me that these people are really capable of achieving such ambitious goals. This really hampers the project’s credibility. Other than that, BitcoinCorner presents a wholesome concept that would do a world of good for cryptocurrencies.

Jed   July 19, 2019  

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BitcoinCorner: Educating People About Cryptocurrencies BitcoinCorner is a German fintech startup that is registered in the jurisdiction of Malta. The project’s primary mission is to raise awareness of the global population about the blockchain technology in general, and Bitcoin in particu...

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