Bexam (Bexam) Review

The crypto market is currently seeing a correction that has once again knocked Bitcoin down by nearly $1,000. However, even with such a huge drop, the market remains in much better shape than it did in 2018. Many are convinced that the real rally is yet to come and that BTC and other cryptocurrencies will reach and exceed their former ATHs.

With such an optimistic view, it is a small surprise that numerous new coins are emerging all around the world. The rising prices have turned investors' suspicions into optimism once again, and with the will to invest, ICOs once again saw the light of day, proving to the industry that they are still far from extinct.

A lot of them were already held in earlier months of 2019, and quite a few are holding their token sales right now. However, that is nothing compared to the number of projects that have their ICOs scheduled for the near future, and the one we are focusing on today is Bexam.

About Bexam

Bexam is a blockchain/DAG hybrid platform that aims to bring unprecedented block times of only 0.2s. The project's goal is to reach 40 million TPS, as well as increased, multi-layered security that would allow participants to feel even safer while using the blockchain.

The platform was created with PoR (Proof-of-Rounds), an entirely new consensus-building algorithm that uses flexible chain structure, as well as a node hierarchy with assigned roles, which would lead to excellent, groundbreaking new results.

With new and advanced methods, the platform will be capable of creating tailor-made solutions for enterprise-level businesses. There is much demand in this field, as enterprises have to choose between vulnerable, centralized systems, and sluggish, decentralized alternatives. Blockchain does bring additional security, which attracts companies from all over the world, but the scalability and speed remain an issue, which is not the case with centralized solutions.

Bexam aims to take the best from both worlds and create the ultimate solution which would satisfy both security and scalability.

Bexam ICO details

Bexam's main focus is on developing a superior platform, but it also needs to have its own coin, which is why it plans to hold an ICO at some time in the future. The date and time of the token sale have yet to be specified, but there are several details that are already known about it.

For example, its token will also be called BEXAM, and it will be created on the project's own platform. It is designed to act as a utility, but it will be obtainable in exchange for Bitcoin (BTC). The token's price during the ICO will be $0.12, and the project has come up with a soft cap of $2.5 million, and a hard cap of $16 million. As for the minimum investment, it will sit at 0.05 BTC.

The project is based in Singapore, but it has quite a few restricted areas which would not be granted the ability to participate. These include China, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Liberia, Cuba, Ivory Coast, Macedonia, South Sudan, Belarus, Congo, Zimbabwe, Central African Republic, Albania, Lebanon, Libya, Eritrea, Somalia, Myanmar, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chad, Mogadishu, and Venezuela. Everyone else is welcome to join, provided that they go through Whitelisting and KYC procedure.

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StartJuly 1, 2019
EndAugust 31, 2019
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Even though blockchain is a truly groundbreaking innovation, it is still at a nascent stage of development, which means that all blockchains that exist today have some imperfection. The newly emerging one, like Bexam’s DAG hybrid technology, may well represent a new stage of the overall development of this tech. This startup has all the prerequisites necessary to make an impact on the industry, but I still would like to get access to their testnet before making the final investment decision.

Martin   July 28, 2019  

As a crypto trader, I look at the projects that organize ICOs from two standpoints: the first one is their fundamentals, and the second one - the tradability of their tokens. I have to admit that Bexam is above average in terms of technology, but their BEXAM token might be good only for one pump’and’dump scheme, and then it would be just knocking about somewhere in the depths of Coinmarketcap.

Jason   July 8, 2019  

As always, I begin reading the review and the whitepaper from the parts that describe the technological concept behind a given project, because I think that knowing the fundamentals is the key to predicting whether a project would succeed or fail. From what I’ve read, Bexam’s DAG hybrid blockchain represent an interesting solution, though it is not that different conceptually from the likes of Qtum and NEO. Nevertheless, at this stage, the project looks solid and it has already partnered with some reputable Japanese companies, for instance, Early Works. All in all, Bexam is worthy of attention.

Nathan   June 18, 2019  

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