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Arena Match: Skill Betting eSports App

After the financial realm, blockchain technology has taken a strong foothold in the gaming industry. At the moment, online gambling is at the forefront of blockchain integration, with such blockchain solutions as Tron and EOS being tailor-made to heed its specific needs.

But esports, a competitive discipline of playing video games at an ultra-professional level, gradually starts gaining momentum with regards to cryptocurrency adoption, with Arena Match being one of the latest examples of an incredibly promising merger of these two spheres. In fact, Arena Match combines all of the three factors: video gaming, betting, or as Arena Match labels it, the “skill-based competition”, and digital tokens, in one seamlessly working system.

The Arena Match team is comprised mostly of the Americal web solution architects and web developers. It is reported to be registered in the United States, with the designated agent being the company called Arena Match, Inc. located in Candler, North Carolina. 

Arena Match features

Upon its full release, the match application will afford means for gamers to place bets on the outcome of games in which they partake and participate in the following modes:

  • Skill challenges, where they can wager against the platform for their capability of completing game challenges of various difficulties;
  • The high score tournaments, where the payout depends on the place in the leaderboard upon the completion of tournaments;
  • The head-to-head battles, within the framework of which players, or teams, fight against each other in the arena - the winner gets a prize pool.
  • The Battle Royale also has a prize pool awarded for the highest scorers in this multiplayer survival mode.

All payouts are made in the ERC-20 compliant Arena Match Gold (AMG) tokens, the total supply of which is 100 million  AMG. These tokens can be subsequently exchanged to other cryptocurrencies. 

The application provides access to four super popular online multiplayer games: Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.  

The team

  • Matthew Skinner. The founder and solution architect. Skinner has more than 15 years of experience in software development and solution architecture. Previously worked as a blockchain advisor for GoChain. 
  • Briley Hooper. The co-founder and senior lead developer. An immensely experienced full-stack developer. Worked as a web developer at Synergy Point, and co-founded Kiveo. 

Roadmap implementation

The Arena Match company was established in December of 2018, and by January 2019 it had already received a sizable partnership grant from Overwolf and Intel. By April 2019, the team has rolled out the application. In September Arena Match plans to launch the head-to-head mode in CS:GO, followed by the rest of competitive formats.

Social media presence

As one would expect from a gaming platform, Arena Match boasts a very strong presence across almost all social media platforms. Twitter holds the largest audience of 36,5 thousand followers, which is engaging very actively with the project, liking and retweeting its publications massively. The Telegram group has almost the same number of members - 34,219; the Instagram account - 7,214. It can be concluded that Arena Match is exemplary of how a fledgling crypto project should work with social media outlets. However, it should also be taken into account that a part of this army of followers might have been acquired through the airdrop program conducted by Arena Match.         

IEO details

The token sale of AMG will take place in the period from 20th till 30th of August on ProBit. The softcap is set at $100 thousand while the hardcap is $1.8 million. The minimum investment limit is $10, but there is also a maximum one - $10 thousand. The price of 1 AMG is $0.1. The 40% bonus applies during August 20. Citizens of the United States can’t participate in the token sale.

Author: Alex Paulson for:

  • Skill Challenges - In this mode, players make a bet against Arena Match based on their ability to succeed against a number of specific predefined challenges (like getting first place in their next game of solo Fortnite). Payouts are related to the player's historic performance and the challenge's difficulty.
  • Highscore Tournaments - Players can compete in regularly scheduled leader board tournaments for specific games with the goal of achieving a high score payout within that period.
  • Head-to-Head - Individuals or teams pay a predetermined entry fee to queue up and face off against challengers to compete for that match’s prize pool. The platform will keep a moderate 10% of the collected fees for hosting the match.
  • Battle Royale - Players will be able to pay an entry fee to enter pre-scheduled Battle Royale matches, where they will compete for that match’s top positions. The players who score the best ranks will be paid out from that match’s prize pool, minus a 10% hosting fee kept by Arena Match.
Pre-Ico Start dateJune 18, 2020
  • Matthew Skinner. Founder
  • Josh Lamont. Founder
  • Briley Hooper. Founder 
  • Jean Speville. Technology advisor
  • Hamza Khan. Advisor
  • Daniel Wise. Content Strategist
  • November 2018. Concept Designs and Market Research.
  • December 2018. Partnership proposed to Overwolf. ArenaMatch Company Formation.
  • January 2019. $100,000 Developer Partnership Grant received from Overwolf and Intel.
  • February-April 2019. Full-time Design and Development of Skill Challenge esports App. Merchant Partnership Secured. KYC/AML Partnership Secured.
  • June-July 2019. Arena Match Gold token designed and whitepaper creation. Enjin Announcement. Beta MVP Launch of Skill Challenge esports App with Overwolf. IEO Announcement.
  • August 2019. IEO Starts on ProBit
  • September 2019. Head to Head (synchronous mode) for CS:GO released (Counter­-Strike: Global Offensive).
  • November-December 2019. Highscore Tournaments are released for all games (asynchronous mode). Battle Royale FFA: this synchronous free for all mode allows solo users to battle it out with up to 100 other users for the top 10 paid positions of the prize pool comprised of the entry fees. Team vs Team (synchronous mode) for CS:GO released (Counter­Strike: Global Offensive)

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Arena Match
StartAugust 20, 2019
EndAugust 21, 2020
Minimum investment0.1 ETH
Tokens for sale50000000

Arena Match has come up with a brilliant concept of "skill-based competition" for the four most popular online games around. I mean, millions of people are playing Fortnite and Counter-Strike on a daily basis, so one could only imagine the vastness of the market that opens up before this project. Besides, the fact that Arena Match would allow gamers to capitalize on their skills brings a whole new angle to the gaming experience. All in all, Arena Match is destined for great success.

gungnamstyle   August 26, 2019  

The gaming industry is so massive, with so many people spending hours, if not days, in this virtual world that it seems that the emergence of the mechanism for monetization of this activity is long overdue. To put it simply, finally, someone came up with the idea of how I can turn my CS skills, which are pretty decent, into some form of money. The tokenomics model of Arena Match is well-thought-out, so the app will enjoy its share of popularity.

Flint   August 12, 2019  

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