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Arena Match has come up with a brilliant concept of "skill-based competition" for the four most popular online games around. I mean, millions of people are playing Fortnite and Counter-Strike on a daily basis, so one could only imagine the vastness of the market that opens up before this project. Besides, the fact that Arena Match would allow gamers to capitalize on their skills brings a whole new angle to the gaming experience. All in all, Arena Match is destined for great success.

gungnamstyle   August 26, 2019  

The gaming industry is so massive, with so many people spending hours, if not days, in this virtual world that it seems that the emergence of the mechanism for monetization of this activity is long overdue. To put it simply, finally, someone came up with the idea of how I can turn my CS skills, which are pretty decent, into some form of money. The tokenomics model of Arena Match is well-thought-out, so the app will enjoy its share of popularity.

Flint   August 12, 2019  

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Arena Match
Arena Match

Arena Match: Skill Betting eSports App After the financial realm, blockchain technology has taken a strong foothold in the gaming industry. At the moment, online gambling is at the forefront of blockchain integration, with such blockchain solutions as Tron and EOS being tailor-made to heed its ...

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