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Zimrii: Blockchain Ecosystem for Intellectual Assets

Zimrii is an Australian blockchain project that came up with an idea of creating a platform specifically for music and film creators. The startup is incorporated with Cartouchan Pty Ltd., a digital marketing company located in Gordon, Australia.  

In less than a month, Zimrii will start a public sale of ZMR tokens in order to raise sufficient funds to continue the development of the Zimrii Music platform and also prepare the foundation for the subsequent work on the corresponding Film platform.

Problem statement and platform features

The independent musicians and filmmakers of today face the problem of the inadequate apportioning of profits generated by their intellectual products, accompanied by the ever-growing number of instances of copyright violation. Zimrii resolves the latter issue by introducing the Zimrii Rights Layer, which is a media rights attribution layer that draws its efficiency from the use of the Ethereum smart contracts, responsible for recording copyrights of creators’ digital asset on blockchain. 

The Zimrii platform also plans to introduce the fan engagement option that affords the musicians and filmmakers to issue special tokens and even grant some investors partial rights to the intellectual products. The consumers of music and films, in their turn, are going to be eligible to receive tokenized music & film assets tradable against ZMR tokens and some other currencies at the Zimrii token exchange.

Roadmap implementation

Zimrii is not a “fresh out of the oven” project as it was established in late 2016. The team spent the entire year of 2017 forming the team, elaborating a business strategy and working on the alpha version of the Zimrii Music Platform. By Q1 of 2018, the project had already rolled out the beta platforms and began the development of  proprietary digital asset exchange. In 2020, the team plans to set the Zimrii Blockchain into motion, along with the launch of the aforementioned Film Platform.    

The Zimrii team

Mo Jalloh. The founder and CEO. It is possible to say that Jalloh has ample experience in both music and tech industries. He was the founder of a tech company Cartouchan and the Australasian Blockchain Music Association. Jalloh also provided advisory services for KPMG and MyTVchain.

Paolo Gava. The co-founder and CTO. A veteran computer scientist and software engineer who has dedicated more than two decades to tech development. Gava combines his CTO functions at ZImrii with the position of senior software engineer at the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation. 

ICO details

According to the project's official website, the public sale of ZMR tokens will commence on September 15 while the whitepaper indicates that the crowdsale should begin on October 7, which creates some confusion. 

Nevertheless, it is known for certain that the ICO price of 1 ZMR is $0.15 with the minimum purchase limit of 0.1 ETH being in place. Therefore, Ethereum is the only currency accepted by Zimrii. All investors are obliged to get whitelisted and pass the KYC. Citizens of China, Somalia, and Yemen are banned for participating in the ICO whilst only accredited US investors will be admitted to the event.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartOctober 7, 2019
EndNovember 1, 2019

Zimrii tries to provide a solution to a very acute problem of ownership of intellectual products and inadequate compensation that content creators receive for their work. However, I am not sure that Zimrii would be the project that disrupts this particular industry. They would definitely help the transition to a more just and transparent system, but Zimrii won't be a game-changer.

BB Jones   January 22, 2021  

Zimrii is definitely a suitable platform for young musicians and film creators who want to get some recognition while receiving a real evaluation of their work. The majority of those artists are scraping for pennies to release a song or other intellectual products. Zimrii should afford them an opportunity to make some money without having to wait for a big-time producer to come and take them to La La Land. Besides, the protection of the intellectual property is so important that it should be included in the Constitution.

BaRRy   October 7, 2019  

In Zimrii I see a good suite of products, an appropriate implementation of blockchain, and a strong, competent team. More information needed to ensure the technical finesse of different platform’s layers, but it is evident that Zimrii approached the ICO is a required degree of responsibility, having already presented the MVP.

GavixFormer   August 22, 2019  

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