Fraud and speculation are very common in the ticketing market. The ticket industry is facing an unprecedented level of black market sales as most of the tickets are available as resell. Presently, many tickets are bought at the normal rate and resold at an exorbitant price. Also, the numbers of brokers and intermediaries in the business are quite huge. Sometimes a ticket could pass through 3 to 4 channels before reaching the final user.

And sometimes, ticket buyers face issues regarding printing or delivery of tickets, and show organizers are also affected. These are the issues people have to go through regularly to obtain tickets for their favorite shows or events. However, with the available technology, the ticketing system can be equitable, fair, and more convenient for everyone involved. That solution is no other than a smart ticket. With this new ticketing technology, the vendor can have everything automation. The event organizer can place rules, set commission, and set a ceiling price for the tickets. This makes their job easier and makes things more efficient for ticket buyers as well.

With the use of blockchain technology, all details for tickets are safe. The decentralized technology protects the tickets from hacking or duplication.

Waltix's new ticketing platform provides such a payment system where the ticketing business would be able to go smoothly without complications. The payment system takes care of all information concerning the tickets, including sale and resale terms and pricing. It lowers the level of speculation and fraud, making the operational framework predictable and stable.

About Waltix

Waltix is a ticketing service company that operates on the blockchain platform. To use the platform, users need to install the app on their mobile phones and buy tickets for events. It works with associations and sports teams that have a collaboration on ticketing with the platform. Waltix offers easy integration with any payment and ticket system. It allows users to purchase tickets using Waltix’s convenient mobile platform. All the transactions are made via the blockchain portal. This makes it very secure and safe from manipulations.

The platform has agreements with several associations to provide ticketing services to fans and other ticket holders. Waltix platform comes with a lot of benefits and features for organizers, agents, as well as visitors.

Waltix ICO Details

The Waltix ICO uses the WLTX token and accepts BTC and ETH as its base currency. The token distribution is as follows:

5% will be allocated to referral program participants, 5% for bounty, 20% for the team, and 70% for investors. After raising funds for the project, 35% of the funds would go to development and support, while 65% would go to market research.

The pre-sale of Waltix ICO started on 12 March 2018 and ended on 12 April 2018. There were It offered 5,000,000 WLTX tokens for pre-sale and 10,000,000 tokens for the ICO. There were bonus tokens for both the pre-sell and ICO. The ICO offers a 25% bonus on each token, while the PRE-ICO offers a 50% bonus for each token bought within that period. ICO date started on 12 April 2018 and ended on 12 July 2018. The Hard Cap was valued at $25,000,000 while the soft cap was $5,000,000 in Fiat currencies respectively.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartAugust 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019

The project is targeting an industry that has been plagued by fraud and transparency issues for a long time. As a blockchain-based platform, the project would help to reduce a large amount of unfairness going on in the industry. Team members have done a lot in terms of awareness and being honest with their proposal. Everything is in place by the team, and the project has a long chance to become a success.

Tom&Jina   July 18, 2019  

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